Aries: You really don’t like being tempted to look back since you are always trying to move forward. This retrograde that continues during the approaching new moon and solar eclipse this week on the 10th is going to check you on that. Sometimes there are valuable clues left behind you along the way. You don’t have to linger there in the past, but shuffling the deck of cards that is your memory can be like its own tarot reading. It’s not going to predict the future, or even necessarily show you what you want to see, but it may articulate the things that you already know in a way that you had not thought of before.

Gemini: This week, with your ruler still in retrograde, nostalgia can trick you into thinking that something that you quit doing for a good reason is still worth revisiting. It’s probably not. It could be an old job, old relationship or former stomping ground, but it’s good to remember why you left. It is also imperative not to hold a grudge however. Moving forward is an art form. Just let time do its thing.

Taurus: Last week there was an energy that was pulling you out into the world and public life; this week with mercury still in retrograde the energy shifts towards introspection and trips down memory lane. Venus in Cancer is still slowing down the pace as well. Your relationships feel intimate and purposeful, but it can be hard to state your needs as you may be putting others first too frequently and trying to read people’s minds to anticipate their reactions to things. Remember that you are only human and that they are as well. 

Cancer: This week as Venus remains in your first house you are focusing on home life and personal affairs. You may be taking a more candid approach to things instead of planning and calculating. You lead with your gut instead of your mind. Overthinking is common during Mercury retrograde, and it can lead you to procrastination and eventually to the abandonment of your plans and goals. Roadblocks feel particularly disheartening since you have been putting your feelings on the line.

Leo: This week’s Mercury retrograde influences your communication sector and creates a case of putting your foot in your mouth. Sometimes your honesty goes too far into unnecessary territory. Some folks may be too polite to mention it to you, but you may be accidentally offending those around you, or you may be doing more talking than listening at inappropriate times. The new moon and solar eclipse on the 10th in Gemini can bring about self reflection that borders on a mini identity crisis, but this is more of an opportunity for growth than anything else. 

Virgo: This week, your ruling planet Mercury still in retrograde in conjunction with the new moon and solar eclipse in Gemini on the 10th brings a union between the past and the present. Wisdom you have gained from past experience now integrates into the way you handle situations that arise. It may be hard at first to take that step to commit to doing things differently but it can be quite rewarding when you do. You are self aware enough to know what has and has not been working. The proof is in the results.

Libra: Mercury retrograde clashes chaos and sentimentality in equal measure this week. You may feel as though you are strapped in on a ride through your memories and emotions. Someone from your past may be reaching out to you to catch up or to rehash an old event. It’s  up to you how you proceed in these matters. The new moon and solar eclipse in Gemini on the 10th is a clean slate and a chance for renewal and release. You know that change is hard but necessary. Make peace with things being a little messy.

Scorpio: Your one track mind gives you grief this week. Mercury in retrograde can bring our mental energy into its more extreme modes of expression. You may be hyper fixating on something, whether it is a person, a problem, a memory, or an anxiety. You have taken it to the lab and slid it under your microscope for intense inspection and scrutiny. There is not much to be gained from this rumination. The new moon and solar eclipse in Gemini on the 10th is the perfect opportunity to release this iron grip 

Sagittarius: This week, with Mercury still in retrograde the energy shifts towards introspection and the past. The energy of Gemini season has been a lot of forward momentum until now, but we must use past experiences and guidance from those we meet along the way if we wish to forge ahead the way we have been doing. The new moon and solar eclipse in Gemini on the 10th is an opportunity to think about mistakes we feel doomed to repeat. Must we resign ourselves to such a fate, or can we experiment with a different approach?

Capricorn: A Sun-Saturn transit helps you see things a little more clearly through the fog of Mercury retrograde at the start of the weekend. The approaching new moon and solar eclipse in Gemini that will occur on the 10th is inspiring you to hit the refresh button on your mental energy. You currently have a lot of metaphorical tabs open in your browser and some of them are past the point of their relevance. You will feel a sense of relief if you simplify your process. It’s difficult but also thrilling to let go of something you were fooling yourself into thinking you needed. 

Aquarius: This week you are becoming more aware and at peace with your limitations, and in fact they inspire your creativity and innovation. Mercury in retrograde’s unpredictable trajectory is training us to roll with the punches and surrender to the flow. Trying to control every detail will ensure that you never enjoy yourself. The new moon and solar eclipse in Gemini on the 10th is a clean slate and an opportunity to start over with a more relaxed approach. 

Pisces: Lately you have been feeling indulgent and impulsive in some areas. Mercury retrograde has you counting your chickens before they hatch in some instances. The new moon and solar eclipse in Gemini is a good reset in conjunction with a Sun-Saturn conjunction this week that can put the focus back on practicality and frugality. Gemini’s solar season can make us say ‘yes’ to a lot of things without taking stock of the logistics and energies that these commitments might require.