Horoscopes: April 22 – 28, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The beginning of this new solar cycle of Taurus means you are trying to optimize the use of your time, make good investments and be more serious. You may be practicing being a better listener or being more reliable with friends. Pace yourself as you may be trying to do many of these things at once. Spending impulsively can be an issue during this time, so try to reframe by enjoying what you already have.

Taurus: Your mythological symbol, “The Great Bull of Heaven,” was the constellation through which the Sun rose on the vernal equinox during ancient times. As such, you carry this tradition on as one who rises anew from the depths of winter’s slumber. You feel renewed, motivated, and ready to set the bar for everyone else who follows. This week your charms are powerful and others are drawn to you. You may find yourself lucky in love or “winning” something in some capacity as Jupiter brings forth new relationship and financial opportunities.

Gemini: This is the week to let your schedule breathe a little and give into the Gemini urge to live life on a whim, being carried around by the breeze. Your signature imaginative style of communication is turned up to eleven, so be sure to use your powers for good and avoid gossip or long winded tirades. The upcoming Pluto retrograde challenges us to learn about what we do unconsciously that comes to the surface in ways that hinder our growth. 

Cancer: Now that the sun has left your career sector, you are more focused on socializing and connecting with others. You are dreaming up your next upgrade in terms of your creative skills and your attitude in life. It’s a good time to clean house on social media, upload new pictures, and reinvent how you want to be seen. Unfollow accounts that make you react negatively and add things that support, educate, or inspire. This can also be done in real life: tune into what feels good! 

Leo: You are sitting with the uncertainty this week. Life is mostly uncertain when it comes down to it and the challenge is not to gain control but to make peace with this. Your ruling sun squares Pluto and opposites clash. There is light in the dark and dark in the light, challenges contain wisdom, and things are simply not as they seem. This transit asks us to look beyond the surface, and while this is scary at first, you may realize that the only thing to fear was the fear itself. 

Virgo: This week there is conflict between your head and your heart; you can’t tell which one is behind your sudden passionate energy. You may feel slightly off brand in such an amorous state, as your ruling planet Mercury is usually a fan of cold facts. It’s a good time to try and integrate the mind, body, and spirit. See if you can get them to cooperate. 

Libra: This week you learn the most by listening and empathizing. Mercury and the sun in your intimacy sector makes for some enlightening human interactions. Someone may be sharing vulnerable things with you or valuable information. Be sure that you show them through your actions that they made the right choice in sharing with you. Keep secrets safe and use your heart to understand.

Scorpio: You have been more trusting in relationships lately. The sun in Taurus’ Venus influence on your chart has you feeling more naturally confident in love. You can find a flow in your imagination and an ease in your self expression, and it is very well received by those who are always wondering what is really on your mind. 

Sagittarius: This week the sun and Mercury in your health and habits sector turns your attention inwards. You are focusing more energy on making good habits and breaking bad ones. You are no longer willing to put yourself on the back burner when your mind and body are calling to you for rest and replenishment. Unacknowledged feelings can bubble to the surface at this time as well. You may be ready to share something more directly than you would have in the past.

Capricorn: The moon in your sign on the 21st sets your mood for the weekend, your emotions are running hot and your mind is full of ideas. It’s a bit intense but is also part of your Capricorn character. Regardless of your relationship status you are feeling romantic and flirtatious this week as well. There is potential to deepen the intimacy and spontaneity in existing relationships, and if you are single there is the potential to put yourself out there and meet someone who might spark your interest.

Aquarius: This week there is a mixed energy in the atmosphere; some things seem to be bubbling up to the surface and other things seem to be going dormant for some hibernation. It’s important to know what is a good investment of your time and energy and to stay curious about the motives of others. 

Pisces: Taurus in your communication sector this week makes it a wonderful time to speak kind words, express love, and let yourself flow freely. You’re feeling creative and enterprising, but you’re not in any rush to complete any one project in particular. Reach out to those dear to you, and spend time relishing in sentimentality.

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