Horoscopes: July 9 – 16, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: You want to be decisive this week, and you get the feeling there is more out there just waiting for you to go out and grab it. The new moon in Cancer at the start of the week is about standing still for a moment, then taking a deep breath before moving forward in the coming days. Mercury’s visit in the sign of Cancer on the 11th fuses our emotions and our logic into one well-oiled machine. We can keenly sense the difference between quantity and quality. 

Taurus: This week is favorable for focusing energy on improving relationships, starting new projects, or changing your interests. Two major cancerian influences highlight our emotions and our eye for art and beauty. Enjoyment and expression can be a central theme. Intellectual stimulation comes from ideas that tug at our heart strings and appeal to our sentiments. However, be cautious of overcommitment to activities this week, it can be easy to be caught up saying “yes” to everything. 

Gemini: This week you may find yourself focusing all your heart’s energy on others. It can make you feel confident and secure in your relationships to share quality time and invest your emotions. Two major cancerian aspects in the sky this week highlight emotion and affection. Your ruling planet in watery Cancer means that you are seeking to have your heart and your mind work together in harmony. They do not need to always be at odds.

Cancer: This week is about renewal, feeling at home in the process, and being comfortable with a little uncertainty. With the sun, new moon, and Mercury all in your sign, you are discovering your peace as well as your power. You may be slightly restless at this moment as you can feel that there are big changes just a little down the road. It’s a season of improving, learning, and cultivating. No time for overthinking!

Leo: This week you may be inspired to turn off your phone for as long as you can in order to enjoy living in the moment a little more thoroughly. Mercury in Cancer gives us a good eye for spotting quality time over quantity time. Enjoyment and expression are prioritized over less emotionally gratifying ideas. The new moon on the 9th is a fresh start to work and home projects, and a reminder that it’s ok to change your direction.

Virgo: Your ruling planet Mercury, in the intense and emotional water sign of Cancer means that you may be confronting some inner feelings that could take some getting used to. You usually have a way of avoiding addressing your own feelings, but now is a great time to lean into that discomfort and express yourself. The new moon in Cancer on the 9th says that uncertainty is a necessary part of change. You are looking at yourself in a different light.

Libra: This week you are feeling ambitious and goal oriented, and you want to be around people who want to see you strive and who like to celebrate with you when you succeed. The new moon in Cancer on the 9th reminds us that it’s never too late to change. You feel a sense of duty and responsibility to yourself that makes you feel proud when you follow its lead. There is no need for second guessing.

Scorpio: You are more emotionally open and available than usual this week. Two major aspects in fellow water sign Cancer can gently inspire you to loosen up a little. You will see that people greatly appreciate knowing what is on your mind and in your heart, as they often see you as someone shrouded in mystery, even when you feel that you are being obvious. The new moon on the 9th helps you reinvent your routine and break out of patterns that had you feeling stuck.

Sagittarius: This week’s new moon in Cancer makes you want to break free and start from scratch. Taking things in a new direction can offer a boost in motivation and rekindle your spark of inspiration. Mercury in Cancer this week means that you are expressing yourself through words that come from the heart and navigating the world from a place of feeling and intuition. Despite your impulsive tendencies, you are still patient in your own way and have an ability to make room for the uniqueness of others.

Capricorn: You are gently pressed out of your comfort zone and into the realm of changing tides. Mercury in Cancer inspires you to act from emotion and gut instincts where plain old logic falls short. Not all things can be explained in numbers. The new moon in Cancer on the 9th has you rethinking what it means to be in a relationship and what it means to be a responsible friend or partner. You may be seeing more clearly now where you should be putting your energy. Listening to others can help you accomplish something you have been struggling with.

Aquarius: This week’s new moon can inspire you to start making those little changes that add up over time. If you are bored with your daily routine, try adding something more enjoyable to it or subtracting something unpleasant from it. It’s okay to change your mind, start over, or say no at any time. Your energy may be a little erratic or restless since you have many ideas that you would like to see put into action. Start small. 

Pisces: Tell your inner critic to be quiet. The new moon in Cancer on the 9th inspires you to shake things up and follow your desires more sincerely. Your energy is bold, romantic, and expressive. You seek out enjoyment and personal fulfillment in an ever changing personal landscape. Rolling with those punches can be its own sport, and even be part of the fun.

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