Aries: Virgo season brings a more calm and collected energy. You care less about getting credit for doing your thing and now you can just get it done whether it is appreciated or not. You focus more on safety, wellness, and caring for others during this time. Self improvement is also prioritized and you are more likely to stick to the goals that you set. 

Taurus: The sun in fellow earth sign Virgo means you set your sights on self care and self improvement. You want to make positive changes to your attitude and stop ruminating in self criticism. You value your privacy and quiet time and don’t have it in you to entertain people’s questioning or nosiness. 

Gemini: The sun in Virgo means you need some serious downtime this week. For the past few weeks you have been utilizing your more outgoing side to network and make connections and also to make people feel more welcome and comfortable. This has made you some new friends and acquaintances who think highly of you. This week you may be feeling exhausted from all the smiling and shaking hands, and you want to focus more on your inner life and matters at home.

Cancer: This week, the sun in Virgo expands your horizons, your mind is active and alert and your ideas are creative and plentiful, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are ready to share anything that you have come up with. You are focusing on self improvement and learning, and are taking a step back from the opinions and influences of others. Your attention is not so easily swayed.

Leo: New ideas and intellectual endeavors begin with the sun in Virgo this week, you are more prepared to focus on long term goals and commit your time and energy to practical and meaningful affairs. You seek insight and useful information. Pettiness and lukewarm attitudes just won’t fly this week. You want results and are willing to work towards them.

Virgo: The sun in your sign awakens your inner self. You want to feel more in control of your life and in the coming weeks you seek to build your confidence and develop more balanced habits. Lately you may have noticed that swinging from one extreme to the other has been draining your energy. Once you find your groove you will be unstoppable. 

Libra: This week you may find yourself in high demand. You have the energy to play along for a time but you really just want to rest and reflect. Your mental energy runs high and you are curious about new subjects or hobbies. You are aiming to optimize your time and improve your lifestyle. You seek to be a support for those around you. 

Scorpio: This week the sun in Virgo inspires you to build trust within partnerships and friend groups, as you become more willing to apply yourself earnestly and show that you care. Your protective energy is apparent to those who take the time to look. You should consider telling your imposter syndrome that it’s time to move out of your way, as it has been a major stumbling block for you in the past.

Sagittarius: The sun in Virgo offers you the strength to be more patient with yourself and others. You are focusing on self improvement and self discovery. Long term goal setting and planning for things at home is the most practical and productive endeavor as we enter September and prepare for the fall season. Ambitions run high.

Capricorn: The sun in fellow Earth sign Virgo has you feeling more like yourself. Self awareness can bring an extra special element to your relationships that helps the pieces fall into place. Creative projects and financial matters find solutions and organization. You are refining your approaches to things and noticing the nuances of your interactions. 

Aquarius: This week the sun enters Virgo and highlights your eighth house, the house of spirituality and deep energy. There is a feeling of heavy contemplation in the air as you retreat into the less visited places in your heart. This season begins a period of self improvement and meditation as you wish to gather your strength and heal yourself so that you may also have the power to heal the world around you.

Pisces:  This week the sun in your opposite (or sister sign) of Virgo brings out the best in you through a call to action. You may be asked to speak truthfully or to come up with a creative solution, and this is an opportunity to trust your intuition unapologetically. You have been neglecting your spiritual health and undermining your self confidence. September is a time to step into your own.