Aries: This week the full moon in Scorpio on the 26th brings an intuitive depth to our relationships. You may be thinking more about how you show your appreciation and respect to those around you. You fancy yourself quite independent but you also love to love and be loved, usually in a big way. This is a good time to find ways to express and celebrate that fact. Don’t allow your stubbornness to keep your heart waiting in the shadows. There is an urge to break some of your own rules and find the magic that you can create with others in that open space.

Taurus: The sun continues its transit of your sign, and the full moon on the 26th occurs in your sister sign of Scorpio. This has a balancing and revealing effect on the inner workings of your relationships. Balance and integrity are words that come to mind as you assess your interactions this week. You are holding yourself to higher standards these days. Your loyalty to yourself is of the utmost importance to you, and that is the foundation of how you present yourself to others. This is why you are often the one called on for advice. Everyone is feeling the introspection of the week, and you may be the one that people come to to aid their journey.

Gemini: This week the full moon in Scorpio in combination with the sun in Taurus puts two opposites in balance, which is something you are quite used to, Gemini. There is a merging of ideas and a realization that two opposite things can exist in harmony at the same time. During this full moon you may realize that your capacity for joy, sadness, wisdom, and naivete is infinite and that you can not truly comprehend something without also acquainting yourself with its inverse.  

Cancer: This week your ruler Moon waxes full in Scorpio in direct opposition to the sun in Taurus. A full moon in Scorpio has a way of bringing us fearlessly into our heaviest realizations. We may say to ourselves “nothing is forever,” and at first that might scare you or make you sad, but then when you turn it around in your mind a few times you may find that that same phrase can set you free. It may finally feel safe to loosen your grip on an idea or an illusion that has been doing nothing but causing confusion. Mars in your sign adds an edge to your vibe.

Leo: This week the full moon in Scorpio reminds you of your inner strength. There is an heir of raw emotions surrounding you, and your energy and aura are radiating warmth and magnetism in a way that some find attractive and others may find to be a bit too intense. But that’s ok: these sorts of vibes aren’t for the faint of heart. You are finally feeling ready to take a decisive action concerning a personal endeavor and you are more than prepared for whatever lies ahead on your journey. 

Virgo: The full moon in Scorpio this week brings intense emotions bubbling to the surface. There is now a willingness to make the changes you have been afraid to make. Now is a good time to set out parameters and boundaries in relationships, and you may find yourself and others more prepared to make commitments. There is a spiritual and mystical quality to all you do this week, and everyday occurrences may feel like signs from beyond. You are seeking deeper meaning and significance, and you may find yourself wandering the halls of the past and imagining the future in your mind.

Libra: The full moon in Scorpio has you enjoying your own company more than usual this week. Lately you feel exhausted from doing your best to not get swept up in the drama and opinions of others. You feel that you are being pulled in too many different directions and it can become overwhelming and frustrating. Stepping away from the social sphere for a day or two over the weekend can be enough time for you to listen to yourself and hear yourself think more clearly. 

Scorpio: The full moon in your sign and in opposition of the Sun in Taurus this week has a way of taking you for a ride. There is something you have been trying to conceal for the comfort of others and perhaps that is not fair to you. Your secretive nature can leave others out in the cold as they try to get close to you, but you only act so cool because you are truly, in fact, so warm, and sometimes a little too hot!

Sagittarius: The full moon in Scorpio points out the fact that you have been psychically and emotionally exhausting yourself in the pursuit of your success in work and relationships. There is a need to retreat into temporary solitude and tranquility. The timing is right to watch a dramatic movie and have a good cry to indulge in the wellspring of your sensitive side. In the outside world you are always doing your best to keep a professional distance with a smile painted on your face. There is no room for fakery beneath the Scorpio moon.

Capricorn: This week the full moon in Scorpio can point out some of the more challenging aspects of your romantic relationships and friendships. Luckily this full moon also gives you the energy to try to sort these things out as well. Under the observant and thoughtful influence of Scorpio our ideals and values are meant to be merged with our actions. It can be easy to feel discouraged but you are at the culmination point of weeks of rumination and effort. 

Aquarius: The full moon in Scorpio on the 26th can bring about personal revelations in terms of work, home life and romantic relationships. This is a good time to try something that scares you! Independence and motivation are highlighted throughout this transit, and it encourages us to forge ahead in bold ways despite and in spite of any hesitations. Sometimes we are trying to prevent ourselves from using our full strength and potential because we are afraid of our own power.

Pisces:  The full moon in Scorpio occurring on the 26th ignites our passion and creativity. This transit highlights our convictions and shows us where our loyalties lie. We may also be less likely to tolerate trespasses on our boundaries at this time, and your assertive energy may come in handy for sticking up for yourself or for someone else. Venus in your communication sector until the end of the month has you feeling more mentally involved in your romantic endeavors, and it becomes more about stimulating debates and conversations rather than just physical attraction. You want to know what makes your partner tick, what you have in common, and where you differ.