Aries: This week the sun enters your sister (opposite) sign of Libra. This solar influence can be sociable, intellectually stimulating and can boost cooperation among partners, peers and family members. It can also be vain, self-serving, and inspire some tattle-tale behavior. Libra loves rules and it can cause you to become quite a stickler for the rules, the lesson it is trying to teach us is of course one of its symbols: the scales, Libra’s signature, balance. 

Taurus: This week, the sun enters our fellow Venus ruled sign: Libra. There is a strong empathetic energy around you, and you may be mirroring the moods and behaviors of others in an attempt to connect, find comfort, and find common ground. Libra likes to play nice and keep things fair. You prioritize keeping the peace and making your surroundings pretty and pleasant this week. Dating, art, and decorating fair positively for the next three weeks.

Gemini: This week the sun in Libra has you wanting to keep things light and casual, you may be unintentionally glossing over details and simply agreeing for the sake of agreeing. Try to find what it is that is holding you back from being more real. You can keep a decent amount of positive vibes while still being authentic.

Cancer: The sun in Libra this week has you overthinking how you appear to others, you are overly concerned with other’s opinions, or you might even be projecting totally fabricated impressions that you imagine others have about you. Fixating on this can freeze you in place. Despite this there are many opportunities to be had this week, both creatively and professionally if you can get your self image worries under control. 

Leo: This week is about trying out some new things. New perspectives, ways of thinking, and persevering at things that you are not immediately good at can reap some serious benefits. You limit yourself in your quest for instant gratification. It’s ok to look like the “new person.” You have to start somewhere. 

Virgo: The sun in Libra this week occurs in your resources sector. You can find there is an aura of strength and steadfastness around you to be harnessed. Your gifts and natural abilities shine through at this time. Your ruling planet Mercury begins it’s retrograde on the 27th causing delays, misunderstandings and inconveniences. Keep a cool head and roll with the punches, you can’t be stopped no matter who is in retrograde.

Libra: These days that follow last week’s full moon may be full of sorting out and organizing some deep thoughts and feelings that have recently surfaced. As the sun enters your first house and your season begins you are taking a turn inward despite your innate need to socialize. Balancing personal time and a social life is one of your goals this season. Momentum is the key to getting out of your rut, just start heading in any direction. 

Scorpio: This week you are still basking in the romantic glow of the 20th’s full moon in Pisces. Love and intimacy have also been helped along by Venus in your first house as September proves to be a provocative and interesting month for your personal affairs. You are committing more time and energy to rest and reflection this week and are actively trying to refresh your attitude. A quiet energy allows you to reconnect with your goals. You are trying to do things differently. 

Sagittarius: The sun enters Libra this week, and you start to get competitive with yourself. If you don’t set your ego aside there can be unnecessary complications. Libra’s influence on your eleventh house means you are focusing more on how the world, your friends, and your colleagues are perceiving you. Your eleventh house is where you make your impressions; it’s a good time to network, create resumes, or add to your wardrobe but it can also be a precarious time in which you can get caught up in nitpicking yourself or creating unrealistic standards. 

Capricorn: This week as the sun enters Libra you put more tasks and responsibilities onto your plate. You feel confident that you are the person to fulfill these duties and you can use them to increase your income, reptuatin, or esteem. Your schedule is quite stacked so don’t forget to make time to be social and to have fun. As Mercury enters retrograde on the 27th, our communication skills can use a little extra effort.

Aquarius: This week the sun’s move into your ninth house means that you are less concerned with personal drama and are feeling more curious, casual and adventurous in your love life and personal affairs. Worldly matters and social issues are also at the forefront during this time, which can become challenging for the heart. Be sure to rest and unplug from time to time. 

Pisces: This week the sun entering Libra awakens a transformative energy from within. You seek to rid yourself of bad habits and to deepen your knowledge of yourself. Romantic relationships can become heightened in their intensity as both you and those involved feel a pull to be more honest and authentic. Nothing seems to embarrass you anymore.