Horoscopes: Jan. 7 – 13, 2022

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Be more flexible this week, warm up, and open up. Rigidity will have you stuck in one place for what seems like forever. Advice that is hard to swallow may come from someone close to you this week. They are not punishing you, they are giving you an opportunity. Mercury in Aquarius is about having an open mind, seeking change, and thinking about the common good. Venus in retrograde in Capricorn is overhauling relationships; it’s more about teamwork, goals, and building upon a vision. Compromises may have to be made. 

Taurus: What you say with words and imagine with your mind’s eye is what slowly comes to pass. Your powers of manifestation run high. Speak good words, picture yourself in the places you want to be. Your ruling planet Venus is retrograde in earthy Capricorn. Romances, finances, and careers are all ripe for change. It may be hard to admit to yourself that you have such deep desires; perhaps to you, it feels like a tall order. Place that tall order!

Gemini: Your ruling planet in fellow air sign Aqaurius is all about outside the box thinking, which happens to be your forte. Avoid miscommunication by keeping it simple this week, your big ideas have the potential to get lost in translation for some. Quiet solo efforts are in order. Two major Capricorn placements continue the vibe that consistency and loyalty are rewarded. Constructive creativity in romance and homelife bring these aspects into harmony. 

Cancer: This week you learn something new and about the people close to you in many small and unique ways. Mercury in Aquarius opens up communication in some interesting and subliminal ways. You are feeling discreet and observant. Your alone time is valued this week; you just want to watch the world go by for a little while. Participation in what everyone else is doing does not appeal to you. You’re building upon your own rules for life.

Leo: All through the week, Mercury and Mars in harmony with your sign brings innovation and energy into your daily tasks. Communication takes a more experimental turn as you find new ways to express yourself more radically than you have in the past. Honesty with yourself pays off and brings the things and the people that you want in your life closer to you. Material goals that are envisioned now may come to fruition within the coming months. Big things are brewing. Your energy attracts affection and fortune. Don’t let the negative energy of others weigh you down, you know yourself as the brave soul who finds the light.

Virgo: The sun and Venus in harmony with your sign all through the week are creating a favorable atmosphere for cultivating your personal aura, what you are about, and your powers of attraction. Friends and partners may be showing appreciation for who you are and what you do at this time. Your talents are worth sharing and showing off a little. It’s ok to want to feel special, because you are!

Libra: This week you feel inspired to let go of the past and to see things in a more forgiving light. Your resentments are only holding you back so it feels good to break out of that cycle. You are also focusing on cultivating an environment that suits your style as your creativity plays heavily into your homelife and relationships these days. You seek a safe place where you can truly relax and just be yourself. 

Scorpio: Mercury in your fourth house has you looking for stability and consistency. Don’t fret, because it’s on the way! You have put in time and energy and play to your strong suits. Your responsibility and inner knowing is about to pay off. Your mind and your imagination are extra sharp this week and you have been gearing up to speak some serious truths. Conversations are important and productive this week. You’ve been gathering a lot of information and figuring out how you feel about it. Your truth is valid.

Sagittarius: You are feeling chatty this week thanks to Mercury in your third house, the house that represents community, communication, and networking. There’s plenty of interesting things to talk about and useful information to relay or get the scoop on. You are beginning to find that it is easier to just say what you want and communicate your desires. You’re getting more comfortable with yourself in general. You see your past from a different perspective, you feel ready to integrate new and old versions of yourself and to make peace with all of them.

Capricorn: This week you feel slightly detached from your usual “grounded in reality” self. You are spending more time daydreaming, thinking about what you want in the future or rehashing things from the past. It’s tempting to think about how things could have gone differently, but it’s time to let go. Just say no to the “coulds, woulds, and shoulds.” There is power in the present. Your intuition will guide you. There is more of a free flowing energy to things now so limber up to reach for your hopes and dreams. 

Aquarius: Mercury has moved into your sign this week. This means you are feeling more decisive and straightforward. You want to keep things simple and streamlined so you are cleaning the house and doing away with anything that you feel is cluttering your space either mentally or physically. You feel more at ease in conversation and people seem to understand more clearly where you are coming from. This transit can help us to feel more in charge of our emotional state as well, to process feelings, and to let go in ways that feel natural.

Pisces: This week you are feeling less inspired to be practical and more inclined to be fantastical. Writer’s block or creative slumps seem to finally ease up as your mental energy relaxes and reaches into more interesting territory. It can be difficult to focus on things that don’t interest you at this time. You want to be the writer and director of the vibe.