Aries: The sun and Mercury in fiery Sagittarius this week highlights our forward momentum, we are idealistic, curious and adventurous. There is an undercurrent of energy that wants to provoke thought, change, and movement. You are questioning the way things have been. There is an urge to be a bit of a troublemaker. On December 1st, as Neptune turns direct, we reclaim clarity, shake off delusions, and find new faith in others and ourselves.

Taurus: This week the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius asks the hard questions. You value hard evidence and profound truth, but the way you seek it at this time may be slightly haphazard and disorganized. Your mind is in many places at once. Your interests are varied and you are looking for a change of pace. Learning new things and branching out can bode well during this transit. On December 1st, as Neptunes ends its retrograde, you feel as if you have been shaken awake from a bad dream. You know who you are. 

Gemini: This week with both the sun and Mercury in your sister sign of Sagittarius you feel energized and ready to take on a challenge or two. You are curious and experimental in your day to day, willing to shake up your routine. You seek to expand your mind and gain new insights and awareness. On December 1st, Neptune, the planet of dreams and beliefs, finally ends its retrograde period. You feel a renewed sense of self within your spirit and mind, getting in touch with the subconscious, gaining insight and inspiration. 

Cancer: This week, with both the sun and Mercury in adventurous Sagittarius, you are feeling more prepared to try new things. This curious energy can be put towards acquiring a new skill, studying a topic that is not particularly in your wheelhouse, or taking a project in a different direction. The beginning of December is a wonderful time for lifestyle changes, self exploration, new relationships, or new approaches to old relationships. During this time you value the freedom and space to do as you wish. On December 1st as Netune ends its very long retrograde period, you gain clarity in regards to spirituality and dreams. 

Leo: This week, with both the sun and Mercury in fellow fire sign Sagittarius you feel charged up and ready to take on a challenge, your aura is glowing with fortitude whether you know it or not. It’s a good time to put extra energy towards making your home life and personal time customized to your needs and your vision. Connecting socially, especially with elders, can be especially enriching at this time. On December 1st as Neptune turns direct after a month’s long retrograde you can feel shaken awake from a strange slumber, faith, hope and beliefs are brought to the forefront with great clarity. You wish to live in your values above all else. 

Virgo: This week with both the sun and your ruling planet Mercury in Sagittarius, you feel ready to do things your own way. You are feeling bold and curious but rather solitary at this time. You feel free to think, express, and explore out of the view of the world for the time being at least, though you might “go public” later with the new things you have learned or acquired. Free from the expectations and pressures that others may apply, you feel relaxed and free. On December 1st as Neptune ends its 5-month retrograde, your questions of faith and beliefs become answerable from within. 

Libra: As much as you are someone that likes to keep things running smoothly with no surprises, with both the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius this may be difficult. During this time there is an inventive and inspired energy that challenges the way we presume things should be. There is adventure to be had and curistites to be explored. A Change of pace, a chance to simply listen, a time to go with the flow, is upon us. An independent streak in your energy allows you to act more on your own accord versus allowing your choices to be swayed by those around you. On December 1st as Neptune goes retrograde, there is new clarity in our hopes and dreams. Symbolism becomes more apparent. 

Scorpio: This week, with both the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius it may be tempting to bite off more than you can chew. You are feeling curious, optimistic, and capable, but in this wave of enthusiasm you can become more easily distracted.You may have to make a choice on a divergent path. This is also a good time to speak candidly from the mind and the heart. On December 1st as Neptune ends its months-long retrograde there can be new clarity surrounding faith, beliefs, dress, and hope. 

Sagittarius: This week, with both the sun and Mercury in your sign you are feeling socially and mentally energized, and your aura is very attractive to others who would like to bask in your warm glow. Be selective, as it may be easy to get caught up in saying “yes” to way too many things at one time. A Saturn-Chiron influence helps you to develop new communication and relationship skills in the coming months. On December 1st Neptune goes station after a months-long retrograde journey and there can be new insight into your subconscious and your dreamscape, spirituality moves to the forefront and you ponder deeply on the meaning of things.

Capricorn: This week with both the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius, confidence and optimism are boosted. You want to move ahead and try a little bit of everything. While this is great, it may be tempting to count one’s chickens before they hatch. You are feeling independent and resourceful, and it is a good time to forge ahead in your own way without provoking judgement from others, as everyone seems to be minding their business and doing their own thing as well. Neptune goes station on December 1st, ending a months-long retrograde period. Through this, you integrate the lessons you have learned through the spring and autumn into your relationships and everyday life. There is a meaningful tone to your dreams.

Aquarius: This week, with both the sun and Mercury in fiery Sagittarius you are feeling confident and adventurous. Even though you are feeling invincible it is important to keep it real with yourself, this is not a good time to be egotistical, so try sharing the spotlight! On December 1st as Neptune ends its months-long retrograde you may be feeling a new sense of clarity around your dreams and spirituality, any crisis of faith you have been experiencing may finally reach some kind of conclusion. Relationships are a great source of inspiration for you at this time. No one really does it all on their own. 

Pisces: This week with both the sun and Mercury in Sagittarius you are feeling sharp and quick and this puts you in problem solving mode. Any areas of life that have been puzzling you seem to gain some fresh insight. This confidence gives you a new sense of independence and allows you to forge your own path. On December 1st, your ruling planet Neptune goes station after being in retrograde since June, and renewed clarity is reached in your spirituality and faith sector. The subconscious and conscious mind are able to connect more and work together in harmony. There is more inner peace, regardless of what is going on in the outside world.