Aries: Mercury directly entering Scorpio this week has you throwing yourself into something that you care about very wholeheartedly. Devotion and dedication are thematic for you for the entire month of November. You can tend to have a one track mind lately. You may seem to be dreaming things into existence because your thoughts are so powerful. Things are looking up as multiple planets end their retrogrades. Focus and decisiveness prevail. Matters around money or romance that have been causing stress can see positive changes.

Taurus: Significant moves forward are made throughout the month of November for you, Taurus. Your personal life comes into focus and your relationship sector is highlighted this week. Reaching out to people you have not spoken to in a while can prove to be insightful and heartwarming and come at the perfect time to combat the bleakness of the shorter days and longer nights that come with the season. Jupiter and Pluto form a conjunction in your ninth house, the house of philosophy, and through this you may feel compelled to explore your spiritual or religious side. Perspectives and elements from unlikely schools of thought can be woven into your own.

Gemini: This week, with your ruling planet out of retrograde, you seek detail oriented organization. Your mental clarity and your senses sharpen and you feel back on track, and this can motivate you throughout the month. Venus in your art and romance sector brings warm and enchanting energy into your creative pursuits and your romantic endeavors. There is more attention to play than to work this week, and it’s nothing you should feel guilty about.

Cancer: Things that you have been putting on the back burner can suddenly come to the forefront as a priority. Mercury directly entering scorpio brings clarity and focus to personal affairs, and communication with those close to you can be more organic and inviting. There may be a long to-do list at work this week as people feel that you can handle the responsibility. Patience and confidence work hand in hand this week. If you’re looking to check off some daily goals, rushing nervously through the details is not advised.

Leo: This week and throughout the month of November your focus is on homelife and personal wellness. You are more willing to invest in health and self care these days than you have been in the past. Venus highlighting your financial department means that you are becoming more wise and less impulsive with your spending. A positive mercury transit can enrich your communication and you may be feeling more open to being verbally affectionate to your loved ones and it can be returned tenfold.

Virgo: Your ruling planet Mercury now well out of retrograde and entering Scorpio can add a laser guide to your focus this week. There is good fortune to be found in research, studying, and networking nowadays. The more you let people know what’s on your mind the more you are able to connect and get to the places you are trying to go. Sharing a common goal or splitting up responsibilities can do wonders for relationships, so consider finding a constructive or creative activity to share. 

Libra: November is a great month for your personal vanity. You can be extra appealing in the coming weeks. This means getting noticed, receiving compliments, or being recognized for your talents or hard work. It’s a good opportunity to practice accepting positive affirmation from friends and family without deflecting it or secretly disagreeing. What if you believed it when someone told you that you are special and that they like what you do?

Scorpio: Scorpio season can be an intense time for you. While you are totally in your element, it can also be a deeply emotional and spiritually transformative time. It’s not what most would consider a vacation. This week you are particularly magnetic and people want to know more about you. You are in the process of shedding your old skin and reinventing yourself. You can come off a bit detached right now, as you are really in your own head at the moment. That adds to the intrigue for others. Don’t forget about the material realm too much!

Sagittarius: This week you are truly embracing your unconventional side as you grow more comfortable living outside of the bounds of conventionality. You may be finding it easier to say no to the things you don’t philosophically subscribe to, and you can do this rather unapologetically. This can be a great example to those around you to do the same. Mercury in your belief sector inspires you to reevaluate and rebel. 

Capricorn: You are finally resurfacing from the depths of the blues this week. November is a month of personal focus and insight, other more superficial activities may temporarily fall by the wayside. You are thinking more deeply about what you want to know more about and what inner strengths you want to utilize more often in your life. This is a constructive and strategic period for you where there is ample energy that can go towards personal improvement. There is opportunity to form better habits and decrease negative self-talk.

Aquarius: This week you are looking alive and feeling alert. Though there may be challenges ahead, you feel that you are well-equipped to deal with them. Venus in your ninth house can increase your confidence to try new things and whet your appetite for the knowledge gained through hands on experience. Your ambitions and goals bloom under the light of the moon all throughout the month of November. Don’t give up, you have the right stuff!

Pisces: This week can have your schedule feeling a little cluttered with things to do. There can be obligations coming from both work and relationships at the moment, and it may appear that you have your work cut out for you. November can be a busy month for you that comes with a wave of ambitious and goal-oriented energy. Luckily a Jupiter-Pluto transit sees to it that your hard work pays off and your horizons expand just when you need them to. If you take a moment to look back you will see that you have come a great distance from where you started, even if at first it doesn’t feel like it.