Aries: You may feel compelled to reignite an old passion, restart an abandoned project, or get back into a subject you had previously lost interest in. There may also be an admittance of an old error and a personal rectification of sorts due to Saturn’s influence on your solar chart. Through this experience you grow exponentially. Saturn may feel like a planet of pure tribulation and trial in some ways, but it is also the planet of time, and time is a gift that brings wisdom if you accept the responsibility. There is much to be gained in an honest reflection of previous versions of yourself. 

Taurus: Saturn is in your 9th house until mid-December and it can mean “out with the old, and in with the new” for you. You may be compelled by an invisible force to move on from something you have been hanging on to for no good reason other than a fear of uncertainty. In a world with no true guarantees, why waste time being afraid of something so natural? Change is the constant. Since you are an Earth sign, this sort of letting go can be especially challenging but in this you find that you are your own stability and consistency. 

Gemini:  With Venus retrograde in your sign finally nearing its end, you can begin to work more on feeling confident and outgoing. You are more likely to put yourself out there with less hesitation or doubt. Plans are running more smoothly for the rest of the month, so now is a good time to collaborate and share ideas with others. Those ideas are likely to be well received. The romance sector of your life also gets back on track and this may assist you in leaving an old heartbreak in the past, as you are someone who would prefer to forgive and forget.

Cancer: Saturn moves into your 11th house, the house of personal and private matters. You may be feeling compelled more than ever to tie up loose ends, because you do not like to feel that you owe anything to anybody. The full moon last week highlighted some of the more ambitious ideas that you have been having, and this month is an ideal time to unfold your plans. Your desires may cause you to behave impulsively or frivolously this month, so proceed with caution and examine what you truly need versus what you merely want.

Leo: You may be experiencing a difficult period of melancholy and listlessness. The dreams you have at night might contain a great deal of heavy emotional content that follows you into the afternoon in a rather haunting way. It’s not all bad though, because as the month progresses you have been finding it easier to speak your mind and you may find yourself in a burgeoning new social circle full of individuals that seem on the same page with you. This is a very expressive and communicative time for you, so maybe you can talk about those deeper experiences.

Virgo: You are feeling spread rather thin these days but it can also feel flattering to be in such high demand. There can be issues about boundaries this week due to this. Saturn moves into your romance and relationship sector and this challenges your perspective on where you stand in your relationships and causes you to gaze on your attachment style with a more critical eye. Perhaps change feels hard but necessary. The conventional route just isn’t working for you these days.

Libra: Duty and reputation are highlighted this week, as Saturn transits your work and cooperation sector. You are seeking out resources and information in a very specific and driven way. There is an obligation around home or family that weighs heavily on you, and it does best for you to keep your boundaries in mind when making decisions. People pleasing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can become detrimental when done in extremes. Some might say it is a classic Libra problem. There are many ways to feel important that don’t have to do with fulfilling constant obligations.

Scorpio: This week you feel stuck and easily distracted, and this can frustrate you. Matters can feel more pressing than they actually are during this time. You have a tendency to bully yourself into doing things that you feel need to be done, but sometimes the best course of action is to take a step back. You often feel compelled to try to control the outcome of everything in life because it can be hard to admit that you are only human. Lower the bar for yourself every once in a while.

Sagittarius: Venus is still in your friendship sector, but it is close to ending its retrograde phase. There may be new relationships on the horizon that feel mutual and grounding, and some old relationships may have a renewed sense of value. The past few months have felt like flying solo, but in July you begin to branch out in some helpful and unexpected ways. It can be easier to show people you care, and you feel warmer and more affectionate. Saturn’s influence over your chart also sees the completion of a phase of a plan you have been working on. The progress is noticeable. 

Capricorn: You always fancy yourself the strong silent type or the independent loner, but these days you may be feeling an uncharacteristic drive to feel part of something and to seek the opinions of others as you weigh options and make decisions. There is an emphasis on togetherness or maybe even partnership right now. This is a good time to be transparent about your feelings, especially regarding matters of the heart. It feels good to have someone to rely on from time to time.

Aquarius: The week after an intense eclipse should ideally be one of rest and reflection, like a kind of reset button. There are so many intense astrological events happening this month, so it can feel good to take a breather. Reflection is the theme this week and this can help you come up with new ideas. It may also offer some much needed perspective on an old issue. There is something that you have been putting off that is making you feel unfulfilled, and this is having a domino effect on your confidence.

Pisces:  Last week’s eclipse was a kick in the pants that you probably needed. Right now there is a certain clarity to your approach to things. You feel that now you know what you want and what you don’t want. These days you are feeling a bit more free to express yourself and less bogged down by obligations to others. You feel that you are finally able to treat yourself more fairly than you have in the past. Starting this week and until mid-December, Saturn’s influence over your chart has you seeking closure on an old chapter in your life and turning the page to reveal a new one. This could be what truly moving on feels like.