Aries: Venus moves into fellow fire sign Sagittarius this week and has an intense and jubilant energy. However, we may find that we lose the focus and decisiveness that we had in our love lives while Venus was in Scorpio. Be sure you are directing your energy in a thoughtful manner. Your ruling planet Mars in Libra means you are trying to act in ways that solidify your image as the “good guy” in any given situation. What does that mean?

Taurus: This week you are playing mediator. Your calm and down to earth nature can often place you in between conflicts and arguments as a neutralizer. It’s up to you whether or not you choose to truly get involved, but if you do decide to, then be sure not to sugar coat your opinions. 

Gemini: This week you are learning how to tell it like it is, but in a caring and thoughtful way. Brutal honesty is usually just a thinly veiled excuse for being cruel. Mars in Libra knows what’s fair, but also likes to be respectful of the feelings of others. Tactfulness and transparency work best for this week.

Cancer: This week, Venus in Sagittarius has the potential to make your love life a bit more candid, curious, and potentially awkward. With money and finances you are feeling generous and less concerned about numbers than you have in a long time. New projects are taking shape and things are slowly changing. You are not where you were.

Leo: After the new moon pushes you into the light of day, you feel ready to make and to accept change. Venus moves into a positive conjunction with your sign and creates an aura of mutual support, grace, and harmony around you. Relationships become solidified in new ways. Enjoyment and creativity take the lead.

Virgo: This week you get unstuck from the rut you have been in. The new moon in Libra’s effects inspire you to move more boldly. A little impulse can be inspirational. Follow the lead of your energy, because it knows where it’s going and where it can take you.

Libra: Don’t get bogged down in the details. Simplicity brings clarity this week. Your ruling planet Venus in your communication sector this week increases your clarity of mind. You enjoy bringing people together and creating harmonious spaces. It’s in your nature.

Scorpio: This week Venus boosts your confidence and you seem to have that sparkling ‘it’ factor back in your stride. You seek out the sweetness in life and you seem to attract the things that you desire. Enjoyment and creativity are top priorities at this time, though you may have difficulty focusing on the boring stuff.

Sagittarius: Venus, the planet of love, creativity, and material resources enters your first house this week and brings you a plethora of beneficial vibes! You are feeling both excited and impatient about what you’ve got going on. Relationships are warm and harmonious. You invest money in entertainment.

Capricorn: This week after the new moon in Libra, you are downloading the lessons and insights you have gained over the last month. Clarity around emotions and relationships arrives unexpectedly. You are feeling inspired, emboldened and ready to step into a spotlight of your own making.

Aquarius: This week you are exhausted from sweating the small stuff. You throw caution to the wind and embrace simplicity. Your perfectionism has been putting a damper on your progress. Be passionate and open minded, and it might lead you to good things.

Pisces: This week you miraculously recover from some minor setbacks with a refreshed attitude and recharged perseverance. This brings more freedom to move around and explore in the fields of love, career, and creativity. You may find that the most simple and honest approach works best. People respect you for getting straight to the point.