Aries: Aspects with your ruling planet Mars favor a more outgoing approach this week, you may be seeking a platform on which to display your skills, talents, or abilities. You are thinking more about your reputation and social persona. There may be networking opportunities or pathways that lead you out of your shell. You are always fine being solo and just doing your own thing, but sometimes it’s good to know someone is hearing you and seeing you in a way that feels true.

Taurus: This week hones your decision making skills. You feel ready to tackle tough questions in a clear-headed and mature way thanks to Mars’ influence on your on the top of your solar chart. You are acting from your center. The contents of the deeper layers of your past experiences surface to serve you in unexpected ways. Watch out for intense moments, check your temper, and express yourself in a productive manner. Not all of these feelings may be pleasant but your strength is apparent. 

Gemini: This is a week of rest and preparation for you. You have recently been inundated with information and emotions. Even though New Years was at the beginning of the month, you can choose to punctuate time however you see fit. Time is an illusion anyway, right? Prioritizing relaxing and pleasant affairs doesn’t make you lazy or bad. Winter can feel slow and drawn out, but it also sends us the message that we need to slow down. Save the leaps and bounds for spring. It’s only natural.

Cancer: This week puts the spotlight on your relationships, you really want to nurture them and see them flourish. You have been putting your best foot forward in intimate affairs. Mars in your social sector gives you the fuel to do the work. You seek to be met halfway and matched in effort. You feel strongly compelled to be closer to others in candid and meaningful ways, you share new sides of yourself and ask thought provoking questions in conversation. 

Leo: This week you want to keep things simple, you want to accomplish things in as few steps as possible. You have recently set some goals for yourself that involve subtracting rather than adding. Perhaps it is cleaning out your closet or quitting a habit that no longer suits you. You get a burst of optimism and enthusiasm that arrives just in time to brighten up the doldrums that you have been aimlessly wandering through.

Virgo: Mars and Venus in harmony with your sign makes a lasting impression on you and has you feeling inspired and warm. This energy can be poured into any aspect of your life that needs a bit of dusting off. You are feeling more bold and willing to share your opinions. Your openness is charming to those who seek to understand you. Artistic and creative pursuits take flight in unique ways that are completely signature and in your distinct one of a kind style. 

Libra: You no longer wish to be confined to the standards of others, and you seek a deep personal change. This week, personal fulfillment is found in being recognized for your unique skill set. Being asked to advise or assist in something in your wheelhouse really lights you up. There is a sense of connection in being able to share your knowledge. It can be healing to showcase our strengths or to have them feel put to their best use. Libra, you are always an original character! Don’t compare yourself to others.

Scorpio: Mars in your partnership sector heats things up, maybe a little too much for your liking. It can be hard for you to open up in this department. Most of the time, you put your energy into caring about such matters as little as possible in order to avoid being hurt. This may be part of an illusion that can rob us of interesting and valuable experiences. You have a desire to engage in a more meaningful way or to turn up the intensity. Venus in your communication sector means that words and conversations can bring this dream into reality. Try actually telling somebody what you are feeling.

Sagittarius: You get a glimpse of the freedom that you so often desire and strive for. It doesn’t feel quite how you expected, though. The wide open space can feel overwhelming from a certain perspective and the possibilities to choose from can feel endless. This is a good thing; this is the nature of infinity! In the following weeks of January you get to start fresh and really choose your own adventure.  Mars in your spirituality sector helps you expand your energy into all corners. 

Capricorn: Mars in a positive aspect with your sign gets you in touch with your more ardent forms of expression this week. You want to feel closer and more engaged with people, or to try new things in your relationships. You feel ready to put yourself out there. Venus in your sign adds sparkle and pizzaz to your aura, and people will be rather endeared to you throughout the month. There is a sense of being “awake” in your day to day affairs.

Aquarius: The whole month of January feels busy to you. You have put a lot of things on your plate recently. Your hyper focus on the details can get in the way of your regular routine. There is excess energy that needs to be tempered with self awareness. Selfishness isn’t necessarily a bad thing in small doses, but be cautious of taking this theme too far. Mercury in your sign this week can help you clear your tunnel vision. When someone you trust has some input, be sure to consider it sincerely. 

Pisces: Mars moves into your communication sector this week. This creates a free flow of conversation and connection. Grudges you have been reluctant to let go of can be released within the span of a chat on the phone. You are feeling quite enterprising and bold in your daily affairs and are ready to break a few eggs to make an omelette, as they say. You feel inspired to pour your mental energy into your goals. There is a sense of ease in your actions though you have been doing a lot of work lately.