Aries:  This week you occupy yourself with tasks at hand. Problem solving and DIY fixes are a healthy distraction for you as you have an excess of energy that requires focusing. Venus entering Scorpio on the 21st adds a layer of no nonsense to approaches in relationships in the upcoming weeks ahead. You can begin to appreciate loyalty and consistency over anything else. The superficial fades away. You may be holding yourself to a higher standard these days as well since you really value the idea of getting what you give. The sun entering your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius mid-week boosts optimism, generosity, and curiosity. 

Taurus: Venus in Scorpio this week is the aspect that makes the headlines! This transit highlights your relationship sector and asks you some big questions. You gain insight and self awareness, as a light is shone on the areas that you have been neglecting in your love life. It could be that you have a tendency to people please, use selective hearing, or avoid confrontation even when it could be productive. Start being more honest with yourself. This is a placement that values loyalty, devotion and consistency. It knows that beauty is only skin deep, it’s not content with flings or relationships of convenience.

Gemini: The sun moves into your partnership sector on the 21st, highlighting the fact that you thrive on cooperation and teamwork. Seek to engage in novel ways: take a zoom class, volunteer your time, reach out to someone who you have always wanted to get to know but have been too shy or too busy to do so. Venus makes a shift into Scorpio and adds layers of nuance to our relationships, and more than ever we see how the company we keep can drag us down or lift us up. Perhaps we are no longer content to just be along for the ride.

Cancer: The sun in your financial sector has you thinking about things in a more practical way, you seek stability and are taking a more serious approach to work, business, and spending. You are no longer content to undervalue yourself and your time. Your attitude may turn around in unexpected ways this week. Venus in Scorpio can inspire a need for independence and alone time. This transit can make us see what areas in our life we no longer wish to compromise for the sake of a relationship. There can be a fine line between being understanding and being a doormat sometimes. 

Leo: This week can be a breakthrough in navigating your many moods, after a rough patch you seem to resurface with a more spirited and expressive energy. The universe may close one door as another opens. Venus in Scorpio can bring out some jealous or possessive tendencies that need to be examined and addressed. Issues around control may come up, and it’s important to allow yourself to feel these feelings but not act on them. Acceptance makes peace. Don’t be afraid of your own shadow.

Virgo: The Jupiter-Pluto alignment occuring in the lower half of your solar chart influences growth, change and aging. This can mark the progress you have been making and show you that things only get better with age. You may notice how dramatically different your lifestyle nowadays is versus a few years ago. Your values and ideals have shifted drastically. Meanwhile Venus in Scorpio asks you to be honest about what you want out of your romantic relationships, since that may have changed as well. You may find yourself wanting to end something that you feel you have outgrown, or start to take something in a more serious direction.

Libra: Thanks to Venus in Scorpio for the next few weeks, you feel more attracted to the mysterious or the unconventional than ever before.The shallow and the ephemeral just doesn’t  have the appeal that it used to. You seek death and spirituality in your relationships these days, and you’re judging people less and less for their choices as you widen your perspective. The sun in your communication sector can give you a boost of social energy, and people will be happy to hear from you now that you have come out of hiding.

Scorpio: Venus in your solar first house is getting you noticed big time. During the upcoming weeks you may find that people are reaching out to you, asking you for your opinion on matters, and wondering what you have to say. The attention can be both rewarding and overwhelming. With Scorpio season coming to a close you feel like you have begun a new chapter in terms of work, finance, and wellness. This week highlights your artistic and romantic side. Someone unexpected should be given a chance during this transit. 

Sagittarius: The sun enters your solar first house at the start of the week, highlighting your personal sector, especially in regards to confidence, values and long term goals. You reach towards the unconventional, the non-conformist, and the downright strange in the upcoming weeks and you feel less apologetic about it than ever. Venus in Scorpio trims away the excess in terms of relationships and dating. If someone isn’t adding to your experience it means they are subtracting. You seek meaningful connections and individuals who share a common goal with you.

Capricorn: Anxiety and procrastination can become a self perpetuating cycle. This is a good week to practice letting go of the things beyond our control. The closing weeks of November are an ideal time for retreat and reflection for you, Capricorn. Venus in Scorpio has you feeling particularly selective about your inner circle and romantic partnerships. Less is more these days when it comes to conversations, and you seem to have done away with small talk altogether.

Aquarius: Finance and personal logistics take the front seat this week and any obstacles you have been experiencing in this department have the potential to resolve. Your mood is more outgoing and optimistic and people find your presence refreshing. Venus in Scorpio over the next few weeks adds more depth to your relationships as you continue to seek out healthy more balanced relationships and gain insight and self awareness about where you have been and where you want to go. You seek worthy pursuits. There may also be a surprise gift or some sort of assistance coming your way this week.

Pisces: Recently you have been too overly distracted with work, school, or daily chores to pursue any of your hobbies. Venus in Scorpio highlights your mental energy sector and makes it an ideal time to channel your energy into creative activities that you find personally rewarding. During this transit you may also be less inclined to compromise in terms of romantic relationships, and the element of self sacrifice becomes increasingly less appealing as time goes on. Your boundaries are growing stronger, your priorities are coming into focus.