Aries: Venus in your intimacy sector this week inspires some further self exploration. You re-examine what makes you tick and what your passions and pleasures are in the present moment. You may also be concentrating on long term goals and wellness. Your emotions appear to you in a more clear cut fashion. Your energy is attractive to people, and they want to get closer.

Taurus: This week you are ultra sensitive to your surroundings. Beware of reflecting other people’s moods or projecting your own feelings onto other people and even inanimate objects. Your imagination is so powerful it can trick you at times. Creative endeavors bode well after last week’s new moon in Virgo, which signaled a new beginning. Your senses and mental energy are razor sharp, but may require some reining in.

Gemini: Venus in a positive aspect with your solar chart means creativity and romance are at the top of your list. Your attractive energy is magnetic to others, but you may also be attracting some characters with less than noble intentions. It’s important to examine the hearts and intentions of those seeking to be nearer to you. Music, art, and poetry are highlighted.

Cancer: Opportunity arises from social networking and friendships. Your attention to detail at home and within your inner circle is warm and gratifying. Both Venus and Mars in your home sector means you are equal parts welcoming and reserved. In romance you are more into receiving attention than giving it. 

Leo: Mercury in your communications sector helps you to be more concise and expressive with your words this week. You may also be absorbing information from your phone at faster rates as researching and looking things up feels like a fun way to pass the time. Independent learning and asking questions inspires you and brings you to new places this month. Branch out of your usual topics.

Virgo: After the new moon in your sign last week during your solar season, you feel like you are beginning to reboot after hitting the refresh button. You are building upon the foundation of your creative and mental energies and seeking to do something that is new yet uniquely your own in an unmistakable way. Your ruling planet Mercury in your money and values sector means you are watching how and where you spend. 

Libra: This week the planets are urging you to unplug, reset, and relax. Perhaps you have been neglecting the self care in your home or personal space that requires a little more time and attention. Catering to others may have gotten you behind schedule lately. Resist the temptation to say yes to every offer. 

Scorpio: Mercury in your privacy sector has you even more tight lipped and secretive than usual. You admire self awareness and discretion and you use these things as advantageously as you can. In romance you are thinking of taking a big leap forward, but not quite yet. Venus in your sign awakens your deepest desires.

Sagittarius: Venus in your privacy sector has you taking a step back from the limelight. You normally value putting it all out there but you begin to see the reward in withholding something just for yourself. Your energies are focused on quietly improving your home and personal life. Give your ego a rest.

Capricorn: You are feeling firm in your decisions and are empowered to validate your own perspective this week. Mars in your career sector highlights your long term goals and ambitions. Mercury’s influence on your solar chart this week inspires mind expansion, learning, and deep conversations. In romance you are prudent and reserved for the time being.

Aquarius: This week brings an aura of change and possibility. Three planets in your 9th house suggest potential new experiences and opportunities for adventure. Expectations can create roadblocks to enjoying what comes your way. Unplanned and spur of the moment activities can provide an excellent change of pace.

Pisces: Venus in fellow water sign Scorpio beginning on the 10th means that you crave intrigue and seek out new ideas that challenge your current perspective. Getting out of your comfort zone provides useful information. Your powers of attraction and discernment are highlighted through this transit.