Aries: Your ruling planet Mars makes its official turn out of the shadow period and into full retrograde. This begins a cycle of renovations and renewal. You might have a sense of drifting weightlessly through space with no foothold. Most of the time we are too busy to really think about the uncertainties of life. Mars retrograde highlights how energy moves and translates into the material world, a chain of events from feeling to thought to words to actions. During this time you may become particularly tuned in to the ebb and flow of things. You can live in the moment.

Taurus: This week you may be feeling the need for some extra TLC, under the spotlight of Venus in your 6th house. Retreating and resting suits you best. Interpersonal relationships will show their strengths and weaknesses when even the smallest amount of pressure is placed on them at the moment. True colors can be revealed. Take the evidence into account. Mercury’s influence on your chart for the rest of the month has you in organization mode in your private life.

Gemini: Mercury’s influence boosts your creativity this week. Meanwhile Mars retrograde has you reevaluating personal and romantic goals. Friendships can also be under review and tensions may rise to the surface after being just small quiet rumblings in the past. Confrontation doesn’t have to be a terrible thing and there is a productive way to conduct things that can actually make it quite beneficial for all parties involved. Conscious choices lead to noticeable improvements in the coming weeks. Now is the time to use what you have been learning.

Cancer: Money and material gains take a back seat as Venus exits your first house. You are rethinking things in terms of intrinsic value in life and focusing more on life’s simple pleasures that do not come with a price tag. Mars retrograde can guide us back to passions that we had once retired, and you may return with a renewed interest. Creative inspiration is drawn from your own lived experience and it can make memories feel more significant and increase your confidence and inner strength.  

Leo: This week you are determined to move forward and to see results. Mars retrograde accompanied by Venus in your sign makes for an energetic boost of forward momentum. Something has to change, and something needs to be let go of in order for you to move on in the way that you want to. Through this there can be feelings of impatience or frustration, but it doesn’t have to stop you. It can be transformed into a positive force of motivation if you don’t give in to it. Just be sure you are not taking out your frustrations on those close to you! Give yourself some space.

Virgo:  You may realize you have been staying busy and filling the void with random distractions to avoid what has really been going on. There are important feelings that should be processed and certain realities that one can no longer deny. A rose tinted gloss does you more harm than good this week as Mars retrograde highlights your self awareness and acceptance sector. Meanwhile your ruling planet Mercury gives you the mental energy boost you need to get organized. 

Libra:  Mars retrograde harshes your vibe a little this week. Routines and rhythms you have had in your daily routines and close relationships can feel slightly off balance, but it will resolve and regain balance as long as you avoid scrambling in an attempt to maintain order. Realizing that you can’t control everything is a liberating lesson that retrogrades can often teach us. Meanwhile your ruling planet Venus in the fiery sign of Leo increases your prideful and affectionate side, and it may be easier to express your love for others.

Scorpio:  Venus in Leo highlights your sense of curiosity and adventure and you may find yourself seeking more novel experiences. Playing it safe may be your usual mode but switching it up can break up the monotony of your week. That being said, your ruling planet Mars is in retrograde, so there may be times of confusion and frustration but there will also be many opportunities to take charge and move with intention. Make the choices as the path makes itself known. Don’t let a looming angst freeze you in one spot.

Sagittarius:  Mars retrograde has you questioning some long standing power dynamics. Certain obligations to others can feel unbalanced. Your energy this week is looking ahead, you may seek new opportunities in career and romance that feel unexpected and things can begin to turn in a different direction than you had previously predicted. You are becoming more aligned with your identity, an identity that feels very separate from what you buy, what you wear, or where you work. It’s so much deeper than all that.

Capricorn:  Mars in retrograde highlights your need to rest, regenerate, and to heal. Reflection and meditation can bring much clarity during this time as you decrease your need to constantly be on the move. The idea of “productivity” can be harmful and toxic when taken too seriously. You are still in the process of breaking old habits and outdated cycles. Jupiter (the planet of possibility and opportunity)  going station in your sign increases your feelings of positivity and optimism as September continues moving forward. Hope and relief are thematic this month. Doors will open in unexpected ways.

Aquarius:  Mars retrograde in your communication sector has you craving more discretion and privacy in the following weeks, you feel that your business is just that, yours. There can be a severing of certain ties or shifts in relationship dynamics. Generally you may just be feeling more quiet and can be compelled to sit things out more in favor of reflection and solitude. This can be a time where you gather experience for yourself that you don’t feel a need to share right away. Daily routines can feel a bit messy and things are best played by ear. Trying to predict outcomes only leads to stress.

Pisces:  Mercury and Venus collaborate with your sun sign in a way that merges your work-life, your creative life, and your romantic life. Each of these things may inspire the other or bring insight from other areas. You feel that you are gathering intel and learning as you go. Your mental energy and your mind are most powerful at this time and information is your priority under this Mercurial energy. Curiosity and non-conformity suit your mood, and artistic whims should be followed.