Aries: This week, due to Mercury’s visit in the sign of Gemini, we are feeling particularly open minded and welcoming towards new ideas. Communication seems to flow and feel more casual and honest. Knowledge becomes more readily integrated, and our senses of humor become more polished. It is an excellent time to study, learn, and connect. There may also be a flirtatious energy in the air at this time, but beware of this aspect becoming a distraction.

Taurus: This week you may find it hard to focus on one task at a time, and you may find yourself interested in or trying to participate in too many things at one time. Your mind is active and curious, but it is possible to be swept away by your eagerness and intrigue. We may be tempted to play at superficial gossip and cheap jokes. Mercury in Gemini invites equal parts playfulness and puckishness, so make sure to dance between the two in a tasteful manner if possible. 

Gemini: This week your first house of Gemini is visited by your ruling planet Mercury. This congruence gets you into a thematic groove all your own that has you feeling like your old self again. Your mind is sharp and things just seem to click. This is an ideal time to learn, study, and converse. Others may find you particularly charming and appealing and your way with words can captivate an audience. You gain insight by asking the right questions.

Cancer: This week we are feeling particularly outgoing and sociable and this is an ideal time to catch up with people you otherwise have not had the space time or energy for. Our conversations are productive and we can feel like we are really getting our point across successfully. Despite all of this goodness, we may also be feeling impulsive and curious and can end up looking too hard and discovering things we didn’t want to. Be careful where you search.  

Leo: This week, you find yourself thinking deeply about the kinds of impressions you make on others, but the truth of the matter is that we can never truly know how others perceive us, and even if we ask, the words may fall short. The energy for the next 7 days is well suited to studying, learning, and sharpening skills in your areas of interest. There is a curious and sociable vibe this week that incites interesting and challenging conversations. 

Virgo: This week your ruling planet visits fellow Mercury sign Gemini. There is an aura of mindful energy and a particular appeal to intellectual pursuits. You may be feeling more sociable this week and may be more inclined to leave your comfort zone during conversations. There is a pleasant and relaxed vibe to your interactions with friends. It may feel less intimidating to show a more uncensored version of yourself.

Libra: This week Mercury visits its home sign of Gemini and adds some extra sparkle to your social sector. There is good humor and flirtatious energy in the air. It feels like a good time to break out of your usual routine and explore other areas of interest. Learning and studying come more naturally this week as areas of mental blockage become free and clear.

Scorpio: Last week’s full moon in your sign brought up a lot of intense emotions, this week Mercury in its home sign of Gemini boosts your mental energy and helps you to integrate the mind with the spirit. Creativity, wit, and humor flow like a river. There is much joy to be had in social pursuits. Show people what you’ve been working on!

Sagittarius: This week Mercury in its home sign of Gemini boosts your curiosity and brings attention to some of the more competitive tendencies of your mind. You may find yourself sparring against others in a battle of wits. The pen feels mightier than the sword this week, as speaking, writing, and studying are highlighted for you. Beware of your need to “win” at all things. 

Capricorn: This week Mercury in its home sign of Gemini creates an intellectual and sociable environment that is easygoing and mentally stimulating. You may be feeling more outgoing than usual and finding your social interactions more pleasurable and gratifying. Your curiosity branches out into new avenues and you may find yourself learning about something that has never occurred to you to read up on before. 

Aquarius:  This week Mercury in its home sign of Gemini creates an atmosphere that is ideal for social and intellectual pursuits. Lately you have been thinking about your impact on the world and your legacy and philosophy as a thinker and a community member. You gain wisdom and insight from observing the world around you. 

Pisces: This week Mercury in its home sign of Gemini boosts your mental energy and things feel more clear cut and matter of fact. You choose to keep it short, simple and succinct with your words. There’s no need for lengthy preamble or flowery speech.  You get your point across well and feel more bold and confident. People look to you as an example of what to say or do, and you do not wish to mislead or disappoint.