Horoscopes: March 19-25, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week on the 20th, it will be the astrological new year and the beginning of Aries season! The sun in your first house is not only a time for celebration but also of change and growth. This year is extra special as Venus follows suit on the 21st and enters Aries as well. This is a supercharged time for you to put your energy towards your personal goals, mental health and self esteem, but it is also an excellent wave of inspiration for relationships, you may be feeling the extra sparkle that it takes to put yourself out there.

Taurus: This week on the 21st your ruling planet Venus enters Aries. This fiery influence gives you a boost of energy that makes you just want to get things done so you can get some peace and a sense of accomplishment, but it can run a bit too hot at times and have you feeling anxious and impatient if you don’t stay focused. Your passion shows in ways that can be more obvious to others than to yourself. People admire your commitment. If you are presented with an opportunity to show your loyalty, make sure you are loyal to yourself first.

Gemini: This week, with two major planetary aspects moving into fiery Aries, you are feeling particularly independent and headstrong. Someone or something that you feel has been holding you back seems to mysteriously and also kindly get the heck out of your way. It can be hard to admit how impressionable we all are as human beings and perhaps now you realize you have been absorbing or mirroring some of the more negative aspects of your environment, but we both know that isn’t really your scene.

Cancer: This week, the heavy Mars and Aries influence in the atmosphere can have you feeling like shrinking back into your shell. It may be a good time to take a break since lately you have been going full steam ahead in terms of practical affairs and work. Shift that energy towards something gentler and more artistic if your work life has been wearing you out. The things that truly matter will naturally come into focus. Check yourself for self-limiting internal monologues. 

Leo: This week you are getting a clearer picture of who you can count on and who you can’t. Some people will be there to pick you up when you fall down, but will look upon you with jealousy and envy when you are succeeding. The sun and Venus convening in fellow fire sign Aries this week helps to ignite your keen senses and inspire you to be more assertive. Glossing over details gives people more time to step on your toes. The moon in your sign over the weekend compels you to share a secret you usually hide away in your heart. 

Virgo: This week, with Mars in the middle of your solar chart, you are feeling more comfortable with improvisation. You feel comfortable in the knowledge that not everything can go according to plan and you have to allow yourself to let the moment be your guide. While March comes to a close and Aries season begins, you feel that you are navigating from your center. Relationships can move in new or unexpected directions through this.

Libra: This week on the 20th the sin moves into your sister sign of Aries. This creates an energetic balance that moves you out into the world. You may be feeling more outgoing and focused on cultivating mutual connections. Surface level politeness is nice and all, but you are beginning to see the value in a little frankness here and there. Your ruling planet Venus follows suit and enters Aries the next day as well. Strap in for a bit of high octane entertainment in your intimate affairs. Here is where things have the potential to get interesting and you have the opportunity to get creative. 

Scorpio: This week the sun and Venus both move into fellow Mars-ruled Aries and it sets your heart ablaze. March is a month of romance and intrigue for you and you feel like you are being slowly defrosted; your icy demeanor warms up to reveal something soft and delicate beneath, but even further down in the layers is a will of steel and an almost frightening level of loyalty. Someone who is not afraid to look will certainly like what they see. 

Sagittarius: The home stretch of March is less about business and more about the pursuit of pleasure with both the Sun and Venus in your romance and recreation department. You may feel that it is time to go on a mental vacation in lieu of a literal vacation. Your social life and your artistic endeavors are highlighted through these transits, so make room for your interests and your emotions. 

Capricorn: This week the Sun and Venus convene in your family and home life sector. You may wish to focus your energy on cultivating a familiar and comfortable environment. Socializing may feel like even less of a priority than usual. The moon in your opposite house on Tuesday and Wednesday highlights your artistic side. A quiet evening at home with a creative project is especially satisfying. You discover that you don’t have to travel very far for the knowledge or experiences that you are seeking. 

Aquarius: This week the Sun and Venus in your communication sector has people naturally drawn to your unique and charming energy. People may be seeking your insight or advice this week. You learn more and more how simply being yourself reaps the biggest rewards and gets you where you need to go; anything less is just a waste of time. Your uncensored self is a bold choice but it is also the right choice. The end of March has you really appreciating the people close to you who affirm this theory.

Pisces: This week we sadly bid farewell to Pisces season as the sun makes its shift into Aries on the 20th. We start fresh with the astrological new year. However, the end of March is a culmination of all of your effort and hardwork and that’s something to celebrate. People are asking for a lot of your time and energy this week at home and at work because they know how capable you are. Yare happy to oblige because you like to be needed, but be sure to keep track of how many things are tacking up on your to-do list.

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