Aries: This week’s highlight is Jupiter’s entry into Pisces, where it will be until July 28th. This marks a period of seeking wisdom through unconventional experiences. Jupiter is at home in Pisces and this can bring about inspiration in the arts, interest in the occult, and an unabashed dive into the imagination. There is positive energy directed towards mental health and self-acceptance and it can be an ideal time to recenter yourself through forgiveness and open-mindedness. You may be discovering new ways to connect with people on a more emotional and candid wavelength. 

Taurus: This week Jupiter in watery Pisces helps you break out of your humdrum routine. The energy of Jupiter in this placement can inspire you artistically and spiritually. You are seeking wisdom through introspection as well as through the shared experiences of others. You have your listening ears on and are open to new perspectives and unlikely paths as you are less likely to hang on to old biases or to make snap judgements. A touch of belief in something can go a long way.

Gemini: This week Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, wisdom, and prosperity enters the water sign of Pisces. At home in this sign, Juiter in Pisces highlights creativity, mysticism, spirituality and innovation. You may be feeling ready to let go of old reservations or grudges from your past. Jupiter in Pisces opens our minds and hearts to a larger world of possibilities. The moon in your sign on Thursday and Friday has you looking and feeling your best; take advantage of the glow by sharing it with someone who could use a pick me up. 

Cancer: This week Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, possibilities, and wisdom enters fellow water sign Pisces and stays there until July 28th. Late spring and into summer, your energy is focused on improving your life on the metaphysical level. Through this planetary placement creativity, spirituality and open mindedness are brought center stage. Through imagination and self acceptance you find a new freedom that creates a more relaxed aura around you. The moon in your sign over the weekend can be a boost of outgoing and festive energy.

Leo: This week Jupiter in Pisces highlights your spirituality and personal growth sector from now until July 28th. Through this transit you may realize the importance of self-acceptance and learn to let go of harsh self criticism and guilt trips. Trying to maintain a rigid sense of logic and control over the otherwise more natural and organic aspects of one’s mental and emotional life can create unnecessary friction, and it may also be causing you to unknowingly project that judgement on to others as well. Inspiration from the water element of Pisces can show you how to be more flexible and dynamic. Life contains many contradictions and that’s ok.

Virgo: This week, Jupiter in Pisces challenges you to break free from the things that have been holding you back. If you have been finding that you hang on to old resentments and self blame, then this spring is the perfect time to clean house and free yourself of these sentiments that are taking up valuable space in your life. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, good fortune, and possibility, paired with the spiritual and intuitive sign of Pisces, grants us a clearer and less judgemental vision, which can make it easy to follow our hearts and not become so easily embarrassed by our own sincerities. 

Libra: This week, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, possibility, and abundance, enters Pisces until July 28th, bringing about a season of optimism and blessings. This planetary transit contains the kind of magic that we must meet halfway; it’s always there, but you must have an open mind and an accepting heart to truly gain insight from it. Imagination and curiosity are fabulous motivators for learning and healing. Letting yourself just be, to sit, think, and take a moment and do nothing can be quite challenging, but perhaps you can find time to give it a try.

Scorpio: This week Jupiter in Pisces works well with your occult-ish and mystical side. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and possibility creates a heady combo in watery and intuitive Pisces. Dreams, self-reflection, imagination, art, and spirituality are highlighted in this aspect, which will be with us until July 28th. Your mental energy is dynamic and free flowing; you feel more ready to reach understandings with yourself and those around you; and your normally rigid aura seems to soften. Now is an ideal time to forgive, let go, and learn. Nothing is quite the way it seems. Don’t go looking for a fight where there isn’t one.

Sagittarius: This week, your ruling planet Jupiter goes supernova in the spiritual and intuitive sign of Pisces, where it will be showering us with groovy vibes until July 28th. Your mental and emotional energy receives a boost in insight and your dreams seem to contain messages and lessons. Self exploration and self acceptance are highlighted.  Through this transit there is a sense of letting go and a desire to be our 100% true authentic selves. There is nothing to hide. Happy trails and good fortune are heading your way.

Capricorn: This week Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, possibilities, and expansion, enters the spiritual and intuitive sign of Pisces where it creates a spacious and all-embracing environment that is with us until the 28th of July. Through this transit we are more emboldened to take the good things that life has to offer. Spiritual practices, self-esteem, and creative endeavors are favored under this sign. We are more willing to explore what lies just beyond our comfort zone.

Aquarius: This week Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, possibilities and expansion enters the free flowing water sign on Pisces from now until the 28th. This transit can inspire us to let go of our harsh judgements and self criticism, and it gives rise to the opportunity to branch out and try new things. This aspect favors things like spirituality, the occult and mysticism, as well as the arts and healing work that involves self-acceptance and better self-esteem. 

Pisces: Something good is in the works this spring/summer, Pisces! Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and possibilities, enters your sun sign until July 28th, bringing about a season of broader horizons and new inspiration. The planet of luck on your side can provide an energetic boost to your creative endeavors and spiritual practices. Self-acceptance and healing in the self-image department are also favored during this transit. It’s a period of time that is equal parts inward reflection and outward adventure.