Aries: This week your ruling planet Mars enters fellow fire sign of Leo. In this sign Mars expresses itself as steadfast and confident. You are feeling direct and decisive and willing to stick by your opinions and choices. Passions run high, primarily in the physical realm. In work and relationships you prefer the route of least resistance and take a simplified and direct approach. Saturn squaring Uranus creates a foggy notion around long term goals.

Taurus: Mars in Leo this week highlights your desire for a more simple and organic means of communicating. Sugar coating and false politeness seem to frustrate you in a particular way this week. You have excess energy that you should try to channel into something positive and productive. Saturn squaring Uranus at the end of the week can leave you feeling slightly pessimistic about money or career matters.

Gemini: Mars in Leo this week lends you some ostentatious and competitive energy in conjunction with Gemini season. It can be advantageous in work, creative projects, games or debates. Saturn squaring Uranus at the end of the week can make long term plans difficult to map out. Living in the moment tends to work best for now.

Cancer: Mars in Leo this week takes you out of your comfort zone in regards to speaking your mind, you may find yourself surprisingly opinionated about things that are not normally detected by your radar. The assertive and prideful Mars in Leo can inspire confidence and foolhardy motivation. Saturn squaring Uranus at the end of the week can make long term plans feel difficult to envision.

Leo: Mars in your sign this week puts the spotlight on your ego. You are feeling confident and powerful in your physicality. It may heat up so much that it becomes precarious. If your ego inflates too large it may become fragile; it’s important to maintain balance. Use this assertive energy to stand up for those whose voices are smaller than yours. Remember to share the stage and ask questions. The moon in your sign on Monday and Tuesday makes you a social butterfly.

Virgo: Mars in Leo this week is an opportunity to solidify your self image and self esteem. A calm sense of confidence can make you strong enough to live your truth but also cool headed enough to admit when you have made a mistake. It’s brave to ask questions, it’s brave to laugh things off. Unexpected relief comes from living in the moment and taking the path of least resistance sometimes. The moon in your sign on the 16th and 17th keeps you close to home.

Libra: Mars in Leo this week is an impactful placement for self image and assertiveness.  You are starting to expect better for yourself and better from others. Standards and power dynamics shift in relationships. It can be difficult to accept the good from life when you feel like you don’t deserve it. In your heart you know that you do. Saturn squaring Uranus changes the trajectory of your long term goals. 

Scorpio: This week with Mars in Leo the energy around you is calm yet direct and assertive. There is a no nonsense vibe to your interaction style but some may find you slightly terse. The moon in Cancer on the 11th and 12th adds to this palpable strength bubbling beneath your surface. Saturn squaring Uranus can put some stumbling blocks in your path concerning long term goals, but it’s important to push through them. 

Sagittarius: This week with Mars in Leo you find the rules and limits of things to be particularly frustrating. You feel delayed and held back, you are not satisfied with mediocrity, you want something you can be proud of. You want to stand out, which isn’t hard for you even under normal circumstances. Saturn squaring Uranus creates cloud vision and hesitation around long term goals. 

Capricorn: Mars in Leo boosts confidence and ego in equal measures. You may not be willing to accept the world and its limitations as they are at this moment. You want to forge ahead through your frustrations. The coinciding moon in Leo at the start of the week adds to this motivation. Your ruling Saturn squaring Uranus can skew your view on your long term visions for your future, which can be temporarily disheartening. 

Aquarius: Mars in your sister sign of Leo boosts creative confidence and individuality. You are prepared to make bold and dramatic statements and may be feeling more competitive than usual. Saturn squaring Uranus creates roadblocks around. You have excess energy that needs to be burned off through friendly debates and competition instead of the combativeness that may tempt you.

Pisces: Mars in Leo challenges you to emerge from your shell this week. Mars in this aspect is confident and brimming with pride. You can learn a thing or two from this energy. You are feeling opinionated in a cool and collected way, and your steadfastness will pay off with those you seek to make an impression upon. Saturn squaring Uranus creates hesitation around setting up plans of action that could help you to achieve long term goals.