Aries:  This week calls for reflective solitude and privacy. Venus finally ends its retrograde and turns station in Gemini. The things that have been exposed in the previous month will need some sorting and processing, and while this brings a certain sense of calm there is still much to be pondered. Romantic and domestic affairs see a return to stability and routine. However, Mercury’s retrograde as well as an emerging Neptune and Saturn retrograde period this week are still around to spice things up, so try not to get too confident, lest you end up like Icarus, with his wax wings, flying too close to the sun.

Taurus:  A sigh of relief as your ruling planet Venus ends its retrograde period at the top of the week. This allows you to discover a new more dynamic center in romantic affairs, home life, and artistic endeavors. The past merges with the present for an interesting and informed perspective. Your desire to engage in social activities fluctuates between desperately seeking connection and desperately wanting to disconnect and retreat to the wilderness. This is due to Mars entering your solar 5th house. The energy is hot and cold. Don’t sweat the details too much.

Gemini:  Clinging to old ideals too tightly will bring you to a grinding halt. With retrograde season in full effect in watery, free flowing Cancer, it is best to take an example from that and to go with the flow. Treat every day like an experiment and use evidence and intuition to move ahead. A predetermined schedule is too rigid for the current state of things. While it may make for a good guideline, don’t be too hard on yourself if you find it difficult to check off every single box this week.

Cancer:  After last week’s Cancerian trine with accompanying solar eclipse, you may feel both that you are empowered and dizzy with such immense energy occurring in your sun season. Self esteem and identity are pushed to the forefront for you this week as you embrace your natural gifts and begin to do what you do best instead of doing only what has been expected of you. Lifestyle changes, closet cleanouts, and new beginnings sound particularly appealing all month long. 

Leo:  The sun is in your privacy sector for the next three weeks, Leo. This is a time for establishing new boundaries, reinventing yourself, and emerging with a renewed sense of who you are. A bit of retreating this week charges you on a spiritual level, and when you get back out there your focus is on supporting and protecting those around you. In moments of solitude this week you find yourself letting go of the past, forgiving, and moving on in ways that your stubborn Leo heart previously would not allow.

Virgo:  After last week’s solar eclipse in your social sector combined with your ruling planet Mercury’s continued retrograde this week, you are feeling inclined to connect with new friends, reconnect with old friends and engage with your community in constructive ways. It’s about engaging, sharing information, and sharing resources during this transit and your Virgo energy is showcased through just these kinds of actions. There is just something different about you these days and it feels like a big, beautiful truth that has been there all along.

Libra:  As your ruling planet Venus goes station at the beginning of the week, your perspective shifts dramatically in regards to a romantic or emotional situation, and there is an urge for change in some capacity, either small or major. There is a possibility for drama within this field, but it may be for the best that certain things come to light. There is a strange nostalgia awakening in your heart that you normally prefer to keep under wraps. Combine this with Neptune in retrograde’s dreamy influence and your fantasy world seeks to sweep you away. Beware of the rose tinted glasses you may be sporting, and beware of saying things you don’t mean just to be polite. It can lead you into a maze of your own design.

Scorpio:  Faith, belief and spirituality are the themes this week, Scorpio. You are a naturally skeptic sort who is wary (and weary) of any and all people, places and things. It requires a lot of vulnerability to hope and to believe. Start out small if you must. Neptune’s retrograde pushes you out of your comfort zone and while jarring at first, things seem to pan out for the best at the end of the process. Venus finally goes station this week and a new or already existing relationship feels deepened and full of poetic significance. The moon in your sign on the 30th has you in your element and in your head.

Sagittarius: With so much astrological upheaval these past few weeks, you are feeling inspired to cut some ties with people, places or things you have felt an unhealthy codependency with. It can be scary to think of letting go of what you are used to, but humans have been known to accept some pretty crummy things. Mars moving into Aries over the weekend makes for some highs and lows in your energy. Rest when you need to and stay busy when your mind is buzzing. Your Ruling Jupiter planet is in conjunction with Pluto on the 30th, and the world feels a powerful shift and a change in fortune.

Capricorn: Since retrograde season is in full effect, energy is fluctuating up and down frequently. Pulling back on engaging closely with people for a few days this week can be useful for recharging your batteries and for self-reflection. After last week’s solar eclipse in your relationship sector, old relationships reveal new purpose and we can become more closely entwined in the lives of our loved ones. Here we really start to see the dynamic of our intimate partnerships and the deepening of the purposes they have.

Aquarius: Retrograde season warns us not to jump to conclusions or jump to anything, really. Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces this week and our mental energies swing between anxiety and listlessness. Your Aquarian mind is like a radio antenna always picking up psychic and cosmic signals, and you may be feeling distracted by so much going on as three planets turn retrograde as the month of June closes out. Go easy on yourself. Although this feels overwhelming, there is a process to these things and many opportunities to move forward through them.

Pisces:  Water sign energy abounds this week, with your ruling Planet going retrograde in your first house, the Sun still shining in Cancer, and the moon kicking off July by waxing in Scorpio. This inspires you to move inward and to examine your deepest desires. Secrets may boil to the surface and truth may be revealed in profound and occasionally strange ways. Dreams can be vivid during this time and you may be called upon to stand firm on a recent boundary you have stated.