Aries: Smooth sailing this week as Mercury leaves its post retrograde shadow period. It can be refreshingly uneventful as the energy neutralizes any tension or drama. You are not trying to make a splash or be in the spotlight this week. You keep it simple yet direct. Venus in harmony with your sign boosts creativity. Your alone time is full of innovative deep thinking. You aren’t shy, you are just keeping things low key for now, especially in regards to romance.

Taurus: This time of year moves at a slower pace for you, Taurus. You are interested in gathering your strength, introspecting, and investing your time and energy in things that bring you security and comfort. You are building something for yourself. Venus’ influence means you are seeking to improve relationships and be a stabilizing force for those close to you. Practicality and reasonability rule. Opportunities arise through your reputation.

Gemini: With Mercury clear of it’s shadow period your deck is finally free of wild cards. This week things move at a slower pace and you can pay more attention to the fine details in life. Venus’ influence on your chart means teamwork and group activity bring the best results. The moon wanes in your sign on the 6th and 7th and the energy is sleepy and peaceful. You may be inspired to reflect on the past month and postpone your next to-do list for a few days. Take a break, things have been wild!

Cancer: Your energy is magnetic, and you seem to be attracting attention, opportunity and money this week. Your solar season is about treating yourself to some rest and relaxation. Mercury out of its post retrograde shadow period makes now an ideal time to enjoy the good energy heading your way and indulge in some of the finer things in life. After a month of taking things seriously you deserve to cut loose and play at being more carefree than you would normally allow yourself.

Leo: This week, with Venus still in your first house, you are extra appealing and popular. Confidence and initiative are getting you to make moves in life. Home life and career breakthroughs are possible at this time. Mercury ends its post retrograde shadow period as well, so things are running more smoothly and people are in better spirits with more cool headed attitudes. The approaching new moon makes you feel that some big change is on the horizon.

Virgo: This week, you’re mentally downloading information from the past few weeks as the new moon approaches. You are feeling pensive about the more spiritual aspects of your relationships and of love itself. Your emotions run deep yet guarded and quiet. You wish to clear your conscience of something that has been weighing it down.

Libra: Mars in your 11th house energizes your social sector, reconnecting with people you have not recently spoken to can be particularly rewarding. Cooperation and teamwork are highlighted. The approaching new moon has you ready for change, you are feeling spontaneous and generous with your time and energy, and you crave profound life experiences. Kindness expedites your success.

Scorpio: Venus and Mars in harmony boost your aura. People view you in a very positive light. You are putting extra effort into personal and professional goals and are beginning to take certain aspects of life more seriously. Confidence and commitment are highlighted through this transit and your surefootedness in decision making can help you stick to a plan. The approaching new moon in Cancer inspires you to “clean house” in regards to things that are cluttering your space both metnally and physically.

Sagittarius: Smooth sailing this week as Venus is in harmony with your sun sign and Mercury leaves its post retrograde shadow period. Now is a good time to enjoy yourself and loosen up a little. Problems seem to grow smaller and feel more distant in your personal life, and that seems to mirror the waning moon approaching its new form next week. There is an exhale of relief. Be bold in romance; don’t keep too many secrets.

Capricorn: There is a sense of relief and calm this week, the urgency and pressure to complete certain things seems to dissipate. Mercury exits its post retrograde shadow period this week, and the moon wanes towards newness next week. Things are cooling off at home and at work. However, romance can be quite spontaneous and indulgent at this time.

Aquarius: The energy this week is mindful and collected. Mercury has exited its post retrograde shadow period this week and the moon wanes towards newness in Cancer. You are focusing energy on home life and intimate relationships. Work feels like less of a priority as there are more appealing ways to spend your time. You only seem to have the energy for things you enjoy.

Pisces: Decision making can feel more trying than usual this week, but when you simplify your process things quickly become clear. Venus in Leo is bringing a proud and celebratory mood to relationships and worldly pursuits. It’s time to allow yourself to believe that you deserve nice things.