Aries:  As Mercury enters Scorpio on the 27th, you see things from all possible angles. There is a boost in problem solving and outside-the-box thinking. A light appears at the end of the tunnel on an issue that has been puzzling you for some time. The full moon in your sign on the first of October brings things into a complete circle and there is a very specific sense of order and purpose to things. Be aware that things may feel more urgent than they actually are. Despite this, there is a lot of space for feeling more hopeful and ready for change.

Taurus:  Mercury’s shift in Scorpio has you questioning your personal taboos. As a creature of habit it’s rare that you get tired of the same old routine. You may be feeling inspired to branch out romantically, artistically, intellectually and even physically. The sun in Libra accentuates this sensorial introspection. Venus transiting your romance sector is boosting your magnetism and making it easier to be more playful and experimental in your pursuits and daydreams. A more relaxed approach can make things more enjoyable and make you feel more confident and outgoing. 

Gemini:  Your ruling planet Mercury moves into the deep dark waters of the sign of Scorpio. There is a depth to your feelings and thoughts that reaches into the subconscious levels in the following weeks. Intuition runs high, and investigation can become a pastime. However one should be wary of becoming prying, obsessive or paranoid. Do your best to strike a balance between the topical and the profound. This week offers novel ideas and interesting conversions. Venus in your 3rd house opens up communication in an unconventional way. Love is best expressed through talk and text.

Cancer:  Chiron at the front of your soar chart creates changes that you can see. There is a point of results that gradually make itself apparent in your life. Mercury enters Scorpio mid-week and there is an intriguing renewal in your approach to romance and sexuality. There can be profound relationship explorations or realizations under the influence of Mercury in Scorpio, a sense of broadening one’s horizons and shirking traditions, and a unique balance of sharing and privacy. You feel less obligated to explain yourself to others, but you also feel inclined to share.

Leo:  The asteroid Chiron favors the first quadrant of your solar chart working together with Venus to influence your relationship and romance sector. You can make more mindful and positive choices, and you may find it easier to check yourself when you are repeating harmful patterns. Relationships of all kinds can be more balanced and communicative through these transits. Mercury’s move into Scorpio activates your thirst for knowledge, informative books and documentaries feel more entertaining than the usual fiction of media. You may find yourself deep in thought these days.

Virgo:  Mercury in Scorpio changes up the game plan and the rules, and you may be feeling more compelled to take unconventional routes in love and romance, as well as in pursuits of self expression. This transit highlights the idea of the occult, the ancient and the taboo. Old wisdom is sought through modern experience. Imagination and intuition are sharpened. Saturn’s turn on the 29th can help to resolve financial and job stresses. The following day the full moon in Aries brings physical energy and headstrong motivation. Beware of haste and stubbornness.

Libra:  Your circle is expanding, even if you are not getting out and about as much as you used to. Your ruling planet Venus in your 11th house highlights community, long-term goals, and innermost desires.This works well in tandem with Mercury’s shift out of your solar first house and into mystical, magical Scorpio. You are learning better what does and doesn’t need to be said. Unconventionality reigns supreme, and navigating outside of your usual routine proves to be particularly eye-opening and stimulating. There is much to be uncovered. There are truths to face.

Scorpio:  The layers seem to simply peel away and reveal your true form as Mercury, the planet of intellect, communication and mental energy, enters your sign this week. You feel like your old self, but also like your new self. Paradoxes, taboos, and mysteries pique your interest. To others you are particularly magnetic and mysterious. Romance and attraction comes from an exchange of ideas and beliefs and has even less to do with looks than ever before. Worries about income and job matters start to clear up. You are feeling powerful this week, and things seem to shift in your favor. 

Sagittarius:  Keeping a low profile while you figure some things out can be a good move this week. There have been a lot of turning gears lately in your homelife sector as well as your romance and social sector. Mercury in Scorpio emphasizes your need for stability and independence, feeling obligated to people and places can cause you to act rather strangely and unpredictably. Unconventional approaches work best during this time. There is a craving for privacy and alone time that should be honored if possible. Resources seem to line up for material gain of some kind.

Capricorn:  Your ruling planet Saturn finally returns to its normal path this week and you can feel a sense of relief. Personal and practical matters can begin to feel more easily managed as we move forward. Mercury’s shift into Scorpio creates a comfortable environment for plumbing the depths of your mind. There is a spiritual and occult leaning to this planetary aspect that ends itself well to meditation, research, and late night talks about things you normally wouldn’t discuss. There can be revelation or realization when you least expect it. Keep an open mind.

Aquarius:  There can be a feeling of restlessness or discontent this week, you are feeling overly defined or confined by certain constraints. Mercury’s shift into Scorpio longs to shake these preconceptions and move freely beyond the confines of the norm and the status quo. Romance may take a back seat to personal development at this time as your energy is focused more on the bigger picture and seems to rely less on external validation. You are wondering what is possible, and re-imagining the world around you. Your past may seem tempting to revisit, but perhaps what you seek will not be where you remember leaving it.

Pisces:  Fellow water sign Scorpio pays a visit to Mercury and highlights your powers of communication. You feel empowered and can speak with greater conviction. There can be groundbreaking self expression and boundary setting at this time, and you feel you are truly ready to say what you want, when you want to. Mars is still continuing it’s retrograde journey, so in collaboration with Mercury there can be some intense reflection and re-evaluation happening right now. You feel inspired to make decisions free of outside influence, especially regarding your own opinion of yourself. Fortitude is the word.