Horoscopes: Feb. 26 – March 4, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The full moon in Virgo on the 27th brings practical and material ambitions into focus. It’s a good time to throw out things that you don’t use that have been taking up space, or to get something nice for yourself that can make your life a little easier. It could be worth it. Your ruling planet Mars enters Gemini on March 3rd providing a welcome boost of mental energy, the other side of this coin is that it may be hard to focus on one thing at a time, you might catch yourself flitting from subject to subject, dozens of tabs open on your browser.

Taurus: The full moon in fellow earth sign Virgo on the 27th has you feeling rather at home. It’s a good time to reflect on your accomplishments, and there are a lot of them whether you think so or not. After the full moon’s enlivening energy you may be motivated to try something new or to start a project that you have been tossing around in your mind for a while. Your ruling planet Venus in Pisces has you feeling rather abstract in the romance department. You may be more comfortable just seeing where things take you. You are compelled to speak in poetry.

Gemini: The full moon in Virgo on the 27th gets your gears turning. You are full of curious and mercurial energy and you may feel like starting a little trouble since you have such excess energy, not all trouble is bad, so try to make it fun for everyone involved at least. This carries through the week and has you feeling outgoing, optimistic and playful. Mars in your first house starting mid week highlights your more competitive side in regards to personal achievements, and it may be tempting to make comparisons and to be judgemental of yourself and others. 

Cancer: The full moon in Virgo on the 27th highlights your home life and familial relationships. There is space for gratitude, affection, and meaningful connection. Transparent conversation surrounding, wants, needs, and love languages can be particularly fruitful at this time. Venus in Pisces imparts a dreamy quality to your love life, and new crushes and shared daydreams are possible if you are looking for that kind of thing. Mars in Gemini can add an anxious antsy energy to things midweek. Be careful not to rush things.

Leo: The full moon in Virgo on the 27th creates a dynamic array of opportunities in your professional and career sector. Applying for jobs, putting yourself out there and networking can begin to pay off at this time. You are looking at the bigger picture and long term goals under this tactical earth sign transit. Venus in Pisces adds depth and sincerity to your romantic endeavors. There can be profound connections and a sense of letting go of one’s reservations regarding love and relationships. Could be embarrassing in a rather liberating way.

Virgo: The full moon in your sign on the 27th puts your best foot forward in regards to self realization and actualization. Your passions connect to the more practical sphere of your life and you may reflect on how well you have acclimated to a new or uncertain challenge. People see your hard work and adaptability, and your cool demeanor inspires those around you. Mars in Gemini lights a fire under your imagination and the creativity flows from an unexpected source. You find something new in a place that you have visited hundreds of times.

Libra: The full moon in Virgo on the 27th sets you on a newly reinvigorated course that has the potential to take things in a new and different direction. You may discover that you want some privacy and time to reflect this week. You are feeling pensive and reflective, and this can be hard to balance with your usually more social inclinations. Your ruling planet Venus in watery Pisces adds to this a tendency to drift off and daydream more this week. It’s a reflex you should indulge in, as imagination can be a source of great healing.

Scorpio: The full moon in Virgo on the 27th occurs in your social sector. You have really been feeling the love from others lately, and it has defrosted your icy little heart. It’s a good time to accept the challenge of verbally expressing your affections. This moon brings up a lot of feelings. Mars in Gemini sharpens your mental energy to a point and you may become laser focused on something that interests you as you feel an innate drive to complete the things you start, as you are not a fan of loose ends on any account.

Sagittarius:  The full moon in Virgo on the 27th is one of breakthroughs and realizations. There is light shed on a situation and it may become clear who can be counted on and who cannot be counted on. Mars in Gemini adds an edge to your communication sector, and it may be difficult not to come off as harsh when you say things that needed to be said, but perhaps the point is not to sugar coat things these days, anyway.

Capricorn: The full moon in Virgo on the 27th highlights your need to branch out and feel more like a part of the world, since lately you have been even more reclusive than usual. All this alone time can make the interpersonal parts of your brain feel a little rusty from underuse, so perhaps you can try reaching out to someone instead of waiting for someone else to do it first. Mars in Gemini ignites a spark in your creative sector, and you may excel or find fulfillment in art and music in a way that aligns with your vision.

Aquarius: The full moon in Virgo on the 27th can show you where there are power imbalances in your personal and professional relationships. Energy, time and resources may shift to new areas. Venus in Pisces adds a carefree and somewhat chaotic element to your romance and love-life sector. You value someone who just lets you do your thing, and you just want to watch someone do their own thing. Mutual respect of each other’s quirks and eccentricities is centered as the foundation of like and love.

Pisces: The full moon in Virgo on the 27th occurs in your opposite house, turning things upside down in a good way. Realizations and revelations occur around your relationships sector. You may be strengthening your connection with a current partner or getting to know someone new in a rather profound and unconventional way. Venus in your first house only furthers this romantic vibe as you learn more about what you truly want out of your love-life, be sure to let your lovers know what you find out, since they probably aren’t psychic.