Horoscopes: Feb. 19 -25, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Conflicts and resolutions make an ebb and flow of this week’s waters. The sun shifts into your neighboring sign of Pisces on the 18th and highlights the more subconscious and emotional sectors of your solar chart. The next four weeks have the potential to provide much soul searching. On the 20th, Mercury returns station in Aquarius bringing a close to the uncertainty and absurdity of Mercury retrograde. Road blocks may clear and solutions may begin to make themselves more apparent.

Taurus: The weekend begins anew with the sun in the sign of Pisces, beginning a month long period of spiritual balancing, reconciling the dark and light, and endings and beginnings as we approach the vernal equinox. Priorities realign and work gets back on schedule as the chaotic resonance subsides. You can look forward to a more clear headed approach to the week and feel more assured in the steps you choose to take. Your ruling planet Venus enters watery Pisces on the 25th, and you may find yourself surrendering to your sincerest sentiments. 

Gemini: The end of February changes course for the better when your ruling planet Mercury ends its retrograde and goes station in the thoughtful sign of Aquarius. This means scheduling and communication go back online and your mental fog dissipates. The Sun’s move into Pisces this week increases spiritual energy and highlights compassion, forgiveness, and renewal. We learn to see beauty in unexpected places, and to radically accept some of the grittier aspects of the human experience. We can get our hands dirty with a fearless love of life. 

Cancer: The sun makes a move into the fellow water sign of Pisces on the 19th, highlighting your inner world. This can bring about a wave of creativity and open expression but also a bout of private introspection, maybe with a side helping of moping around a bit as well. Mental roadblocks and obstacles concerning practical goals may seem to simply melt away. Insight on an old personal issue comes to light, but you may not even feel the need to concern yourself with it beyond a private feeling of closure. A weight is lifted.

Leo: This final week of a month long visit from Venus to your partnership sector probably saw a complete overhaul of your relationship department. You may be wondering how things changed so much in such a short amount of time. The sun makes its annual move into Pisces on Friday and you are inspired to see the spiritual significance even in the most mundane things. With Mercury finally ending it’s retrograde period, you are ready to celebrate and enjoy whatever it is you discover.

Virgo: Your ruling planet Mercury helps you breathe a sigh of relief as it ends its retrograde period safely in thoughtful and observant Aquarius. Things resume to their regularly scheduled program, and work and travel issues resolve with less struggle. The sun enters your opposite sign of Pisces and can be a balancing influence on your worldview, inspiring you to be less judgemental of yourself and others in favor of patience and understanding. Venus in your routine sector helps you to prioritize comfort in your daily life. 

Libra: Now that Mercury has ended it’s retrograde you feel better equipped to have a tough conversation. Mars in your fifth house highlights a need for conflict and resolution in a way that is blunt yet also fair, so it may be time to hold fast and tell it like it is while also accepting that someone else may want to do the same. Hold some space for that. The sun’s move into the water sign of Pisces highlights your need for quiet reflection as we move closer to the vernal equinox. 

Scorpio: This week you are finding a way to balance your self protective nature and your passionate approach to relationships. You have been known to run rather hot and cold but these days you seek to stay pleasantly warm in a more even manner. The sun’s shift into the fellow water sign of Pisces helps you rediscover just how strong your mental and emotional flexibility as a water sign is. You can twist and turn to flow down into any shape that is required from a situation, but you can also erode an obstacle of  solid stone with your persistence. 

Sagittarius: Mars in your communication sector gives you the confidence to really put yourself out there this week. You are not being boastful, but you’re here to show people what you have been working on and you are enjoying that sense of accomplishment. Where before you were feeling short on time and energy, there is a sense of abundance and gratitude. The sun in Pisces for the next four weeks puts an emphasis on your dreams and your more fanciful desires. Your curiosity and imagination are key components of wellness.

Capricorn: Mercury ends it’s month-long retrograde this week and finds a comfortable place in thoughtful and observant Aquarius. You become less concerned with where you are in comparison to those around you, and you can see yourself more clearly without the fog of judgment and reservation looming about. The sun in Pisces for the next four weeks inspires you to try new things in your style and creativity sector, and it can be easier to let your eccentricities out for some playtime. 

Aquarius: Mercury ends its retrograde this week and returns to a regular orbit in your first house. This helps you to regroup and take stock, highlighting your mental focus and practical resources. You feel like you can move forward with more assurance and can begin to feel the satisfaction in your work. Your determination is noteworthy through the remainder of February and you are looking forward to the vernal equinox with optimism and curiosity. The big picture can’t come into view fast enough.

Pisces: The Sun enters your sign on Saturday and it feels like a personal New Year’s celebration as people gravitate towards you and appreciate your more nuanced qualities. Whether you think so or not, your compassion and empathy is shown in even your most mundane words and actions, and it is truly radical. Now is a good time to spare some of that energy for yourself as well. You see the beauty in places and things where others have simply averted their gazes. On the 25th, Venus also enters your sign, highlighting the themes of self love and validation.