What’s on your mind?


There are times, like many people, that I’ll find myself with writer’s block.  At those times I turn to my Facebook friends and ask what they’d like me to muse on. Here’s a selection of what people wanted to discuss.

Rick Lombardo is thinking about what is on all our minds: the vaccine. The debate about the vaccine was caused by Trump’s interference attempts to use it as a political tool. The fact that there are numerous vaccines from numerous countries, and that two of those companies made clear that they would not allow Trump to change their testing of the vaccine or attend this week’s White House vaccine summit, shows their alliance with science rather than politics. While it is not for me to suggest what you should do, Jason and I are both taking the vaccine, and I’d strongly suggest you do as well.

Carol Fritz suggested that our country needs to do a better job of educating its people. Many do not understand our political system and how elections work. Many simply believe all the disinformation floating around about Covid-19. I think that has happened mostly because we have had a President who is a pathological liar. Since we can’t trust him. our trust in all the institutions in government and all the issues that government touches are suspect to his lies.  This hopefully will change on January 20th.

Nathan Osburn understood this when he said that we must be better media consumers. We need to learn how to parse good, verifiable information with gossip or slander or just plain lies. We also need to understand how media is biased, especially as it relates to coverage of Trump.

Many people asked about the holiday season and how it will affect members of the LGBT community, especially those who will be isolated or feel alone. If you’re a follower of this column you might recall that each year I do a column on that subject. Even with Covid the issues are the same, but are compounded due to quarantine. Don’t allow yourself to be alone. In this day of the internet there is no reason to be, unless you want it.  There are community zoom get togethers and organizations holding all types of events online that you could join in on, even anonymously. There is also free counseling available too. Pick up a phone and call a friend even a long lost one. And if you still feel cut off from the world, join Jason and I on our daily 2 pm Facebook live steam. You have options, but it’s up to you to try and get out of your shell.  

To those who have lost someone close to them this year, we share your feelings of grief. Time will ease the hurt, and the future will hopefully bring warmth and recollection of the good memories over the bad.

There are many other issues that can go under this category: food insecurity, unemployment and illness. Like others, I don’t have all the answers, but like many I have hope for the new year, and I belief that a new administration will bring about change and give us trust and hope once again.

One last comment: Michael-Sean Foster wrote about the holiday season and our community celebrating our achievements.  That’s important. Stay positive and look back on the great events in your life, and use that as a base for the future.  There is always a future, and for the most part, it is what you make of it.