Horoscopes: July 30 – August 5, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The beauty is in the details and the lesson is in the journey. Pushing yourself to extremes does not always spell “victory.” Your ruling planet entering Virgo this week means you want to feel that you are doing the work, but it also means that you have to know when enough is enough. Go easy on yourself, take a scenic route when you have the option.

Taurus: You want to feel wanted, and you want to feel that there are certain roles that only you can fulfill. This week with Mars in Virgo, you seek purpose. You have a keen eye for detail that is appreciated by others. Beware of overworking or over extending yourself. You have nothing to prove.

Gemini: You may be feeling that you just can’t “get it right,” and this leads to frustration. A shift in perspective may be required. Things seldom go according to plan, and they rarely turn out how we imagined them. Perhaps it is time we find satisfaction in simply knowing that we tried our best. Mars in Virgo works hard this week, but make sure that you are working smart as well.

Cancer: Mars in Virgo is the ideal energy for accomplishing goals and getting your head in the game. There is more structure around practical tasks and chores, and you are more motivated to get your procrastination under control. Beware of a streak of perfectionism that can be off putting to others. Self criticism can erode resolve over time.

Leo: Learning to let things go sometimes can be hard for you. Your mind is always set on “winning,” so much so that you forget to have fun playing the game. Being a sore loser is not a good look, Leo. Mars in Virgo this week combines passion with effort. It is a hardworking placement, best utilized in a low pressure environment where you can enjoy the details and let your energy flow where it needs to. Naturally.

Virgo: Mars in your sign this week brightens you up at work and at home. You want to bring your best to the table and move with intent and purpose. Your attitude gets an adjustment towards optimism as you begin to get comfortable with yourself and trust your abilities. This is an ideal time to accomplish the more intimidating goals you may have.

Libra: Mars in Virgo during Leo season really brings out the “type A” in you. You seek success in your field, and you approach things in a more bold manner. Harnessing this energy can banish procrastination and clear away the cobwebs. That pile of laundry that has been growing doesn’t stand a chance, that self doubt you have been holding on to gets carried away by the breeze.

Scorpio: Mars in Virgo is a much needed push towards organization and streamlining. This week you feel that you know what it takes to wrangle the chaos. Staying busy can give you a strange sense of ease, but being too meticulous can lead you down a rabbit hole of perfectionism. Make a list and stick to it, but never bite off more than you can chew. Knowing your limits is a wonderful asset. You can accomplish many things.

Sagittarius: Mars in Virgo this week motivates you to take yourself more seriously. You often put yourself and your to-do list on the back burner in favor of trying to solve someone’s else’s problem or doing something that seems more entertaining. If you are feeling stuck, now is the time to just simply charge boldly ahead. 

Capricorn: Mars in Virgo this week influences your first house favorably. You have a keen eye for detail and an instinct for organization. This hard working placement can help to make one’s loftier goals feel more simple to obtain. You feel that you are in the right place at the right time in certain situations. How you talk to yourself is important. Let yourself know that you can do this!

Aquarius: Mars in Virgo this week focuses your energy on that to-do list that has been collecting dust. Summer can leave us rather delirious with the heat, and this planetary alignment can help us approach things with a clearer vision. Organization and details are highlighted and distractions become less attractive. Just a small push in the right direction can place you on an upswing for the rest of the month.

Pisces: Mars in Virgo clears your brain’s fog this week. This practical and hard working placement can inspire you to start something new or finish something that you had lost momentum with. Comparing yourself to others has gotten you down on yourself in the past but Mars in Virgo teaches us to focus on our personal strengths and to compete only with ourselves.

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