Horoscopes: Sept. 4-10, 2020

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: The moon in your sign on Saturday is complemented by Mercury’s placement in Libra. There is a refined and thoughtful energy to the weekend. Creative endeavors and intellectual pursuits are highlighted. The week closes out with a lunar sextile of Neptune and you can expect vivid dreams and maybe some emotional turbulence to go along with it. There may be a hidden insight in dreams or a secret desire beneath a stormy mood. The more lovingly it is tuned into, the more peaceful you will feel. Attention to detail will light the path.

Taurus: Your attention span may be out of sorts as Mercury shifts into Libra, and begrudgingly forcing yourself to finish things may only exacerbate the issue. Focus on things that feel satisfying in a way that is simple and brings pleasure along with accomplishment. Just because something is a terrible chore doesn’t mean it has more merit than something fun. On the 7th the moon will be in your sign, and by nightfall you may find a quiet serenity or a meditative energy that can bring you back into focus and help quell the restlessness you have been experiencing.

Gemini:  You ruling planet Mercury shifts into the balancing and aesthetically pleasing sign of Libra at the start of the weekend. This can be a time of realization and obstacle removal for you as you refine your approach to life’s challenges. Personal style, romance and creativity come center stage when Venus and Mercury energy comes together. Your perceptions may shift and you may be growing towards a series of realizations about personal responsibility and self awareness that will be key in your relationships and career. Your originality is your greatest asset. 

Cancer: This week there may be listlessness and a vague sadness to your energy that is asking you to reflect on your past and examine your learned experiences. Your mind feels full of ideas, but your energy can turn inwards quickly. The moon’s sextile of watery, ethereal Neptune as the week closes out brings a mystical and clairvoyant vibe to your dreams that may leak out into your waking life as well. Dream interpretation and tarot may feel particularly profound during this cycle. You may find yourself more willing to take unconventional approaches. 

Leo: After last week’s full moon heightened your emotions to near explosive levels, there can be a sense of tuning out this week. Energy may be low yet it can maintain a pensive quality. Mercury’s shift into Libra has you thinking about what feels right and what feels fair, especially concerning love and friendship matters, and your boundaries and priorities can become more clearly defined with some time used to reflect and think out loud. Venus in your sign takes this a step further, there may be some relationships you are rethinking entirely. Over the course of the next month there may be some new rules added to the game.

Virgo: The sun in your sign combined with the influence of your ruling planet of Mercury’s shift into Libra illuminates your intimacy sector. Close and long-term relationships become a source of energy and wisdom throughout this month-long transit. Insight is gained through sharing and open communication. Straying from your usual path brings profound results and vulnerability brings valuable insight. Bravery to admit flaws and mistakes gives you a boost, but the courage to embrace what your heart wants is what truly sets you apart. Switch things up and see.

Libra: Mercury’s shift into your sign means it’s time to clean house both literally and figuratively. You may look around and see a certain amount of unnecessary clutter and crowding in your space. Ask yourself why you hang onto some of these things so fiercely and what that really does for you. The answers may be unexpected. The sun in Virgo highlights your self awareness sector, and all of this mercurial energy can bring about a new curiosity and non-conformist attitude to your endeavors. A sun-Uranus transit gives you a much needed boost of optimism.

Scorpio: Your sense of self and identity are supercharged under the Mars energy of the moon in Aries on the 5th. You are beginning to see a very original and bold person in the mirror. Mercury’s shift into Libra highlights learning and research and you may find yourself looking very deeply into a topic that interests you, pursuing it in a signature scorpio intense kind of way that borders on obsession. Sometimes your one track mind pays off but try to keep it in check. Your passion is an asset most of the time and occasionally it is a weakness. The moon’s sextile of Neptune at the end of the week brings dreams, symbolism, and spirituality heavily into play.

Sagittarius: A Sun-Uranus transit increases innovation and outside the box thinking, and this may lead to a breakthrough concerning a home or work matter that has been in limbo for some time now. There may now be some resolution where you have been blocked. There is a need to break free from obligations that do not feel mutually beneficial or balanced. Mercury’s shift into Libra sees to it that the focus is on fairness and even distribution of responsibility in your relationships. Keeping your options open and being ready for change can bring unique opportunities if you obey your intuition. 

Capricorn: Mercury, the planet of information, shifts into Libra this week and highlights creativity and learning for you. You may see a project completed or get an idea for something new altogether. Expanding your horizons and teaching or learning can be particularly rewarding. Venus in Leo can help you to be more open and expressive with your feelings and your affections in the following weeks, and this can add more warmth and honesty to your relationships. Then, at the end of the week there is a lunar sextile of Neptune that brings about a mystical energy which creates space for meditation and dream interpretation. It has a restorative and healing frequency.

Aquarius:  A transit between the sun and your ruling planet of Uranus boosts your optimism and gratitude. There can be a sense of breakthrough and freedom from routine where before there was previously stagnation and blockage. Mercury’s move into Libra gives you a refreshed perspective on home and career goals, and you can begin to see where your values differ from the status-quo more clearly than ever before. Romance may temporarily take a back seat for now because there is so much shifting going on within your foundations.

Pisces:  The full moon in your sign last week turned the volume on your emotions up to eleven. This week feels a bit more introspective and retiring, thankfully. This is a time to reflect and regenerate. The sun in your opposite sign of Virgo is thematically about healing and wellness, so it’s a good time to focus on yourself and your routines, but beware the urge to gloss over the details. There needs to be accountability as well. There will be a lunar sextile with your ruling planet Neptune at the end of the week that keeps this introspective flow going. Spirituality, dreams, and mediation may prove to be particularly fruitful at this time.

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