Horoscopes: Jan. 29 – Feb. 4, 2021

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: This week sees Mercury turn retrograde in Aquarius for just under a month. Your outlook is optimistic but your social skills are just slightly off. Certain things may just not be grooving or clicking for the time being. There may be contradictions and frustrations involving transportation and time management; this is your reminder to take it in stride. Venus, the planet of love, moves into the sign of Aquarius on February 1. You are attracted by the unconventional and the taboo. Themes in our relationships can become more experimental under this transit’s spell.

Taurus: Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius this month and continues for just under a month. There is a vague anxiety in your day to day and you may be worrying that you aren’t “doing enough” to make your plans move forward. But in reality you are just doing what you can and trying your best. Your ruling planet Venus moves into Aquarius as well. You may be feeling increasingly interested in the esoteric and the intellectual this month. If something doesn’t hold your curiosity it probably won’t hold your interest very long either.

Gemini: Your ruling planet Mercury makes a month long visit to retrograde in Aquarius. This can throw off the vibe for sure. It may be hard to focus or to get your point across in a timely manner due to this temporary funk; be patient with yourself! Meanwhile, Venus in Aquarius adds a certain level of the strange and mysterious to your love life, which can be synonymous with excitement and intrigue. It’s an ideal time to branch out. You may discover some new things about yourself.

Cancer: Mercury’s month long retrograde in Aquarius starts this week, so expect delays. Things are just a little more fuzzy and uncertain during retrograde periods. Be sure not to make any big decisions for the time being if it can be avoided. Meanwhile Venus, the planet of love, moves into heady Aquarius as well. During this time you feel both unconventional and egalitarian about your relationships, the borders of which may be shifting and changing naturally. You want to build with others who share your core values and prize fairness, transparency, and of course a dash of weirdness.

Leo: Don’t get too down on yourself if you’re feeling off this week, Mercury turning retrograde in Aquarius may leave you feeling like there just isn’t enough time in the day for all of the things you want to accomplish. Others may seem short on energy as well and this can make you feel short on patience. Venus accompanies Mercury with a visit to Aquarius to kick off the month of February. You want to harbor teamwork and freedom in platonic as well as romantic relationships. Independence and interdependence feel especially important. You may also be introduced to some new ideas or a new person that innovates your days to come.

Virgo: Your ruling planet Mercury makes its unfortunate yet inevitable turn to retrograde for just under a month starting this week, so don’t be surprised if things just don’t seem to be going according to plan. Make extra time for the repair of technical difficulties. On the plus side of things, Venus, the planet of love, moves into Aquarius on February 1, and some of your best attributes have the opportunity to shine through in this department. You are feeling more prepared to see things from multiple perspectives in your relationships. The more unconventional sides of those close to you may begin to reveal themselves, and you’re all ears since the best way to your heart is through your mind. 

Libra: Mercury retrograde messes with the program this week. Try to allot extra time for commuting and backing up your files, folks! We know the drill by now. Avoid signing any long term contracts for a few weeks if you can. In other more intriguing news, your ruling planet Venus moves into Aquarius and spices up your relationships sector, more than ever you want to view your partners not just as lovers but as good friends. You seek out people who share your hopes and values to connect with. The experimental and esoteric side of life may also have an unusual appeal during this time.

Scorpio: Despite the vague chaos of Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius, you feel like you are the eye of the storm. You are stressed because everyone around you seems so stressed, but technically you’re fine. There’s something about this you’ve seen before, and you can handle it. Despite the static, Venus makes a shift into heady Aqaurius as well and it can inspire some interesting developments in your partnership sector. You may be feeling more open than usual about what you want and where you want things to be heading. There is no doubt that you can be a decisive person, but sharing your conclusions with others can sometimes be the hard part. Here’s your chance!

Sagittarius: Mercury retrograde in Aquarius starts this week so you may have to drop some of your perfectionist tendencies for the time being. Things are just gonna be how they are sometimes, and fussing over it may not yield much result. Venus in Aquarius starts on the first of the month and gives you some of that freedom of movement and independence that you love so much in the relationship department. Your interactions feel more dynamic and subject to change under this influence. You are feeling quite frank these days.

Capricorn: There is a sense that things are on hold this week as Mercury begins it’s three week retrograde period, and it may take a little getting used to but it may also work to your advantage as a time to slow down and take a breather! Venus also pays a visit to the sign of Aquarius starting on the first of February, and this has a positive influence on your relationship sector. There is an emphasis on common goals and mutual respect under this aspect. Conversations are intriguing and productive and you feel more inclined to share in candid ways.

Aquarius: There are some major planetary aspects occurring in your sign this week so it’s all eyes on you! The sun still in your first house puts an emphasis on your personal goals. You are making leaps and bounds in things you have been putting your energy into. Mercury goes retrograde in your first house and can put a few speed bumps on the road, but with a little faith you will certainly see it through. Venus enters your sign on February first and opens up a world of possibility in the relationship and romance department. Venus in Aquarius is an ideal time to try new approaches to love and to lead with your wilder side. 

Pisces: If it feels like time is working against you it may have something to do with Mercury beginning it’s 3-week stay in retrograde in Aquarius. Consider this your sign to slow down and unplug when you can. This is not an ideal time for forcing things into the shapes we think they should be.  Venus also pays a visit to Aqaurius this week but for the better, its influence creates a delightfully eccentric and eclectic energy in our relationship and romance sectors. This is an ideal time to speak your mind, try new things, and prioritize independence in your partnerships.