Horoscopes: April 29 – May 5, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Inez Carvalho

Aries: Venus enters your sign on May second and you find yourself busy, happy, and at times distracted. There are many prospects in the following days concerning money, love, or material acquisitions. You may be in the mood to spend big on something nice for yourself. Beware of the major side effect of Venus in Aries: becoming competitive in relationships. 

Taurus: Here in eclipse season you have breakthroughs and freak outs in equal measure. You are on the brink of a major epiphany and your intuition is keen. Your ruler Venus enters fiery Aries and ignites your passion as well as your impatience. In love you may be feeling annoyed at your partners more than usual, so it’s important to be calm and intentional with your words. You are also feeling more spontaneous and willing to take on new challenges.

Gemini: Venus in Aries beginning the 2nd has you wanting to kick it up a notch in the romance department. You may be wanting to spice things up with a current partner or you may be developing a hot new crush. There is a vibe of competition in school and work at this time and you feel an urge to be the best at something. Be careful not to hold yourself to unrealistic standards or project onto people who did not know you were racing them.

Cancer: This week as Venus enters Aries you may be feeling more motivated and interested in material gains. You are more goal oriented during this transit and more cut and dry when it comes to stating your feelings in your relationships. Eclipse season is a time of change and general vibe shifts. It can be exhausting to keep up with these ever changing wavelengths. Test up while rolling with the punches.

Leo: This week you are feeling adventurous and social thanks to Venus in Aries. This fellow fire sign’s influence boosts your confidence and your curiosity about what the world has to offer you. You are feeling intrepid in work and studies, and career changes are possible. In love you are striving to be someone’s number one crush or the best partner you can be.

Virgo: This week you are unraveling your previous narratives and flipping scripts. There is change in the air as we approach the zenith of eclipse season. Venus moving into Aries on the second of May inspires you to be more bold in love and relationships. It’s a good time to plan dates, share your feelings in unexpected ways, and get in touch with your innermost desires.

Libra: As Venus moves in to your opposite sign of Aries you are beginning to be more open to the organic unpredictability of love in all its forms. It may be hard at first to let go of your preconceived notions or rigid expectations, but your heart and mind are curious and ready to see what’s next. It’s an important time to try new things and be okay with getting a little messy.

Scorpio: This week as Venus enters Aries this hot Mars energy sparks your artistic rebellion and creative curiosity. You feel a drive to share and to express. You crave profound experiences and random connections. It’s a good time to be more transparent about your desires in love and to keep things simple and straightforward. It’s also a good time to set boundaries and let people know if something doesn’t fly with you.

Sagittarius: This week has potential to be quite spicy and intriguing. Venus in Aries creates a vibe of romantic optimism and impulsivity which sits well with your Sagittarian philosophy. You are feeling more confident and comfortable speaking your mind, being adventurous and seeing where the day takes you. You’re looking to work hard and play harder. In love you are experimental and playful.

Capricorn: This week, as Venus enters Aries you are looking to decode your true feelings and desires. You seek to establish yourself according to your own rules and design. In career and studies you are feeling intense and competitive, you seek advancement and change. In love you are more direct and willing to be the one who initiates.

Aquarius: Venus moves into Aries on the second and frees you from your hesitations and your shyness. You seek to free yourself of the shame or guilt that holds you back from being yourself. Venus in Aries has a way of getting us in touch with earlier versions of ourselves who have far fewer reservations. In love you seek intensity, passion and fun. You look for ways to move more confidently through the world as a person who knows exactly what they want.

Pisces: This week, as Venus shifts into Aries on the second, this spicy Mars energy inspires you to be more direct and assertive. In work and studies you are more goal oriented and you look for what is the most strategically advantageous way to go about things. In love and relationships you are more in touch with your desires and you seek to thrill and impress your partners or crushes with your confidence, charm, and sense of humor.

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