Aries: Between Mars’ continuing transit of your sign and the sun in your health and wellness sector, you may be feeling restless or frustrated this week. There are things you long to see completed that are unfinished or on hold, but for one reason or another they cannot be resumed at the moment. Patience is the current mantra. Talking to someone about this could be the key to feeling more relaxed, and this will take some willingness to be vulnerable on your part, as you may have a hard time admitting that there are things that you want.

Taurus: The sun forms a positive aspect with your first house until September 22nd and this brings positive energy and good fortune your way. You may be coming out of a rather severe cycle of trying to conserve your energy and resources. This seriousness pays off most of the time, but you may now be realizing how important it is to make time for entertainment and recreation. You must beware of working yourself into the dust. Take things step by step, and things will feel more manageable in the present. Your sense of humor will carry you when you grow weary.

Gemini: The sun in your domestic and homelife sector until September 22nd has you focused on things in the material realm. Practicality can take precedence over creativity for this brief moment in time. You may be compelled to spend a little more on shopping, and you may gravitate towards things that feel like useful investments and endeavors. Virgo season is perfect for getting down to business, but it is also a time to find what brings you a sense of comfort and stability. You may find the presence of certain people in your life slightly overwhelming at this time, as you are at a heightened sense of awareness.

Cancer: Virgo season occurs in your communication sector and lasts until the 22nd. This period in time shows us that there is a lesson to be learned from any and all experiences. Sometimes even the worst of examples teach us what not to do which is valuable in it’s own way. Beware clinging to old reservations and resentments this week, as they will weigh you down even more than usual and create unnecessary friction. Acting from that place of anger creates an imbalance that makes it difficult to get back on track.

Leo:  The sun in your second house until September 22nd slows your roll. Leisure activities and rest are more of a priority during this cycle. Your bouts of fussy discontentment usually come from your need to overachieve and to feel like number one at all times. Comparison and competitiveness get in the way of your true process, and those lines of thinking will also obstruct regeneration and healing. Turn your energy inward. There are no standard benchmarks for progress. Your own pace is the correct pace. 

Virgo: Your mental energy may feel tightly wound this week due to a Pluto and Mercury transit. Paranoia and suspicion are symptoms to watch out for and it can feel very important not to concern yourself with who is talking. Conversations can run off the rails in unexpected ways. It would be best to hold off on any important deal making if it can be avoided. Perspective can change everything, so try to be unbiased, and see things from as many angles as you can. The sun in your first house tells you to focus your energy on yourself.

Libra: Control is a precarious illusion. This week it would be best to try not to stress things that are out of your control. You are not helping anyone by silently suffering the anxieties in your mind. It will give you a sense of freedom to stop equating misery with a sense of duty. Find something you love to do and follow it with joy. It doesn’t always have to have practical gains. A Mercury-Uranus transit opens up your options in an unexpected way. There can be a lightness and an objectivity to your thoughts if you tune in.

Scorpio: This week you can be feeling guarded and obsessive, the moon moving through the lower quadrant of the zodiac wheel this week creates a heavy gravitational pull that takes you deeply into yourself. Scorpio energy can be rather compelling, but also compulsive. It can be easy to swing into extreme moods or to rely too heavily on a strict routine. You may also be absorbing the emotions of others in a subconscious way that can have physical effects. Check yourself if you feel that you are going into dark corners. A Mercury-Uranus transit may help you detach and get some fresh air. 

Sagittarius: There may be a situation this week that has been ongoing for quite some time. It is best not to keep trying the same thing and expecting different results. Someone may be intent on disagreeing with you or trying to manipulate you. Trying to empathize with them will only give them more fuel. Your empathy is one of your strong suits but can also be used against you in rare cases. Hands off and leave it be if it feels exhausting or repetitive to you.

Capricorn:  A Mercury-Uranus transit frees your mind and ends an internal debate that you have been having with yourself. You have been doing some major renovating in your life over these past few weeks, especially in regards to breaking bad habits. The moon in your sign on the last weekend of August gives you a boost of confidence and can help you see who you are, where your strengths lie, and how to use those in a way that celebrates your unique self. Struggle pays off soon, and restlessness can be a motive for change. There is something to be learned from it, and it can show you what you truly desire and what you truly wish to avoid.

Aquarius: The energy is mixed this week and can feel contradictory at times. Reading too far into things can yield inconclusive results, and others may have a hard time reading your energy as well. Personal conflict is complicated and nuanced with many variables. Serious conversations that start off well intended can veer down a winding path. It is best to hold off on any serious long term decisions for the time being. Do your best to keep things casual and low-committal this week. There is potential to spread yourself too thin. 

Pisces:  A Mercury-Uranus transit places your focus on the future. There is a cool, detached energy to the air and a favorable wind that pushes you in the right direction. The moon in Aquarius over the weekend places value on your higher ideals, and you feel more clear headed than you have in the past few weeks. The caveat to all this is that you may be brushing over some finer details and there could be friction on the intimate and romance front. Find a way to be firm but fair. Problem solving can be satisfying if you are not simply “giving up” for the sake of making peace.