Aries: Venus in your opposite sign of Libra highlights the feelings you try your hardest to conceal. The full moon on Halloween heightens your sensitivity.  Admitting your feelings and speaking freely about them is the best course of action, although it may feel difficult at the time. The last few days of October can have you feeling slightly out of sorts. Things can appear more complicated than they really are. Mercury going station in Libra on November 3rd finally clears this fog. Certain aspects causing frustration and friction seem to sort themselves out in an almost magical fashion.

Taurus: The full moon in your sign on Halloween highlights your first house and brings focus to your psyche and your self awareness. You may find yourself asking big questions and turning your identity over and over, examining it closely. Nuance finds you in this reflection and can bring great freedom of movement. November 3rd sees Mercury’s retrograde end in the sign of Libra. Home, work, and financial matters resolve more easily under this influence. Romantic endeavors begin to feel like more of a priority during this favorable placement as well.

Gemini: The last two days of October feel full of misunderstandings and awkward interactions. Lucky for you that your ruling planet Mercury finally ends its retrograde by November 3rd! Mercury’s arrival in the direct lane in the sign of Libra highlights resolutions, reconciliations and agreements. Making plans, initiating projects, and engaging more profoundly with our relationships can be done with confidence at this time. The moon in your sign on Monday and Tuesday brings out your inner student, research and test taking of all kinds is favored under this aspect.

Cancer: The full moon that occurs serendipitously on Halloween, highlights your desires for connection and perspective, you are looking for something to believe in, what that means is up to you. We all breathe a sigh of relief when Mercury ends it’s retrograde period on the 3rd of November, roadblocks and malfunctions that have been confounding you all through October seem to clear up without much effort on your part. Creative and personal pursuits can resume without much trepidation. There is curiosity when you look ahead, and nostalgia when you look back.

Leo: Breakthroughs galore during this time of the thinning veil. The full moon in Taurus on Halloween brings attention and a sense of gratitude towards the people near and far that you carry in your heart. Home life and domestic affairs can be comforting and enjoyable at this time. On November 3rd Mercury goes station in Libra after a month-long retrograde that took us through a worthy but difficult exploration of our inner hurts and our hidden anger. We can now take what we learned and move through it with more self awareness and assurance.

Virgo: You are currently on the lookout for the next big thing in your life, under the influence of the full Taurus moon on halloween you seek fulfillment in untapped areas and wish to expand your inner circle. You are someone who can easily get into a routine that becomes a rut. Your ruling planet Mercury goes station in Libra on the 3rd, ending a month long period of chaos and confusion. Plans can be easier to set into motion, lover’s quarrels may resolve, and conclusions can be reached.

Libra: Your ruling planet in your first sign bodes well for your inner emotional sense of well being. Mercury’s retrograde that started at the beginning of October had certainly knocked us all off of our feet causing tension, delays, and misunderstandings wherever a vulnerability was exposed. Mercury’s return to its normal course also occurs in your first house. Your mental fog clears up and your more outgoing side shines through for the next 3 weeks. You have enough to go around and may feel compelled to help a friend or volunteer your time in some way.

Scorpio: Scorpio season may bring a person or thing from your past back onto your doorstep. The full moon in your opposite sign of Taurus on the 31st turns your mental and emotional energy towards relationships and what you want from them and what you feel you have to offer.  This can be a boost of interest in a pre-existing relationship or the beginning of a new one. This week you are extra attractive and magnetic. You may find that people are naturally drawn to you and very curious about what goes on in your head. It’s ok to open up a little. It will be appreciated.

Sagittarius: These days you crave a lot of alone time to think. You don’t want any distractions while you work out the logistics of your long term goals. Mercury’s move out of retrograde at the start of November shines a favorable light on the work you’ve been doing, obstacles can clear up and you can begin to see your hard earned results. Venus’ shift into Libra can be a positive influence on your financial sector and there can be breakthroughs on searches for work. It can be helpful to put your ideas out into the open air, the more you network the more your chances improve.

Capricorn: Balance has been difficult to maintain lately, you have had an all or nothing approach to things recently and it has been putting you in a precarious headspace. The full moon in Taurus on the 31st brings a more grounded and stabilizing energy. November 3rd brings the good tidings of Mercury station in Libra. As the fog of retrograde dissipates, you can smoothly return to your routine with a renewed strength. Venus in Libra highlights your wellness sector and you can seek to make positive changes to your habits or start a hobby that feels rewarding.

Aquarius: Recently you have been putting a lot on your plate and there are many moving parts to keep track of. Mercury will be ending its retrograde this week and the mechanics of your plan will become more apparent and manageable. Mercury will also be highlighting your spirituality sector and drawing your attention to your philosophical side. The full moon in Taurus that occurs on Halloween can bring insight and comfort to doubts that have been clouding your mind over the past month. The cosmos is finally giving you the go ahead, just remember to take your time.

Pisces: The full moon on the 31st can ignite intrigue and mischief for you, a new perspective can emerge through lighthearted playfulness, which you may not often allow yourself to indulge in. The end of Mercury retrograde can bring relief from the ups and downs you have been experiencing over the past few weeks, issues you have been having with travel and communication can clear up without too much effort at this time. While Venus in Libra gives you a boost in confidence that can compel you to be more upfront about what you want.