Aries: After last week’s full moon in Aquarius you discover your flexibility. The openness of the waning moon brings about an energy of adaptability and playing things by ear. There is an old proverb that says, “when the winds of change blow, some people build walls, while others build windmills.” Staying present and working with what has been provided brings results this week. Just because something is hard to get doesn’t mean it is worth procuring. Your ruling planet Mars is retrograde in your sign, and it has much to teach us about picking our battles. Victory is not so cut and dry.

Taurus: Mercury will be transiting your home life sector until the 19th, and this turns your attention inward towards current matters at hand and small practical projects. Progress may arrive in small increments during this time. You spend this week feeling quiet and private, perhaps more than usual. There is a feeling that some people close to you do not understand your goals, and it can feel like a wasted effort to try to explain yourself to them. You are building silently and slowly. Some may confuse this for laziness, but you are always making progress in your own way, and it is more sustainable when built on the foundations of your own terms.

Gemini: Your ruling planet Mercury is in your 3rd house, and your social sector lights up in its path. You are particularly expressive and magnetic this week, and the mood is set for connecting with others in a profound way. Perhaps there is a relationship you have been devoting time and energy to that can be furthered through an honest dialogue encouraged by this transit. You have been stingy with your trust lately and it has made you hesitant to share and open up. Maybe you have even been questioning the validity of your own emotions. It does you no good.

Cancer: Useful information and good news arrives for you this week on the wings of Mercury in your solar second house. This transit highlights your powers of logic and reasoning and your approach to things can feel more simple and practical. There is an understated ease and energy to problem solving during this time, and the less you perceive things as a personal attack the clearer your mind becomes. On the other side of things, Mercury’s social energy encourages you to reach out to some folks who have not heard from you in a while. It can really brighten up someone’s day!

Leo: Your creative and philosophical interests flourish under the influence of Mercury in your solar 1st house. There is much to be gained from personal real world experience, time spent contemplating, and time spent listening to others’ perspectives, especially those of our elders or people different from ourselves. These things are not often taught in establishments and institutions. Writing, reading and debating are fulfilling activities for the first half of August in particular. There is much value in sharing as Leo season continues to simmer. 

Virgo:  Your ruling planet Mercury is in your 12th house until the 19th. You may be feeling like retiring a bit, and you seek refuge and retreat from the tumult of the world that has been wearing on your senses. Emotional matters take precedence. This week the emotional level is where you make your best connections. Cold, reserved practicality isn’t always the best approach for you, Virgo. Sure, sometimes it is, and it is certainly a personal brand for you, but perhaps logic and emotion are two sides of the same coin and they balance each other out. No need to eliminate one or the other.

Libra: Under the influence of Mercury, you seek out new and intriguing information and experiences. You can get very comfortable in your routines until one day you just aren’t anymore. You desire a unique perspective and a break from the monotony you usually hold so dear. This, in conjunction with your ruling planet Venus transiting your north node, brings clarity to a previously unanswered question or open ended situation. Networking is a strong suit for you during these transits. Your social energy runs high. 

Scorpio: Your words have extra firepower under Mercury in your 10th house. It is important to temper your passions and to play to your audience. In the past you may have gone overboard, since you have an occasional flair for theatrics. This transit is with us until the 19th, so you have time to practice your deliberations tactfully and gradually. You may be feeling restless or bored since your mind is so active at the moment. You can increase your optimism and put yourself in a better mood by participating in life more. Apply for that job you think you wont get, say hi to your crush, or dare to share what’s in your heart by putting your creative work “out there.”

Sagittarius: Mercury highlights bonding and teamwork as it transits your partnership sector. Flying solo has much appeal for you as a headstrong and individualistic Sagittarius, but it’s important to keep your options open. Learning and idea swapping are highlighted through this transit. Collaboration and mutuality bring about the best results for the month of August. Harmony arises from offering your help to others this week, and it benefits you as well. The moon in Cancer over the weekend may bring up something that needs to be let go of.

Capricorn:  Mercury gives words to the previously unexpressed things stored in your head over these next two weeks. Form and articulation arrive much quicker than usual for you, and you can find it easier both to understand others and to be understood. You may be beginning to decipher your own personal motivations and desires, and your approach is more casual and light-handed than in previous times.The importance of nuance becomes more apparent to you as you learn and grow, and circumstances feel easier to adapt to as you increase your flexibility. We learn there can be strength in subtlety. 

Aquarius: You are still glowing from last week’s powerful and influential full moon in your sign. The comedown can feel like a bit of a crash if you’re not careful, as this energy stirred up a lot of mental and emotional electricity. This week has you looking ahead and perhaps into the eyes of someone who is drawing nearer to you. Intimate bonds both romantic and platonic and anything in between take precedence under the social influence of Mercury, particularly until August 19th. The sun in your opposing sign can bring attention to the fact that opposites can attract. Spot the difference, and it could be the strength you seek.

Pisces: Mercury currently transits your health and wellness sector. You seek resources and information to help you improve and beautify your environment, and you could also be focusing on making more positive lifestyle changes. There is an energy of adaptability that can aid you in forgiving and forgetting this week, and that energy may have something to do with a long standing and previously unresolved issue. The moon in Cancer over the weekend may feel tender and cathartic, and venting to a neutral party can be quite beneficial.