The Other Thanksgiving

Each year, columnists around the country think to themselves “is there something new that I can write about Thanksgiving?” I’ve written at least 30 Thanksgiving columns in PGN. No I didn’t count them, but that’s an estimation. 

In this space it was always a point to state that this holiday season is not only about the biological family but also about your chosen family. It also always suggests spending time with friends, and if that’s an issue there is always your local Community Center to find a group and make new friends. 

And if it’s a holiday dinner you need, our community centers and senior centers should be your destination.

As for black Friday, the most commercial day in America, remember there are people who because of various reasons can not participate in that part of the holiday. You might consider contributing to a charity as part of your black Friday spending. As for gifts, it doesn’t have to be that shining new item from the store. Sit down and write a heartfelt letter to those you love, or paint them an ornament, or make them a photo album with captions. Believe me, they’ll treasure that more than a waffle maker. 

And don’t forget you can also give thanks for the many things you did this year to help family, friends and your community. Thanksgiving has morphed far from what the original was meant to be, so is there any reason you can’t reimagine it to what you’d like it to represent and how you like to celebrate?

And one last thought, many are sad at this time of year since it’s the first holiday without someone who has been a part of their lives but is not there any longer. It might be difficult, but rather than steep in the sorrow of the loss, think about the years of happiness and celebrate that person by telling the tales of your adventures. The holidays are what we make of them, so take that turkey by the tail and that reindeer by the antler and set a new course, and if that doesn’t work, it will all be over in about a month.