Aries: This week takes a sentimental turn. You may find that your first instinct is to shy away from your bigger feelings, to toughen your exterior and play it cool. In romance you are prone to mirror the emotions of your partner which can be a wild sort of dance. Venus in Cancer’s warm yet guarded energy is both devoted and self-preserving. Meanwhile, Mercury in retrograde in Gemini creates difficulty in planning and technological communication. Hold off on big decisions until you have gathered all relevant information. Emotions and motivation soar high and dip low.

Taurus: This week your ruling planet Venus enters watery and nurturing Cancer. You may be feeling particularly loyal and devoted to the things close to your heart but you may also be feeling more reserved and guarded about that fact. Cancer in Venus likes to stay close to home and focus its protective energy towards long term goals and relationships that feel practical and domestic in nature. Mercury retrograde in Gemini can slow your roll on socializing and going out, and communication can feel fuzzy, details get lost, and things just don’t seem to go according to plan. Have some patience with yourself.

Gemini: This week the sun still in your first house shines a spotlight on your personal affairs and boosts your self image. Venus, the planet of love, moves into the intense and changeable sign of Cancer. In romance and relationships you can feel that you, and others’ affections are running hot and cold rather rapidly. You may feel more shy and private about your deeper feelings as Cancer’s energy is self-preserving and guarded. Mercury in retrograde in your first house starting this week can throw a wrench into some projects you’ve had in the works recently, but it’s important not to give up. Take a deep breath and persevere.

Cancer: This week Venus, the planet of love, moves into your first house. This highlights personal affairs, romance, relationships of all kinds, and domestic home life. Good fortune shines upon your emotional endeavors and displays of affection. There is also an increased sensitivity that can be a double edged sword: you are in tune with others intuitively but you may also be taking things way too literally. Mercury in retrograde kicks off this week causing delays in travel and errors in technological communication. 

Leo: This week Venus in Cancer allows you to access the most vulnerable parts of yourself, and it can feel pretty tense at first. Venus in Cancer’s energy is at once reserved and guarded and passionate and extreme, thanks to the tidal and changeable nature of this water sign. Relationships and romance buzz with intimate revelations and secrets. Mercury retrograde in Gemini adds a touch of the unpredictable to daily occurrences, things at work and out in the world may feel especially chaotic. Have patience with interruptions and take it one step at a time.

Virgo: This week your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in Gemini. There can be tension and anxiety, particularly around work, travel and communication. Be sure to give your nervous system a break from time to time. Venus in Cancer emboldens you to stop over analyzing things in life and love. You long to feel the warmth of familiarity that comes with being near to those you hold dear. 

Libra: Your ruling planet Venus enters Cancer this week, and though you are particularly attuned to the feelings of those around you, it can be easy to get swept up in excitement or dragged down into the blues. Venus in Cancer heightens our intuition but can also make us feel more guarded and therefore secretive. If you truly wish to harness the power of this Venus placement you must overcome your mistrust of others, and especially not concern yourself with their judgment. Mercury retrograde in Gemini causes some minor inconveniences and small headaches designed to teach us to keep a cool head under pressure. 

Scorpio: This week as Venus enters fellow water sign Cancer, you begin to make yourself more at home in the relationships you have been forming lately. You are tempted to shed your tough outer layer for that special someone, and it’s both frightening and thrilling. It takes a strong person to be soft. Mercury retrograde in Gemini creates a precarious vibe around travel and communication that may inspire you to shy away from social scenarios for the time being. 

Sagittarius: This week Venus in Cancer sweeps you away into an illusory world of romance and intrigue where things may not be as they seem. It can be easy to get carried away by hasty notions surrounding the relationships you have, making grand gestures or large commitments without much thought. Mercury is also retrograde in Gemini furthering the agenda of chaos. You may find yourself throwing caution to the wind despite the fact that it is certainly not in your best interest. If a friend tells you to slow your roll, you should heed their warning.

Capricorn: This week Venus in your opposite sign of Cancer creates a map through uncharted waters in regards to your romance and relationships. You are at once feeling secretive but also in the mood to “over-share” the things that you have been holding out on telling those close to you. You find yourself ruminating about your love life, feelings seem to happen upon you like waves. Mercury in retrograde causes even more distraction, and you may find yourself slacking off at work, daydreaming during chores, and taking a more hands off approach to things that feel inevitable. You are comfortable with the mess for once.

Aquarius: This week Venus in Cancer inspires commitment where there was once detachedness. Your usually aloof approach to romance can emerge into something deep and revelatory, which can be scary at first for sure. Venus in Cancer highlights the more domestic and consistent aspects of love, how our relationships affect our home life and daily routines. You may be ready to incorporate someone into your world, to let someone close enough to see what you do when you aren’t putting on a show. Mercury in retrograde causes delays in scheduling and mini meltdowns with technology. 

Pisces: This week Venus enters fellow water sign Cancer. You may be feeling that some relationships feel too close for comfort while others feel too far away. Cancer is both nurturing and guarded when combined with the love and relationship aspects of Venus. There is a push and pull to your energy much like waves at sea. There are heightened emotions around home life, personal space, privacy, and long term commitments. Mercury retrograde in Gemini causes its classic minor inconveniences. Expect delays, traffic jams, and misunderstandings. Invest in a good phone case.