Aries: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio and moving into Libra seeks out truth and fairness. You have been compelled to get down to the facts of the matter. There is no sugar coating things on your agenda this week. There can be difficult conversations, confrontations, or healthy intellectual debates among your inner circle during this time. Technology may be less than cooperative and you may find things going haywire. Travel is not favored under this retrograde, so try not to make any big plans at least until early November.

Taurus: Energy feels muddled and stagnant under the influence of Mercury retrograde. Inconsistencies in work and information flow can cause frustration this week.  A Venus-Neptune aspect can cause confusion around a close friendship or romantic relationship. Imagination may run wild or get the best of you. Hold out on jumping to any conclusions, there will be a more opportune time to make moves than right now. Giving into dramatic displays or indulging in delusion can bring about long lasting and undesired effects.

Gemini: With your ruling planet still in retrograde shifting from Scorpio into Libra on the 22nd, your energy can see great dips and spikes. Despite this inconsistency, something inspires you to dig deeper and gain a more nuanced understanding in terms of philosophy, politics, or religion. There is an ongoing theme of truth and justice within this transit. Unexpected perspective shed new light on something you thought you had all of the answers to. You are not satisfied with what is on the surface.

Cancer: Mercury’s retrograde in Scorpio has you seeking to get to the bottom of things. You may be searching in places that are too obvious, going into the past, lingering for too long. Perhaps the answers you seek are at hand in the present, just in the places you didn’t expect. Maybe there are things that are yet to be revealed that will arrive when the time is right. This week you explore your inner self profoundly, but you may also be feeling disconnected from those around you, like you are seeing the world through tinted glass. Stay tuned in with patience.

Leo: Mercury retrograde causes disarray this week, and it warns us not to succumb to delusions. Check in with yourself and ask a trusted friend or two to hold you accountable when you start to ramble or fixate on unhealthy things. Simple communication and quiet retreat suit you best at this time. A new interest or hobby can improve your sense of well being and be a pleasant distraction. Romance takes a back seat until early November; right now your thoughts are too all over the place for anyone to tag along.

Virgo: Mercury retrograde highlights the weak spots in your day to day processes. This week there can be a conflict that arises from making too many promises to those around you while making none with yourself. It can become apparent that the situation lacks balance. It is key that you say yes and no in more honest and meaningful ways, sometimes you are trying to do too much in an effort to be helpful, and instead it is having the opposite effect. Now is also a good time to take stock of spending habits as Mars highlights your financial sector and impulsiveness can have you getting ahead of yourself.

Libra: Unrealistic expectations you have of yourself can create a unique road block this week. Mercury’s ongoing retrograde can also cause you to be reclusive or downright flakey this week. Keep commitments to a minimum and be transparent about your energy levels. The moon in your opposite sign of Aries on the 28th brings about a change in self perception. Lately you have been preferring freedom over structure, which can be out of the ordinary for you. Your ruling planet Venus enters your sign on Tuesday giving you a boost of pleasant and creative energy.

Scorpio: You are the zodiac wheel’s mad scientist, Scorpio, and the Sun’s move into your sign increases your powers of deduction. Overanalyzing this week can be particularly detrimental, however. Mercury’s ongoing retrograde makes a dizzying number of outcomes apparent and you can waste a lot of energy trying to follow each one to its conclusion. Keep things simple and go with the flow if you can. Trust that you are capable of making the right move when the time comes instead of predicting the play-by-play ahead of time. A Neptune-Venus aspect brings about a soft-hearted emotional vulnerability. It may be tempting to protect yourself with self delusions or white lies, which can get out of hand quickly.

Sagittarius: The friction caused by Mercury retrograde has the unexpected benefit of creative spark this week, and you may be feeling a sort of “ah-ha” moment on the horizon in regards to a personal goal or plan. Venus moving into its home sign of Libra gives a certain freedom and clarity to your approach to love-life and home-life in the following weeks that helps you realize that you can make your own rules. The moon in Aries on the 28th brings fresh motivation and positivity and creates a sensation of forward-moving momentum.

Capricorn: You are still navigating through the fog of Mercury retrograde this week, but fortunately it only has one week left of its course. During this week your energy may be erratic and your thoughts may be vague and shadowy. On the positive side of the forecast, Venus enters its home sign of Libra and your relationship sector gets a boost of alluring vivacity. Existing relationships flourish and new ones can be started with optimism and curiosity throughout the weeks to come.

Aquarius: The moon in your sign over the weekend has you feeling like your true self. Creativity and independent learning are favored for you during this 48-hour period. Meanwhile, Mercury’s continual retrograde has you feeling overwhelmed in other areas of your life and highlights the fact that you need to take a break from all of the things you are signed up to do. You have a lot on your plate at the moment. Venus moves into its home sign of Libra on the 27th and there is potential for relationship breakthroughs and for getting to know people in more profound ways.

Pisces: Perceptions can be off balance this week in regards to work and finance. Beware of impulsivity, overspending, or counting your chickens before they hatch. Your ruling planet Neptune influences your emotions in potentially extreme ways this week in conjunction with Mercury’s continuing retrograde period; this can create a precarious environment. Exercise caution in making decisions or commitments. The Aries moon on the 28th brings about a refreshing boost of positive energy and can inspire you to see things in a more straightforward and natural way. In a larger scope, your confidence and sense of self is on the rise and in the coming weeks you may surprise yourself with your progress.