Horoscopes: July 22 -28, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The sun’s entrance into fellow fire sign of Leo is a time for being more outgoing, generous and self-starting. As the sun quintiles Uranus and the true node over the weekend it is advisable that you look to a role model (fictional ones count too) with a strong and creative personality to help guide you towards your goals. Let the examples of others help to make you a more self-motivated person who can roll with the punches. During Leo season perseverance and optimism are available in much larger quantities. Humor and enjoyment are prioritized. Beware an inflated sense of self righteousness. 

Taurus: The moon waning in your sign on the 21st and 22nd has you re-evaluating private matters, speaking more softly, and thinking about the things you consider better to be left unsaid. The sun’s debut into Leo this week on the 22nd begins a month of motivation. You seek acclaim and respect. It can be harder to be a team player. It’s good to take the lead, especially if no one else wants to, but remember to share.

Gemini: The sun aligns with its home sign of Leo and sparks a creative and dramatic wave of inspiration. You may notice a certain ease of self expression further complimented by the moon in your sign from Saturday night to Monday morning. You are feeling romantic and easily amused. Meanwhile, Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer, is in retrograde until late December, which makes your quiet time deeply introspective – when you are not out having fun/making trouble. In moments of reflection you look within for healing and answers more than towards other people or things. 

Cancer: This week the sun’s move into Leo lightens things up and takes the heat off of you. It is a relief to get a break from the glaring solar spotlight, as your birthday season was somewhat exhausting and dizzying. During this transit you are more focused on money matters and material gains. You are thinking about your strong points and your skills and how to swing them to your advantage. Your ruling moon in your sign from Tuesday to Wednesday supercharges your intuition and emotional powers. Through this empathy you reach an understanding in a problem that has been confusing to you.  

Leo: Leo the Lion, one of the earliest recognized astrological signs, contains the bright star Regulus that shines in the center or heart of the constellation. Leo is the stellar representation of the mythical Nemean Lion who was impervious to all mortal warriors’ weapons and could only be defeated by the mighty Hercules. As your ruling star, the sun, enters its home sign we begin your birthday season! Much as Regulus shines brightest in the lion’s chest, so does your heart in yours. These next four weeks are all about taking center stage, following your heart’s desires, being generous with your warmth and kindness, and approaching challenges with mythical levels of optimism and humor. The new moon in your sign on the 28th is a time of creativity, healing, being close with loved ones, and healing your inner child. Take pride in yourself, assume responsibilities; it’s what you’re about.

Virgo: Fortunately for you (or unfortunately, depending on what you’re into), Leo season is a bit more uneventful or ordinary for you than it is for most other signs. You most likely won’t be dealing with the high drama and glitz of the season, as the sun moves through your dreams and spirituality sector. You are feeling pensive and meditative, your energy moves inward. You are focused on long term goals, ideological pursuits and learning. 

Libra: Finally some decent entertainment! Expect drama, intrigue, and success. The sun enters its home sign of Leo on the 21st and it compliments your style quite well as it shines on your 11th house, the house of friendships and connections. You find it easy to teambuild, get people together, make moves and have fun. Your charm is on and your energy attracts people to you. The new moon also occurring in Leo on the 28th reminds you to tackle things head on, to be responsible for yourself, to be decisive (yes, Libra), and to be mature in challenging situations. 

Scorpio: This week, the sun enters its home sign of Leo and highlights your career sector. You are more motivated to earn acclaim and make financial gains, you look for things to increase your opportunities and influence in certain spheres. Meanwhile, your co-ruler Mars travels through your partnership sector until August 12. During this transit you are more likely to take the lead in your romantic relationships, and to help friends and co-workers solve problems and move forward. The new moon in Leo on the 28th is supported by Jupiter and helps us to improve areas in our personal chart that have Leo placements (I guarantee pretty much everyone has at least one). The new moon in Leo is about nurturing our inner child, being the kind of person we would have looked up to when we were small, feeling pride in ourselves and being strong, protective, and hospitable. 

Sagittarius: The sun’s entrance into fellow fire sign Leo sparks your thirst for all things that glimmer. You are feeling like spoiling yourself, going on adventures, and being indulgent. Beware becoming overly self-serving as you embark on this four-week journey. If you are single you are feeling lucky and ready to find someone special; if you are in a relationship you are seeking to make your connection more philosophical and deep. You want to expand your experience of what love is.

Capricorn: The sun’s transit of its home sign of Leo coincides with the sun’s transit of your eighth house, the house of emotions and intimacy. You are more likely to lead with your intuition at his time. You are also more likely to open up to friends and partners about your true feelings and to be more candid in your conversations. Letting your guard down is scary but it can help you to accomplish greater understanding of yourself and others. The new moon in Leo on the 28th activates your warm and nurturing side as you take on the role of caregiver to your inner child. Leo symbolizes healthy levels of pride, decisiveness, and authority (all things that a Capricorn can get behind). It’s about taking charge from the heart. 

Aquarius: This week the sun’s entrance into your opposite sign of Leo emphasizes personal partnerships, both romantic and platonic. You will see how opposites are more alike than you expected and you may learn a thing or two about mutual respect. Judgements and reservations are out the window this month. Keep your mind open and flexible. 

Pisces: This week’s energy is intense and mystical for you. As the sun enters its home sign of Leo as well as your sixth house (your house of wellness and daily routine), you may be looking to add some magic and myth to your daily life and to make everything feel a bit more personalized. Chiron, the asteroid known as the wounded healer, is retrograde until December 21st and sets off an astrological period of mental and emotional health reassessment. During this time you are identifying your strongest and weakest points and finding where they connect. You find strength in what hurts and tenderness in your toughness. The new moon in Leo on the 28th asks you to take charge, do the hard work, and get it done – from the heart!