Aries: Uranus begins a five-year retrograde cycle that influences your journey of self discovery. New talents and interests can be uncovered, and it’s a great reminder to never be too confident that you know everything that there is to know, even about your own self. You are limitless and so are the possibilities. This week’s theme is self improvement through self discovery. There can be a focus on the finer details of things and an emphasis on nuance to the subjects you have been turning around in your mind. A deeper sense of purpose may emerge at this time. The new moon in Leo on the 18th is a refresh/reset button. Take a breather but reflect on the when and the why.

Taurus: Your ruling planet is in your communication sector for the rest of August, this means you could be having some valuable discussions or can reach turning points in relationships via verbal exchange. What you say now will have a lasting impact on those around you, and certain people will be tuned into your frequency in a keen and intellectual way. Your charm and magnetism also get a boost through this transit. Try to use it for good! The new moon in Leo on the 18th hits the reset button on partnership and domestic life goals. Perspective shifts and there is ample space to move around.

Gemini: The creative energy flows forth from you like a fountain this week. Artistic hobbies feel particularly gratifying at this time. Uranus in retrograde is a long-term transit that starts right now that will help you gradually peel away the layers of inauthenticity that you had built trying to protect yourself. The layers no longer serve you. A new, earnest approach free of secrets and sugar-coating can begin to emerge. The new moon in Leo on the 18th sparks your social side and joyous connections are bound to emerge from unexpected places.

Cancer: With Venus in your sign there can be some serious emotional processing going on right now. Past romantic pursuits may feel more recent or closer than they actually are. There can be a sense of resolve and letting go after one final and rather long look. Matters of the heart feel like a priority. The new moon in Leo on the 18th takes a more practical turn for you, highlighting your career and financial sector so that there is a mix of business and pleasure as we close out Leo’s solar season this week. 

Leo: Something you have been trying really hard to accomplish finally sees some breakthrough. You are not short on charm and generosity this week, and you have the potential to create a positively charged atmosphere. The new moon in your sign on the 18th renews your sense of purpose and gives you a fresh canvas to work with. You are feeling strong, but beware an inflated sense of ego. There is a balance that must be struck. There’s bravado and then there is real confidence.

Virgo: Uranus retrograde slows your roll on hasty decision making. If you feel like you have been rushing through things just for the sake of getting it over with, this is your break. Practical and intentional deliberation can feel easier to access within yourself starting at the end of August and gradually increasing over the next five months. Valuable life skills can be learned during this transit and you find your own groove in financial, domestic, and career matters. The new moon in Leo on the 18th clears your head and has you curious about starting something new, perhaps something you have never done before.

Libra: Relationships are under a microscope in your lab this week. Perhaps your previous expectations were founded from a place of anxiety as to why we engage with others and what they can do for us. You don’t need fixing or saving. You are who you are. You strive to restructure your lifestyle gradually for the next 5 months as Uranus’ retrograde places an emphasis on independence and healthy, stable attachments. As August closes out the vibe is more mellow and laid back. The new moon in Leo on the 18th is a chance to retreat from the social world for a few hours, take a phone break, and rest a while.

Scorpio: Now that Venus has exited your intimacy sector you are feeling lighter and more relaxed, this week you emerge back out into the light of day after a period of intense brooding where you danced dangerously close to despair. The new moon in Leo on the 18th gives creative projects and to-do lists some long awaited lift off. Communication is highlighted for you at this time and you may get the feeling that someone is truly hearing and seeing you. Your heart that you can’t help but wear on your sleeve can pay off in unexpected ways.

Sagittarius: Venus in your intimacy sector inspires you to more thoroughly examine your close relationships. It’s less about literal partnerships with others and more about your innermost needs and desires. Uranus’ retrograde begins its five year cycle this week and it gradually reveals truth and sparks the spirit of innovation and renewal, peeling away layers of disillusionment and stagnation. The new moon in Leo on the 18th is a gentle push forward and in the right direction for you.

Capricorn: Venus highlights one-on-one relationships for you throughout the remainder of August, both romantic and platonic. Uranus’ retrograde begins its five-year-long cycle this week, and with time it reveals to you the need to play things by ear and that there is only so much planning one can do in life. Sure, it’s good to plan and look ahead but most of the time these things just end up being loose guidelines. Acting intuitively and practicing flexibility are the real skills here. The new moon in Leo on the 18th inspires you to take the wheel on a creative endeavor or complete something that has been in the works for a while now.

Aquarius: Your ruling planet Uranus begins its five year long retrograde transit. There can be a slower, more deliberate pace to your life that feels easier to work with and your powers of hindsight and foresight are increased. You’re thinking a lot about the big picture and long term goals. Past experiences are being put to good use and new experiences are easier to adjust to. You feel emboldened to achieve goals that have been put off for a long time and you face fears with a renewed strength. The new moon in Leo on the 18th is a fresh button that clears away chaos and clutter.

Pisces: “What do you want?” is a harder question to answer than one might imagine sometimes, and there are many ways to answer it depending on the perspective, Uranus begins its five-year-long retrograde period this week, and repressed dreams and goals may bubble to the surface as you gradually gather strength and resources through this cycle. Accompanied by Mars’ retrograde as well, you are deeply examining your drives and desires on a profound level and seeing it as a part of who you are. The new moon in Leo on the 18th boosts your confidence and sense of independence. The days that follow will be prime time to start new projects and tackle any interpersonal issues. Your motivation around routine and wellness increases.