Aries: The moon in your sign gives the weekend a jumpstart for you, as you are feeling quite like yourself. You may want to focus this energy on some self healing. Whether that’s mental, physical or spiritual is for you to decide. The sun in Aquarius this week also places emphasis on community and living by your beliefs and pursuing your ideals in life. This solar placement influences your 11th house, the house that rules collectives, society, friends and dreams. Relationships may feel slightly removed or professional at this time but they share common goals and enriching interests.

Taurus: The moon in your sign on the 24th-25th has you craving comfort and retreat more than anything. There is a retiring sort of energy to the week and you may wish to spend it in quiet contemplation. You don’t want to waste time and effort on anything that doesn’t feel 100% necessary or urgent at the moment, so choose to keep it simple and practical. Your good senses draw you towards simplicity, and people appreciate your low-key vibe. You are currently extra sensitive to the feelings of those around you. This factors heavily into your plans. 

Gemini: The moon is in your sign on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so these are days to pay particular attention to. This compliments the sun in Aquarius nicely and increases mental focus, it’s a good 48 hours to participate in activities that require some extra brain power. Studying, learning and connecting with your community are highlighted through this week’s transits. Your more philosophical side shines through. Friendships may begin or strengthen with conversations about personal beliefs, theology, or politics. 

Cancer: This week your creativity and curiosity are the driving forces that motivate you. Completing a project or buying a new house plant might be in order. In your social sector, Mercury highlights a desire for reconnection with someone who you havent spoken to in a while. It may be good to let someone know you haven’t forgotten about them. We are all just so easily distracted these days! They are probably going through the same thing.

Leo: This week the urge to overshare may be strong for you, check in on a tendency to disregard someone’s boundaries regarding a potential TMI situation. Switching the subject abruptly onto yourself can send the message that you don’t care to listen and that you simply wait your turn to speak. Unless that’s your intended message, you might want to dial it back and check in if someone is prepared to change the topic to something heavier. 

Virgo: You are feeling confident and focused this week. You take a chance at doing your own thing and it pans out better than you expected despite any anxious trepidation you may have had. In general, you are feeling more in control and capable since Uranus has gone direct, and you may be using this energy in a business like or enterprising fashion. People may be taking an interest in your latest endeavor and looking to see if they can get involved.

Libra: This week there is favorable energy concerning matters of the heart. If there is anything you have been holding off on putting on the table now may be the time to bring it up. Letting some of your guard down can be quite surprising to those around you and can help you get unstuck from this rut that you have gotten yourself into. The full moon on the 28th sheds light on many concealed notions

Scorpio: It’s tough, but you may need to humble yourself a little. You are so used to having to figure things out on your own and having to roll up your sleeves and learn as you go. This week is more about listening to what others have to say; they may have the information that you have been seeking. Being a quiet observer this week has some unexpected results. There is no need to pretend to be more certain than you are. Nobody knows everything.

Sagittarius: Check yourself before falling into the old patterns you have fought so hard to escape from. You may be feeling tense due to having so many factors up in the air at the moment. This week, as the moon waxes and becomes full on the 28th, you may begin to have a clearer, more certain vision of your path. You are a person who knows what they want. Insight from a friend can be of great value to you at this time and help you to balance the extremes that you have been swinging between. 

Capricorn: Although the sun has left your first house and entered Aquarius for the next four weeks, you learned a great deal and gained a lot of momentum during Capricorn season. You are feeling particularly optimistic and ready for a challenge. Your confidence attracts new opportunities. There is a feeling that you are building something new from the ground up and starting with a solid foundation, and you feel that you can take your time tailoring it to your vision. In your partnerships, you are seen as a stabilizing and inspiring figure.

Aquarius: Emotions feel intense this week as the moon moves towards fullness on the 28th. There is a sense of frustration at your obligations this week as you have been focusing on one single point straight ahead of you lately. Do your best to avoid behaving rashly. Despite this, the sun in your first house this week highlights your creative side and your unique personality. You will spend most of Aquarius season shining like a diamond. You experience success and fulfillment when you connect and focus on teamwork.

Pisces: You are digging deeper into your own subconscious as the moon reaches its fullness this week. You are feeling more private and meditative than usual. There may be a particular project or task that you are feeling stuck on. You might draw inspiration from an unlikely source when you stray from the usual path. As someone who can really get stuck in a certain groove, the source will help you look in a different direction. The full moon will help to remove any road blocks, but may also aggravate your flair for the dramatics.