Aries: On Thursday the sun entering Gemini rings in a month of intellectual and philosophical inquiry. You may find yourself interested in a wide range of topics, but your attention span may not be obedient for long periods of time. Socially you are branching out this week, but you might be having a hard time committing to plans or staying loyal to those closest to you. It’s best to try to keep your flakiness at bay and not to make promises that you can’t keep. On the 26th, the full moon opposite the sun in Gemini occurring in Sagittarius coincides with a lunar eclipse. There is a sense of dramatic culmination around relationships and emotions that is most likely based in the realm of illusion, and there is a tendency towards fantasy at this time.

Taurus: This week the sun in Gemini brings out our wilder more irrational side. You may find yourself participating in some out of character activities that could potentially surprise those around you, but who cares? You contain multitudes! On the 26th the full moon in Sagittarius occurs in conjunction with a lunar eclipse, creating an exaggerated emotional energy surrounding romance and relationships. There may be revelations, but their recognition must be tempered with practicality and patience.

Gemini: This week is all about Gemini, with two major aspects relating heavily to your solar first house, it is a time where you stand firmly in the spotlight as well as the mirror. The sun enters your sign on the 20th and your Gemini season commences with a bang as on the 26th the full moon/lunar eclipse occurs in your opposite sign of Sagittarius, there is a sense that you must reflect deeply before acting, but when you do choose to act, it is in a grandiose way. The following three weeks have the potential to bring about surprising changes in your perspective and personal relationships. Listening, learning, and research are favored pathways that can guide you through this process. Your mental energy is high but remember to rest.

Cancer: This week can feel a little chaotic for you, with thoughts and feelings seeming to pop up at random and inconvenient times. The sun entering Gemini highlights our social and intellectual energies but can also heighten our anxieties and increase impulsiveness. The lunar eclipse occurring within the full Sagittarius moon on the 26th appeals to your dramatic side as emotions run high in the relationship and romance department. You can potentially harness this energy to help you make some decisions that you have been otherwise too reserved to make, but it must be tempered with a realistic sense of practicality.

Leo: This week as the sun enters Gemini there is a boost of curiosity and desire to be seen out and about. Social activities and trying new things are favored during the next three weeks. Your mental energy seeks to diversify your interests and gather insider information.  Interests are scattered and focus comes and goes with the wind. The full moon in Sagittarius on the 26th is dramatic and overly imaginative,  beware rash decisions and grand gestures, especially those concerning romantic relationships.

Virgo: The sun enters fellow Mercury ruled Gemini this week, and through this you experience a renewed interest in learning, observing, and investigating. There is intrigue and curiosity, and your mental energy is intense but easily distractible. The full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on the 26th inspires temptation, confusion and illusion. There is a high drama and imagination, but things can be much different from how they appear. Romantic endeavors heat up quickly, but the momentum can be hard to handle.

Libra: This week the sun’s shift into fellow double air sign Gemini bodes well for your intellectual and social sector. You have motivation to branch out socially, and engage in research and practice of hobbies or topics that interest you. Passion runs high but attention runs short. It’s all about trying to keep up with yourself. The full moon and lunar eclipse occurring in Sagittarius on the 26th speaks to your more impulsive and dramatic side. You may find yourself saying things you don’t really mean just to get a reaction or to get a sense of how someone feels based on their reaction. Beware of the potential to be incendiary in romance and relationships. 

Scorpio: The sun’s shift into the Mercury-ruled sign of Gemini is equal parts fresh awakening and anxiety inducing. Suddenly you remember how many things you have to do and how many things you wish to accomplish. Deadlines hang over your head, and fun and socialising are diversions that keep you procrastinating despite them. The full moon and lunar eclipse occurring in fiery Sagittarius on the 26th can be potent fuel for a passionate episode in your romance and relationship department. Proceed with caution; flagrant displays can’t be unseen by those who witness them so make sure you really mean it. 

Sagittarius: The sun enters your solar opposite in the sign of Gemini this week. You find yourself wanting to be up to date on the latest news and gossip. Reaching out to friends you haven’t heard from in a while, asking questions, and catching up is what gets your wheels turning. There is an excess of social and mental energy that can send your attention span into a tailspin, so be patient with yourself. The full moon and lunar eclipse on the 26th occurring in your sign is a time of culmination and realization in terms of your inner emotional life and self image, secrets bubble up to the surface. Drama and imaginations run wild.

Capricorn: This week, the sun’s entry into Gemini awakens your senses. You may be surprised to find yourself reaching out and making plans, when just a few days ago you didn’t want to leave your room. There is a much needed boost of optimism heading your way. The full moon and lunar eclipse occurring in Sagittarius create an aura of extravagance and indulgence. There can be a tendency to lean into fantasy or to abide by one’s every emotional whim. Stirring up trouble has a certain appeal this weekend, exercise moderation.

Aquarius: This week the sun’s move into fellow air sign Gemini bodes well for your mental energy and your social sector. Through this transit, learning, studying, and conversing are highly favored activities from which you can gleen very useful insight. The full moon in Sagittarius occurring in conjunction with a lunar eclipse creates an intense and impulsive vibe particularly in the arena of romance and relationships. Let it inspire you to act in accordance with your heart, but try not to get swept away by your own delusions of grandeur. 

Pisces:  The winds of change blow strong as this week the sun moves into the Mercury ruled air sign of Gemini. It can be a somewhat difficult adjustment to emerge from the retiring vibe of Taurus season and out into the world of socializing and deep thinking. Over the next three weeks you can slowly emerge from your chrysalis and see what society has to offer. You navigate with equal parts curiosity and anxiety these days. Your behavior can be slightly erratic as you try to keep your options open and say yes to too many things. Things you have been meditating on seem to click and merge the subconscious and conscious mind together. Feelings make themselves known in romantic endeavors, but drama also runs high.