Aries: Jupiter retrograde in Pisces is a time of introspection with a deep spiritual energy. Religious and philosophical quandary and conversation abounds. Rethinking one’s ideals as they pertain to your real life actions is one way this can manifest. Lately you want your thoughts, words, and actions to match up more consistently. Staying present minded is the only way to achieve such a feat. The sun’s entry into the water sign of Cancer on the 22nd is a season that seeks comfort, privacy, and refuge. Sentiments and emotions run high. 

Taurus: This week the sun enters the cardinal water sign of Cancer. This water sign’s influence on the bottom half of your solar chart means you are arriving at a period of deep self reflection and quiet. You want to be a protective and caring figure to those close to you, and you tune in closely to the feelings of others. Jupiter retrograde in Pisces adds to and compliments this psychic watery wavelength, providing an unconventional energy for spiritual and esoteric self discovery, the past and your own dreams and emotional experiences help you to form your own unique philosophy. 

Gemini: This week the sun’s entry into Cancer bids farewell to your season of mischief and creates a more nurturing and dutiful tone to the atmosphere, especially around the home. You are feeling more private in the coming weeks, more inclined to keep things to yourself and keep secrets close to the heart. Jupiter’s retrograde journey in Pisces begins this week as well, making spiritual growth more of a priority. Socializing and partying seems to take a back seat as you may find that you prefer quiet time spent reflecting, journaling, and listening more than seeking. There is power in inward energy.

Cancer: Happy Cancer season! A much sought sense of homecoming arrives along with the sun in your first house. Personal goals and self image become priorities at this time. You begin to care less and less what others think. The more colorful sides of your personality show and your signature water sign eccentricities may become more apparent. Consider this part of your strength. Jupiter retrograde in fellow water sign Pisces adds a philosophical and spiritual tone to your alone time. You seek meaning, you contemplate peace.

Leo: The sun’s entry into Cancer has you focusing more on domestic affairs like work and health where Gemini season previously had you more focused on socializing and travel, the energy moves inward as you become less concerned with rubbing elbows with the local stars and more concerned with getting to know yourself and support those around you. The energy of Cancer is nurturing and protective. It may seem as though a fog has cleared and you can clearly see what really matters. Jupiter retrograde in the complimentary water sign of Pisces highlights a need for spiritual growth and intellectual self care. 

Virgo: Personal affairs and domestic responsibilities take precedence as the sun enters Cancer this week on the 22nd. You retire from the social whirlwind of Gemini season into a more self preserving and reserved energy. You want to provide support for friends and family and you may find yourself being a shoulder to lean on this week. It can feel good to be counted on in such ways. Jupiter turns retrograde in your opposite sign of Pisces and you may find yourself facing a somewhat uncomfortable revelation of the self that must be looked at through the lens of self love.

Libra: The moon in your sign at the start of the weekend motivates you to finish things that you have been procrastinating on and to take more decisive action. This week the Sun’s entry into Cancer on the 22nd brings about a more private and reserved energy than the one we experienced through Gemini season in the previous four weeks. You prioritize comfort and the sensation of feeling at home in yourself. Jupiter retrograde in Pisces asks you to let go of something on your journey towards spiritual and philosophical growth.

Scorpio: The moon in your sign on Sunday through Tuesday has you focusing on your physical health and on the more physical aspects of your romantic relationships. The energy this week is intense and intimate due to several major water sign aspects. The sun’s entry into fellow water sign Cancer highlights domestic affairs and boosts your protective and nurturing energy. You prefer to be alone or have one on one time with those close to you. Large groups and busy places can cause distraction and agitation. Jupiter retrograde in Pisces adds a spiritual and philosophical element to your daily self reflection. 

Sagittarius: This week you are feeling more willing to forgive or compromise for the sake of keeping the peace. The sun in Cancer this week shines the spotlight on the many roles you take in your intimate relationships. You want to see yourself reflected in the efforts you make. Your ruling planet Jupiter goes retrograde in Pisces and sets you on a path towards deep introspection and change. You may find that in the past you behaved in ways that were out of character solely for the sake of being contrarian.  

Capricorn: This week the surface of things can be deceiving and may require a deeper inspection. The sun’s entry into your opposite sign of Cancer creates a balance between your personal and private life. At home you want to be more attentive and on top of your responsibilities, especially those that involve others. You want to be seen as someone whose words match their actions as Jupiter retrograde in Pisces is a time of spiritual and moral reflection. 

Aquarius: This week the sun enters Cancer on the 22nd and highlights your creativity sector; outside the box thinking has often been your strong suit and this can be especially apparent at this time. Jupiter turns retrograde in Pisces this week, complementing the sun in Cancer’s inward energy by inspiring deep spiritual and philosophical introspection.You may find yourself feeling less social and more reserved these days, as you prefer to spend more time alone reflecting, journaling or having one on one conversations.

Pisces: This week the sun enters your fellow water sign of Cancer on the 22nd, putting the focus on domestic affairs, emotional health and personal space. You are putting more energy towards your boundaries and feel less and less of a need to explain yourself to others. Your relationships feel closer and are based on a mutual understanding of something that is usually unspoken. Jupiter goes retrograde in your sign this week as well, and you likely spend your quiet time in an almost meditative creative headspace. You are perceiving instead of judging, and you seek balance with the energy of the heart and the mind.