Horoscopes: June 6-11

Illustration by Ash Cheshire

Aries: Mercury has an extended stay in your fourth house — the house of home and family (chosen family included) until August 4. You may be more focused on domestic affairs, sharing stories from the past and redefining what home and family mean to you. You may also get closer to your roots in ways that feel challenging but fulfilling. Personal life, memory and care are keywords during this cycle, as this Mercury placement occurs under the protective influence of Cancer. Emotional intimacy and closeness are more easily cultivated during this transit. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself waxing nostalgic or getting uncharacteristically misty-eyed in the following weeks.

Taurus: This week your attention span may seem to go out the window, due in part to Mercury entering your third house as it moves into Cancer and stays there until early August. Our third house represents our inner mental world, words and communication style. Words and thoughts may feel elusive or just out of reach in your head, but that will subside as you recover from the initial impact of this Mercury placement. By the end of the week, the energy refines itself into a profound empathy that needs less talking and more action, as you intuit your next moves with a cool sort of confidence.

Gemini: Your ruling planet, Mercury, is making an extended visit in the house of Cancer the crab. Your second house, the house of security, material possessions and money, is therefore highlighted, which can bring on anxiety or fixations over these material things, so it is important to keep yourself in check. Cancer’s influence in Mercury can easily swing from practical, protective and nurturing to manic, hoarding and withdrawn — and then back again. Decisions made hastily out of a desire to “get things over with” are a possible side effect. The positive aspect of this placement is that now is a good time for saving, planning and finding ways to make yourself more comfortable.

Cancer:  Mercury enters your solar first house and stays there until early August, due to a retrograde period that begins on June 18. The first house, which highlights our sense of self, ego and inner narrative under Mercury’s influence tends to turn inward. You may feel like you have a one-track mind during this cycle. People may notice that you have an all-about-me attitude. Don’t forget to be mindful of others and pass the mic — share the stage. Your mind will be buzzing. You may become fully absorbed into a particular project with a passion that’s useful if kept in check.

Leo:  Mercury, the planet of mental energy, is making an extended visit to your 12th house. The 12th house is the lofty abode of the ideas of collective unconsciousness and psychic energy. During this time, you may be feeling extra empathetic and could be mirroring the moods of those around you, which can make for some intense emotional gymnastics. You feel that your heart is awakening after a period of cold inactivity. Dreams have a clairvoyant feeling to them. Creative pursuits feel symbolic and profound. How will you connect to people and uplift them? What will you shine a light on?

Virgo: Your ruling planet, Mercury, takes you for a ride in the following weeks by first entering Cancer and then going retrograde from June 18-August 4. This week, you feel the effect in your 11th house — the house of technology, humanity and public relations. Under Cancer’s influence, you are feeling both guarded and desperate for approval. It is cathartic and enriching to explore why it is you feel this way. There is nothing wrong with wanting to find a place where you fit in, but you shouldn’t have to compromise in order for that to happen. Beware of the stress that social media may create for you at this time as well — scrolling sessions can spiral into another dimension.

Libra:  Mercury in Cancer is in your 11th house until August 4, which creates an overarching theme for the whole month. Your 11th house is the house of reputation and career. This highlights intellectual pursuits and success gained by networking; it can also enhance your ability to charm and speak eloquently. Relevant information arrives at your doorstep, wield it wisely. Exercise discretion when schmoozing, as it is easily overdone. Your most Libran attributes are showcased through this placement because it’s all about persona, good impressions and tactful socializing. Community efforts and organizing could be a great use of this vibe.

Scorpio: Mercury is in your 10th house, the house of career and legacy. A detached, analytical approach works best during this time, as you may be prone to make things rather personal in such a way that it slows down progress. You are feeling driven and decisive, but double-check with yourself and take time before delivering any final answers. Your imagination and your emotions are running hot thanks to Venus in your eighth house. You crave intensity, closeness and want to get serious about a certain someone.

Sagittarius: Mercury, the planet of mental energy, is in your 9th house — the house of philosophy. This reinvigorates your sense of purpose, and you are thinking deeply about the world and your place in it. Your inner strength ignites under this placement. You find helping others very rewarding during this time. You feel connected to those around you in a spiritual way. Goals, hopes and aspirations feel easier to envision as a reality, and optimism is more possible than usual. Set aside time to be with yourself and to regenerate, as you may be overexerting yourself due to the enthusiasm you feel.

Capricorn: Mercury is in a transformative place in your solar chart until early August. Many concepts you have been struggling with these past few months seem to fall into place, and a new perspective is formed. Your hard work on the mental and metaphysical plane is paying off. Your identity is strengthened through this placement, and you are motivated from within. With Venus still in retrograde, complemented by this Mercury placement, emotional and romantic matters can be discussed with a delightful frankness that is honest and productive.

Aquarius:  Your partnership sector is highlighted under Mercury in Cancer’s protective influence. You may be thinking of the smoothest way to start or end a relationship, whether that is a romantic, platonic or professional relationship. You may find yourself getting closer to certain things and farther apart from others, in ways that you may not have previously predicted. You can also be antsy or on edge from so many planetary shifts. Be sure to treat yourself gently and only cross those bridges when you get to them.

Pisces:  Mercury in Cancer is in your sixth house, which is the house of health, routine and daily tasks. This is a month-long transit.  Under the nurturing sign of Cancer, this influence prompts you to make changes to your self-care routine, to focus more on mental health and a more holistic approach to wellbeing. With Mars still in your sign, you have a lot of excess energy, which requires a healthy constructive release. Due to Mars’ influence in your solar first house, it is imperative to take care not to be impulsive or allow anxiety to have you thinking far off into the future, fixating on things you have no control over.