Horoscopes: August 19 to 25

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The sun’s move into Virgo on August 23 highlights your health, wellness, and work sector. You are putting more energy into personal matters and completing practical tasks. Your ruling planet Mars in your communication zone this week can have you appearing a bit terse and gruff. In your attempts to simplify things and move quickly, you have a tendency to leave your pleasantries and manners behind. Nonetheless, you have your smarty-pants on and you’re in the mood to think deeply and learn new things. 

Taurus: This week, the sun in fellow Earth sign Virgo highlights your 5th house: the house of love, enjoyment, and happiness. In order to achieve harmony with the self and take advantage of the vibes during this month-long transit, one must avoid harsh self criticism and perfectionism. Find your joy in the simple things, the beauty in the details, and the satisfaction that comes from mending and repairing things around you, whether they be material or ethereal. 

Gemini: Mars enters your sign this week on August 20, and you feel ready to plan and organize. You seek to move your personal goals to new levels. You are quick with your words, and thinking on the fly comes naturally. The downside to all this thought provoking and industrious energy is that you might find it easier to get bored and, also, to start trouble due to boredom. Do us all a favor and stay busy and/or entertained!

Cancer: This week Mars in your privacy house is stirring up things that you swept under the rug. You have a boost of energy that drives you to attend to personal affairs that you have been putting off for a while. This wave of motivation may seem to strike you at odd hours and may even disturb your sleep patterns. The sun’s move into earthy and practical Virgo occurs in your communication sector on August 23. You are feeling more inclined to reach out to friends and be social after a dormant period.

Leo: This week, Mars enters Gemini on August 20 and impacts your solar 3rd house, the house of writing, studying, short distance trips, and siblings. You may be reconnecting with family on a more candid and “real” level, during this time and truly showing up as yourself. You are motivated to be multitasking and hard working through this transit but you may find yourself easily disappointed as well, so do your best not to rage quit or give in to despair just yet. This Mars placement has a way of activating the subconscious mind; it can expose inner weaknesses and inner strengths. This week we also bid farewell to your solar season on August 23 as the sun enters earthy and practical Virgo. In a surprise turn of events, you are happy to put away your party hat. You are tired!

Virgo: On August 23 we welcome the sun to the house of Virgo, the 6th sign of the zodiac, symbolized by a maiden of the harvest carrying wheat in a constellation and ruled by Demeter the earth goddess. In mythology, Virgo is Parthenos, the daughter of the sun god Apollo commemorated in the stars. But what does this all mean? Well, in numerology 6 is considered the number of completion and harmony, and those associated with this number are said to be dependable, helpful, and caring. Meanwhile, Virgo itself represents healing, duty, and knowledge from unlikely places. As a Virgo you may sometimes be overlooked as reserved or shy, but since you are in the sun’s spotlight consider this a nudge forward, it’s time to take the lead in your own unique way. 

Libra: This week as Mars enters Gemini in harmony with your sign you may be looking to try some very different approaches in your life. You seek to be more independent, and if there is someone you have become overly dependent on to help you make decisions, it could be time to see what you can come up with on your own. The sun enters Virgo on August 23, and you get into a problem-solving mood. 

Scorpio: Mars in Gemini in your 8th house beginning on August 20 is both jarring and inspirational. You might find a research project or endeavor of passion that takes you on a deep dive. You are feeling competitive with others but also with yourself. The sun moves out of Leo and into Virgo on August 23, and you seek to attract prosperity and wellbeing especially in the next four weeks. 

Sagittarius: Mars in Gemini occurs in your partnerships sector this week on August 20. This transit has a way of shaking up your relationships as well as the way you approach them. Through all this shaking, things have a tendency to settle in a more blanched way. Mars inspires you to be more assertive, to take initiative towards what you want, and to truly articulate your desires. 

Capricorn: This week the sun enters fellow earth sign Virgo as well as your 9th house, the house of the open mind. Through learning, hard work, and empathy with others, your viewpoint moves outward and beyond the borders of your preconceived notions. During this transit you have a tendency to challenge the status quo as well as your own reservations. You find comfort in the thought that things aren’t always what they seem. You break free from old cycles and seek deeper meaning. 

Aquarius: This week Mars enters Gemini on August 20 and moves in harmony with your 5th house, the house of enjoyment and good vibes. During this transit you’re feeling generous and open, and you have a knack for naturally attracting the right people and things. However, you must use this energy to better understand people and to see things from their perspective as well. Your ruling planet Uranus turns retrograde on August 24 and points out areas in your life that need refurbishing. Take it slow.

Pisces: This week, as the sun enters Virgo, it also highlights your 7th house, the house of romance and partnerships. During this four week transit you see aspects of yourself reflected in your loves. You find what hurts the most or what heals the most, depending on the situation. You have a tendency to think of yourself in relation to others versus yourself as a singular entity. You have a need for company, support, and a sense of closeness and unity with others. One on one conversations take on a great depth, even at work or in casual settings.