Aries: A Mars and Neptune interaction brings out your idealistic headstrong nature. You are the zodiac’s fearless leader, after all, restoring your resolve that was previously wearing thin. Hopes and dreams are in high focus through this transit, and there is a spiritual tilt to the ways in which you make your wishes. Daily life feels particularly boring, but your mind is vibrant and your emotional world is fiery. Beware restlessness and impulsivity. The sun in your communication sector asks you to choose words carefully.

Taurus: You are having an uncharacteristically hard time reading people this week. Your normally fine-tuned intuition is leaving you with more questions than answers. Mercury retrograde in Cancer is throwing off your radar. Reading too far into things that have no immediate answers will bring nothing but dread your way. Stay present and catch your breath. You may find that for a long time you have expected yourself to be a superhero who never gets tired and can fix everything for everyone. What would it feel like to just try being human for once?

Gemini: The weekend kicks off with the moon waning in your sign, moving toward the new moon. Now is a time for intention setting and gathering strength and information. Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in watery Cancer. Words just don’t have their usual flow for you this week, and you may find that you need more alone time than usual because it’s frustrating to you. Still, it’s not such a bad thing because you have been spreading yourself rather thin all of this Gemini season. Since the sun will move into your neighbor’s sign of Cancer on the 20th, you can slow your roll and catch up on more intimate, personal affairs.

Cancer: Many aspects move into your sign this week! On the 18th, Mercury went retrograde in your sign (it’s not as bad as it sounds). On the 20th, the sun enters your first house, and your birthday season begins. Then, the following day, a solar eclipse and new moon also occur in Cancer. That’s a lot of astrological action, my friend. It’s a time of upheaval for sure, but more importantly, it’s a time of renewal, both on a personal and global plane. Old habits, routines and ideologies are smashed in the most delightful way possible.

Leo: You have not been feeling subtle lately, Leo. Your bluntness is part of your charm, and it gets results, especially now as Mercury commits to its retrograde cycle. Simple, honest language is the best way to go about business these days. The new moon on the 21st in Cancer has you retiring from your daily routine and seeking comfort and reflection only to re-emerge on the 24th with the moon waxing in your first house — giving you back your fiery energy and a renewed sense of purpose.

Virgo: You are used to putting the energy out there that you like to fly solo, that you don’t need (or want) help. With so many planetary aspects in watery, nurturing Cancer this week, you feel like you need a buddy and are compelled to finally reach out and share your deeper thoughts and feelings with someone, which is very liberating. It could even be that someone close to you has been waiting for you to open up for quite some time now. You are not as good at hiding your emotions as you think you are, and things are especially hard to conceal from those who look upon you with loving eyes. Cancer season is about giving and receiving care in all forms.

Libra: Emotional energy turns inward under the magic spell of three transits occurring in the sign of Cancer. The sun enters Cancer season, and we move out of light, airy Gemini and into the watery depths of the crab. The new moon on the 21st has you simultaneously reflecting and looking ahead. Lastly this season’s Mercury retrograde, also in Cancer, is a place where you may find words falling short and frustrations around socializing. This can be rather disheartening, but take it as a sign to step back from time to time. 

Scorpio: This week’s intense water sign energy pulls you into the strong current of your own psyche. It may be tempting to repeat scenarios, reignite old habits or fall into the chasm of old hurts. It may also be tempting to try to get inside the minds of others since Mercury’s rule over mental energy goes retrograde at the top of the week. It can be hard for you to take a break from operating at 110% and trying to predict everybody’s next move. Focus on one thing at a time. Make time to be expressive and playful if you can. Your rigidity is showing, and it is only holding you back. How can we balance being pragmatic and also sticking to our schedule? It’s possible, and you don’t need to scare yourself into getting things done.

Sagittarius: This week’s energy is dominated by Cancerian vibes, The new moon and solar eclipse in Cancer on the 21st set the tone for the rest of the month. This rest of June asks you to hone your skills of observation — to step back and see the bigger picture. It’s not really a time for a “go big or go home” attitude, especially since it’s still retrograde season. It’s more of a “do what you can without overextending yourself” time. Since it is Mercury that is retrograde this time around, communication can be fuzzy and even frustrating. Independent projects and solo downtime benefit you greatly right now as a time to collect and reflect.

Capricorn: Things come into balance for you this week. With so many aspects in your opposite sign of Cancer, you are pushed out of your comfort zone into a place of deep exploration and learning. The new moon in Cancer is accompanied by an extra special solar eclipse on the 21st. The energy is that of a blank slate, on which anything can be written. Things feel more possible than ever — don’t hesitate to have hope. Pessimism is an easy way out, but it’s brave to be optimistic. The clarity you seek arises from an unexpected place.

Aquarius: Your  mind is hung up on a circular thought pattern. Decision making feels overly complicated. The sun moving into Cancer counteracts Mercury’s current retrograde in some ways, allowing intuition to flow more freely and encouraging us to take a step back and set intentions with the help of the new moon on the 21st. Try to avoid overly wrought sentiments this week. Simplicity suits you best. Beneath your layers of analysis and logic is something that defies definition and cant be categorized. Talk less, do more.

Pisces: Let the tension in the air this week show you where change is needed. Solo reflection time is key this week. With Mercury in retrograde and the sun shifting into watery yet intense Cancer, emotions run high, and words don’t land the way we want them to. That’s quite a combination. Proceed with your plans at your own pace and try not to succumb to outside pressure. During a retrograde, people and energies shift in unforeseen ways. Make room for this, and don’t allow it to throw you off course. It’s an organized mess that only you know how to navigate.