Aries: This week Venus, the planet of love and worldly goods, enters the extravagant sign of Leo. In this sign we are more expressive in love and inclined to showcase and show off our partners and relationships. It may also inspire spending on indulgences and gift giving as a means of showing affection. Celebration and generosity are en vogue, and ego is inflamed in equal measure.

Taurus: This week your ruling Venus moves into festive and magnanimous Leo. During this transit you are feeling optimistic and confident in love and more open to verbal commitments. You seek pleasure and seem to be radiating good humor. Luck in money and business follows suit as your aura attracts attention and good fortune.

Gemini: This week Venus, the planet of love and worldly goods, enters fiery Leo. Under this transit’s influence there is much intrigue to be had in love and entertainment. You seek to indulge your senses and wine and dine those who you admire. Treating yourself and those close to you feels like an appropriate way to celebrate. Your mood and imagination adopt a sunny frame of mind.

Cancer: This week the Sun in your first house shines favorably on personal growth and the pursuit of long term life goals. Venus, the planet of love and money, moves into the neighboring fire sign of Leo creating a dramatic and expressive mood surrounding romantic relationships. We tend to put it all on the line during this time, investing a lot of time and energy into love and weighing our self worth along the outcomes. Proceed with passion and caution in equal measure.

Leo: This week Venus, the planet of love, creativity, and money, moves into your solar first house. Good fortune shines upon your romantic and professional pursuits. There can be a boost in income or some extra attention heading your way. Along with this comes a precarious sense of ego, which is heavily tied in to our romantic and fiscal success. It is important not to weigh ourselves against the standards of others or to seek shallow approval. 

Virgo: This week there is a turning point of self exploration following the full moon on the 24th. Your motivation is boosted to complete some long standing project or journey. Venus’s entry into the fire sign of Leo inspires grand gestures in love, but can also place rose tinted glasses over your eyes in regards to the relationships you place a lot of effort into. Loyalty can be virtuous for sure, but it can sometimes be followed to a fault.

Libra: This week your ruling Venus moves into festive and lavish Leo. Through this transit your romance and relationships are set ablaze. Impulse and inspiration arrive hand in hand. There may also be opportunities surrounding creative work and collaborations. It feels particularly fulfilling to spend on entertainment and gifts to share. 

Scorpio: This week the Sun in your fellow water sign of Cancer helps us to face some of our unresolved issues regarding the past. It can be intense, but our most vulnerable moments can be our most valuable. Venus in Leo brings a lot of pizzazz to your romance and relationships. Ostentatious displays from partners can be the main way they show affection at this time, so accept the compliment and don’t feel embarrassed. 

Sagittarius: This week, Venus in fellow fire sign Leo is the most influential placement. Your mood and imagination receive a boost of curiosity and optimism. You are feeling more willing to “put yourself out there” in love and romance. You are both easily excited and disappointed at this time as you weigh your ego against your successes and failures. 

Capricorn: You come out of your shell this week thanks to Venus in Leo. You are feeling inspired to try a new approach in romantic relationships. Spontaneity and grandiosity are not normally keywords you would use to describe your vibe in love, but a breath of fresh air seems to carry you forward. The sun in Cancer gets you in touch with your sentimental side as well. Perhaps you are prepared to be honest with yourself about something you’ve been concealing.

Aquarius: This week Venus is in fiery and passionate Leo. You may be feeling more outgoing than usual and finding it easier to admit to your feelings and share them with others. There may be someone who has been waiting for you to speak. Commitment and loyalty are keywords during this transit. A little pride helps you stand your ground. 

Pisces: This week Venus in Leo adds a fantastical element to your relationships. There may be a sense of victory in your successes regarding money and romance. You are feeling confident and prideful, and you may show your affections through grand gestures, poetic confessions, and gift giving. Purchases, job interviews, and verbal agreements are favored at this time.