Horoscopes: March 4 – 10, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week on the 5th and 6th, Venus the planet of love is in conjunction with your ruler Mars. Love and attraction arises with ease, and social interactions are personal and can demand a lot of attention. Things done in pairs or groups seem to fare better than solo endeavors. The sun’s placement in Pisces places emphasis on emotions and empathy. Your heart can be unusually impressionable. 

Taurus: Venus and Mars in conjunction in Aquarius on the 5th and 6th can boost your connection with friends and lovers but also increase your sense of responsibility towards your relationships. You may find yourself going the extra mile in love and friendship. The sun and Jupiter in Pisces have an imaginative and dreamlike quality. It makes life feel like a movie. Don’t let your ego sweep you away into another reality.

Gemini: This week a Venus and Mars conjunction means that help from a friend or another person can figure strongly for you. Teamwork, communication, and relationships are what can help you to obtain your goals. The sun in Pisces says it’s time to break free from the past and to swim in your own direction, one more purely of your choosing. Intuition guides you. In work and finances it is wise to be more reserved at this time. 

Cancer: This week, following the new moon, you are feeling more open and available to social engagements, random trips, and improvisation. Since you may be in more of a mood to share there is an opportunity for some excellent conversations that can illuminate your relationships. The sun is still in fellow water sign Pisces, making your dreams and imagination very vivid and active. New opportunities for work and income are on the horizon. Offers to collaborate with others are where you move forward at this time. 

Leo: You learn from others this week; people who seem to be your opposite are your greatest inspiration, they lend balance in your life. This week, putting yourself “out there” really seems to pay off. The more willing you are to forge ahead and commit to plans, the more assured those around you are. Through this you may be taking the lead and creating your own opportunities. Plans for the future that involve family, romance, or leisurely activities feel particularly possible and appealing at this time. 

Virgo: There is good energy for learning, understanding, and empathizing this week. There may be a shift in some of your viewpoints regarding important matters. You seem to be adjusting to a new wavelength and it can be challenging at times but is ultimately a process of healing and growth. Be willing to ask questions and allow things to occur naturally. Input from others creates unique opportunities. Avoid perfectionism.

Libra: This week you feel more intense, serious and focused. Mars is in conjunction with your ruling planet Venus and it has a way of heating things up. Relationships may be feeling more passionate for better or worse, but you may also be making more commitments or plans regarding them. You feel inspired to create more structure in your life and tailor your environment more to your liking. You’re just doing things a little differently these days and feeling more opinionated. 

Scorpio: This week it seems like you need a little fresh air. Your mood lately has been very intense, and sure, it has helped you get your point across, and you have also gotten quite a lot done with all this heated energy, but it is time to take a step back and think. Give your mind and body a break. This week’s post new moon energy is all about renewing your perspective, and with this solar Pisces influence it’s a good time to be gentle on yourself and embrace your imagination. Focus more on pleasure and leisure. You are starting to scare people! 

Sagittarius: This week your intuition guides you towards others. You seek wisdom from elders, advice from peers, and inspiration from those around you. Teamwork and togetherness are the best ways to accomplish things at this time. Forcing things into a standard form has no merit right now, and it is best to let things fall into place organically. Relieve yourself of any anxiety or pressure surrounding your energetic output around work and social life. Just show up as you are.

Capricorn: This week there is good energy for speaking your mind and sharing your feelings. You are feeling more willing to trust the process and follow your intuition, especially in your love life and social sector. The post new moon energy gives you a sense of gratitude and preparedness for whatever lies ahead. Going with the flow and letting go of that feeling of having to control every detail is what brings the best results at this time. 

Aquarius: Venus and Mars in conjunction in your first house has all eyes on you. People may be turning to you for advice or inspiration at this time and others are curious as to what you have been working on and what your next moves will be. Your unique take on things propels you forward and you are feeling energized by those around you. You seem to have a knack for finding a way around obstacles these days (as long as you keep a cool head). Roadblocks seem to vanish.

Pisces: This week it can be important to make time for friends, as you have been very focused on practical matters or spending a lot of time working. Your investments are wise and the effort you have put in has been noteworthy but it is equally important to make time for emotional connections and the exchanging of ideas. Letting go of self-held grudges and self deprecating comments can be particularly helpful at this time, as there is a new influx of energy coming your way. Your mood is optimistic and it is an ideal time to break up your routine a little and try new things.