Horoscopes: Oct. 16-22, 2020

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: After the new moon at the start of the week, things feel like a fresh start, but also a bit paused or inconclusive. Your self sufficiency is one of the keys to your success but if taken too far it leaves you lonely at the top. Best not to let your goals be the only thing that propels you forward. Mercury in retrograde has the potential to mix up your emotional life this week. Allow yourself time to process and space to feel. Enjoy spontaneous moments of joy, curiosity, or just plain old spacing out.

Taurus: Mercury’s retrograde period creates an awkward sense of unbalance. You seem to be operating moment-to-moment in a random zig-zag through your days, and that’s ok. You may find that limitations activate your creativity and resourcefulness. Choose words wisely, as this transit impacts your communication sector. Keep things to an elegant minimum in conversation. Now is not the time to over share or dig up things from the past. A relaxed and quiet facade may influence the vibe positively. Fake it til you make it.

Gemini: Expectations may be shaken this week, and social interactions may feel strained at this time, so it’s definitely okay to put off plans if you’re just not feeling up to it. Perspective plays an important role in your understanding of a situation this week, so do your best to put yourself in the shoes of others. Patience and a slight healthy detachment can do wonders for work and relationship situations during this time. Keep it low stakes and casual for the time being. Now is not the time for daredevil stunts.

Cancer: Drama and emotions have volatile potential during this cycle as Mercury continues it’s retrograde course until November 3rd. Keeping a low profile can keep static to a minimum.  You may be reviewing old issues from the past and realizing new perspectives within them. It can be tempting to re-engage with people who you have had a falling out with, but that will most likely not bring you the answers you seek. Some things need to be settled with yourself and not through others. Disregard such impulses.

Leo: There is a bump in the road this week, a project put on hold, or a plan interrupted. Mercury retrograde tends to cause just these kinds of hiccups. A simplistic and minimalistic approach to work and homelife is the best option for avoiding frustration. Getting caught up in the details can leave you dizzy. Nonetheless, this is a valuable time for digesting the things you have learned over the past few months. Quiet time spent in reflection is a great way to keep yourself out of trouble!

Virgo: Let go of the small stuff this week, because it’s only going to weigh you down. If you are feeling compelled to start a debate with a friend, partner, or housemate, do your best to just let it go if it’s not something too serious. This week your words can really stick with somebody in ways that you may not even intend them to. Beware of outside influences or outdated resentments. Wires may be crossed at this time. The electricity in the air these days can be best put to use by refreshing your mind the same way you would your computer screen.

Libra: Libra season draws to a close this week, and you can be feeling a bit over your streak of socializing and engaging. Now is more of a time for creating game plans, check lists, and taking stock of what’s on hand. Routines can be re-worked to better suit changing needs. There is inspiration in rather unexpected places during this transit. Look in places you normally wouldn’t. With mischievous Mercury influencing the skies, there is an attitude of “anything goes,” since it’s going to be a mess anyway.

Scorpio: Restlessness looms large as Mercury retrograde makes waves this week.
The currents of your mind intensify through this transit. There may be some tough trials, and some very old thoughts being challenged. Stepping back from overuse of social media can be particularly beneficial at this time, since the urge to get wrapped up in the illusory can be strong and comparison will most certainly diminish your joy. Less is more these days in regards to conversation. It won’t hurt to take a behind the curtains role in the running of things for the next few weeks.

Sagittarius: There is a semi-annual review of plans and goals that comes along with Mercury in retrograde. You may find yourself in a place and wonder exactly how you got there, and you may be asking yourself where you want to go next. Thoughts of the past can ignite some intense reaction this week. Do your best to look at them objectively. Communication can be rocky during this transit, so save the heavy topics for another time. Stay on your track and keep it simple for the best results. With patience you can resume the regular programming in early November.

Capricorn: Mercury retrograde can cause you to feel both overwhelmed and bored somehow at the same time. Be cautious of taking out your restless cranky feelings on others this week, as there can be impulses this week better left ignored. The past plays heavily into your downtime thoughts during this retrograde cycle and you may be looking back on where you came from and how much you have changed. Inspiration comes with acceptance, and a new perspective can spark the creative energy you have been seeking so desperately lately. 

Aquarius: Accessing the more strange and imaginative aspects of yourself can compliment the organically chaotic energy of Mercury retrograde in the best way this week. Go with the flow to break up any restless monotony. Projects in work and home sectors can be temporarily put on hold for the next two weeks so take this time to remember and re-evaluate your goals and experiences. When you are feeling bogged down, frustrated, or overwhelmed, a step back can refresh your perspective. Compromises work best in the relationship sector this week.

Pisces: Mercury retrograde causes major dips and spikes in your energy this week. You won’t be admitting defeat by taking some time to retreat and recharge. The delays and shifts in plans can be frustrating but they may also help to inspire some outside the box thinking. Limitations can be a path to activating your creativity and resourcefulness. Impulsive wavelengths may try to tempt you into acting in accordance with your ego over your values, so be sure to take a step back and ask yourself why.  A person or place from your past may disturb your present state of mind.