Horoscopes: March 25 – 31, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: With your solar season in full effect you can expect new friendships to emerge. Level headed decisions are a sign that you are growing and your mental energy is more clear and focused. Your physical energy is increasing and it is giving you the confidence to get out there and make your impression on the world. The next three weeks are excellent for identifying and seizing opportunities.

Taurus: This week you may be expending extra energy, but the effort will ultimately pay off wherever you decide to invest it. The sun in your twelfth house sees your commitments made over the past month begin to benefit you. It is also a good time to reflect, collect, and prepare for the sun’s move into your first house in a few weeks. Your ruling planet Venus is inspiring you to be more socially and romantically adventurous, but you are still attracted to those who seem knowledgeable and reliable, since you see this as something you can “work” with. 

Gemini: This week your honesty and transparency can be jarring to those who are more faint of heart, but others will love and respect these qualities you possess. Keep people who respect your truth close to you. Since it is Aries season, it’s okay not to sugar coat things! 

Cancer: The sun is in your career and reputation sector, and you are on the move and not holding anything back. This week you are inspired to tell it like it is. You are feeling more street-wise and decisive these days and you value results and progress. You are thinking about the future and talking about your plans. It seems to help you to think out loud and make your dreams feel more real. 

Leo: The Aries sun influences you in terms of your mind and your knowledge. This is a time to expand your field of interest, broaden your horizons, and focus on learning and personal growth. Time is best spent in meditation or self reflection of your choosing. Prioritize creating a comfortable and quiet place if you are looking to get out of the rat race. A relationship may be the inspiration that motivates you to keep moving towards your goals as you share the responsibility and vision with someone you trust and someone who believes in you.

Virgo: This week you experience a deepening relationship with yourself. You may be doing some shadow work, confronting and accepting certain hidden aspects of the self as both Mercury and the sun enter your privacy sector. You are focused at work or with hobbies but social interactions can seem daunting to even consider participating in.

Libra: Mercury and the sun in your partnership sector this week puts the spotlight on your relationships, you may realize that opposites really do attract and that the differences between you and others is where the strength lies. The bigger picture feels much simpler these days and you are less inclined to sweat the small stuff. In conversations you may be sharing more of your true feelings. You’re trying to make genuine connections.

Scorpio: The sun and Mercury in your health and wellness sector means that you are focusing on forming good habits, practical things, and coping skills. You are trying to sort through where self esteem ends and ego begins, and you have had some turbulent times as you flip from being overly cocky to feeling worthless with no middle ground. It’s a good time to find balance. 

Sagittarius: The sun and Mercury conjunction in your creativity sector can signal the beginning of new projects, new friendships and new romance. You are feeling less shy and more prepared to venture out of your comfort zone. This marks a period of doing more for yourself and seeking entertainment and pleasure. Your passions and hobbies are taking the lead.

Capricorn: This week Mercury increases your ability to focus. It may be an ideal time to get real with yourself or get to work on something you have been procrastinating on. Venus’ influence on your romance department means you are seeking comfort and familiarity in love as well as in the nostalgia of music or movies you have had in your life for a long time. 

Aquarius: You’re feeling more realistic this week, and you are more focused on completing practical tasks and not expecting too much from any one person. Mercury is in your communication sector, so your judgment is on point, and in relationships you are connecting more deeply with those who share similar goals and values. The more someone appeals to your mind the more excited you feel. Conversations at this time can be frank yet sentimental at the same time.

Pisces: There is something enviable about your aura this week. Your powerful natural charm and talent is helping you invest in your goals, dreams and relationships. The sun and Mercury both visit your resources sector, and you seem to have been dealt a very good hand in the poker game of life.