Horoscopes: Jan. 14 – 20, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week, as Mercury begins its retrograde period in Aquarius, you may be feeling that classic retrograde dread. But it’s not all that it seems. This aquarian influence asks us to reflect on the deeper meaning of things, to look beyond the expected, and to challenge our expectations. What has been limiting your mind, your hopes, and your beliefs? 

Taurus: This week as Mercury turns retrograde at the top of your solar chart it is best to speak with caution and interact with others from a place of patience and care. Double checking is a worthwhile endeavor, as things have a tendency to move out of place during this time. This a useful time for editing, checking in with yourself, and setting clear intentions. Don’t put too much on your plate. 

Gemini: Your ruling planet Mercury enters its retrograde in Aquarius this week. This transit provokes deep thoughts and reflection. This aquarian influence pushes the borders of the imagination and shifts our perspective. It may highlight just how connected everything in the world is. It can be frightening, freeing, and comforting all at the same time. Keep your schedule open and be prepared to go with the flow. 

Cancer: This week, as Mercury begins its retrograde period in Aquarius in combination with a north node transit of your social sector, you may be thinking outside the box in terms of communication and connection. You want to meet people from outside of your social bubble. A different perspective seems like just what you need to break out of your rut. You are increasingly less concerned with fitting in. You benefit from a bit of friction, a challenge or puzzle will awaken your mind. The full moon in your sign on the 17th boosts your charm and wit.

Leo: This week as Mercury begins its retrograde period in Aquarius it is best to tread lightly in social situations and keep it casual. This month you have been very busy saying yes to everyone and providing all kinds of services and support to others. This retrograde is an excellent opportunity to take a step back and take some time for yourself. Focus your energy on enjoyable activities, engage in your neglected hobbies, and catch up on books and television shows. 

Virgo: This week with your ruling planet Mercury in retrograde in Aquarius it is a good time to catch up on those loose ends and pay attention to the details. You put a lot on your plate and many of those things only are left half finished because you have moved on to something else. Take things slowly and focus on one task at a time. It may feel like you are taking a step backwards but there is really no such thing. We are always moving ahead and forward. 

Libra: This week, as Mercury begins its retrograde period, it is a good time to limber up and become more flexible with dates and plans. Even if nothing goes exactly as you pictured it, you are sure to still be pleased with the outcome. During this period you may also be redefining yourself, working on your self image, and being softer with yourself. Harsh judgement and dogmatic rules keep you stuck this month unless you can let go and think outside the box.

Scorpio: Perhaps the idea of chaos doesn’t scare you the way it does to other zodiac signs. You see it more as a natural phenomenon and a fresh start. Mercury retrograde in Aquarius begins a process of retreat and reflection. Our approach can become more intentional and expansive. There is freedom in the unpredictability of life. You can dance through it. This week you enjoy quietly going with the flow, seeing the bigger picture, and letting go of expectations.

Sagittarius: This week and throughout the remainder of January there can be tricky situations regarding love, your studies, or your workplace relationships. It is best to tread lightly and rethink your usual approaches. Beware of self sabotage. Stop yourself from repeating the same mistakes by trying something different. 

Capricorn: Venus in retrograde in your sign until the 29th and station in your sign until March 6th puts a spotlight on your lovelife, your pursuits of pleasure, and your artistic endeavors. It’s a time to uncover what you have sealed away in your heart and start talking about what you want. The full moon on the 17th inspires someone to confide in you. Be sure to treasure their trust and honesty. 

Aquarius: This week’s Mercury retrograde in your sign has you feeling more reserved. Your mental energy is quite sharp at this time and it is best utilized to observe and to listen. You are gathering information and inspiration. You may often see yourself as the expert on any and all topics, but every once in a while it is best to ask someone else. 

Pisces: The full moon on the 17th in fellow water sign Cancer brings up deep emotions and romantic energy. There is a sense of affection and protection in equal measure as you wish to guide and protect those you hold dear. A confession may come from someone who you already know a great deal about. There is a certain warmth to your aura at this time that attracts others to you.