Aries: Uranus ends it’s 5 month retrograde at the top of the week, highlighting a bold energy that creates change and mixes things up. You may find yourself approaching each day from a different angle, feeling rebellious, and maybe even being somewhat unpredictable. We all have that one person in our lives that we enjoy stirring the pot with; it can be tempting to engage in arguments and debates but you should do your best to resist. It will be a fruitless contest even if it is slightly invigorating for an Aries such as yourself!

Taurus: This week feels random and somewhat chaotic, but in a vague and general sort of way that makes it hard to find a reason or a solution. This can be difficult for you since you like to stay on the practical side of things. Find a flow that suits your moment to moment needs. Too much planning ahead may prove pointless when everyone else keeps changing their course. This can be a good opportunity to keep a more open mind. Nevertheless you are awake and alert and can form better connections with the folks around you. 

Gemini: Uranus ending it’s 5 month retrograde period brings a fresh spark of inspiration to you this week. It may also bring about some impulsive or restless energy that needs to be tempered. You feel like looking ahead as January progresses, you simply wish to let go of the past and settle some old scores or pay off a debt that seems to loom large. You crave a sense of independence. There may also be some good news on the way in regards to finances or other ways to facilitate your goals. 

Cancer: This week and through the remainder of January, the overarching theme is release. You long to feel freed from reservations and resentments that you have formed in the past. You are more in the spirit to branch out, find community and friends, and try new things. It’s important for you to feel busy this week, as you may find your idle mind getting stuck in negative cycles. Power dynamics in existing relationships may be shifting in unexpected ways but this may lead to some interesting breakthroughs. 

Leo: Uranus ending it’s 5 month retrograde period stops the spinning but still leaves you feeling dizzy this week, you may be tempted to wander into a situation without having all the information, but we know deep down that is not really your style. Your problem solving skills in a personal matter shine through as you smooth over some rough edges in your inner circle. This is an ideal time to gain equilibrium in general. Trust that you are flexible enough to fit into most scenarios. 

Virgo: Uranus turning direct after a long retrograde period turns your mind toward matters of the spirit and soul. You want to get your inner life on a different track this week. January is also an ideal month for romance, there may be someone who secretly wants to get to know you on a more meaningful level. Branching out and sharing your thoughts can be especially well received. Be cautious of spreading yourself too thin; you have a lot going on and the options can feel overwhelming and leave you feeling stuck.

Libra: Uranus turning station after 5 months in retrograde creates a more conducive atmosphere for matters of the heart. You are discovering deeper parts of your identity this month and revealing new aspects of yourself to those close to you. January is a month of unusual optimism amid an otherwise bleak looking landscape. There is a hidden resolve to the things you do. There can be clarification in an area that you have been feeling stuck.

Scorpio: January is helping you unlock the warmer, more inviting aspects of your personality. Others may note that you are more openly loving, although you have always been a discreetly yet deeply caring individual. It becomes easier to make that more obvious. Your communication skills are being dusted off and getting a shiny new coat of paint. Not to worry though, your reserve is still part of your charm. 

Sagittarius: Breaking old patterns is the most important goal to chase this week. Self sabotage is real, and perhaps you are afraid of your own unbridled power. Think about it! You are so close to something you have been dreaming of, and the final step can be the hardest. Even positive things can cause their own kind of stress. Trust your instincts and let the wind take your sails.

Capricorn: Uranus turns station after 5 months of a messy and confusing retrograde. This can feel odd for a few days as you adjust, but it has a positive impact on your finances, schooling, and home life sector. New resources may become available and new insights may be gained this week and throughout the rest of January. You are prepared to calmly get your priorities in order and rid yourself of the guilt that has been keeping you down and making you feel like you are wading through mud. 

Aquarius: Life begins to feel more beautiful on a cellular level this week. You are appreciating the small, subtle things and are becoming less picky about where the day takes you. Your ruling planet goes station after 5 month in retrograde, clearing up a fog of irritability and tunnel vision which may have been driving those close to you quietly crazy. Everybody wins! The 14th and 15th are especially high energy days for you this week with the moon in your first house. 

Pisces: There may be a tendency towards impulsivity or reactiveness this week that could require some checking. Your interests are all over the place this week as well, and it will be important to divide your time accordingly. The journey is sometimes more fulfilling than the destination, so take the time to stop and smell the roses at some point during your day. Your diverse skills and interests may get you noticed soon in a professional or academic setting. The moon in your sign on the 16th and 17th puts you in the spotlight and shows off the finer points of your style.