Aries: All the Gemini energy beaming down has us thinking deeply about how we communicate. Chiron, an asteroid orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, will be making a stay in Gemini. We’ll be challenged to be more transparent, tell the truth in tactful ways that are honest but not brutal (yes, you Aries), and keep it real with ourselves. During this time, there may be a lot of imagining and fantasizing. It’s not a good headspace to get lost in for more than a few hours a day, but it can show you what your reality lacks.

Taurus: This week the asteroid Chiron, also known as the “wounded healer” — because it shows us strength through vulnerability — enters a phase in Gemini, where it challenges roadblocks we have in communication. Especially ones deeply rooted in formative past experiences. It can be scary to push through negative beliefs we have about how we will be perceived or our fears of being invalidated, but on the other side is the radical freedom that you have dreamed about. Gemini shows us that a little chaos is natural, helpful sometimes and fun.

Gemini: As we proceed into the second week of your sun season, there are many Gemini planetary aspects (sun, Venus, Chiron) as well as a Mercury-Neptune square that puts you so deep into your own psyche you may need a GPS to navigate it. Writing, speaking, singing and articulating what you haven’t before said aloud, are the best ways to celebrate this time. Decision making is also highlighted during this cycle thanks to a Saturn transit. Meanwhile, the asteroid Chiron’s visit to your sign asks you to heal old hurts.

Cancer:  After last week’s new moon in Gemini, you’ve been thinking about what it means to begin anew. The asteroid Chiron, the solar system’s “wounded healer,” is making a stay in Gemini’s house. This asteroid influences deep-rooted parts of ourselves and shows us that our weakness is also our strength. In Gemini, this asteroid asks you to explore your truth — how do you express it? What negative beliefs do you have that hold you back? Who is the negative voice in your head? It is certainly not you, and it is certainly not telling you the truth.

Leo:  With all of this Venus and Gemini action, you could be acquiring new information at lightning speeds. A former love may reach out to you or an old friend may reveal a juicy secret. Discretion may be required, which can be tough for a fire sign sometimes! A Neptune-Mercury transit, that’s occurring in the last part of this month and into June, could have you escaping to a fantasy world in your head. Try to stay grounded and be prepared to feel as though you have been launched into orbit.

Virgo:  The asteroid Chiron, known as the zodiac’s “wounded healer,” makes a visit to your fellow Mercury sign Gemini’s house. This asteroid highlights what hurts us and what heals us. It sounds heavy, and it kind of is, but in the best way possible! In Gemini, Chiron shines a light on how we hold back when we speak, our desires to be more assertive and transparent and our anxieties around being perceived negatively by others when we try to communicate. This is a good time to re-establish your own beliefs on this subject. Gemini season is the time for new beginnings and an open mind! Try anything once, or twice.

Libra:  Gemini season is a major attitude adjustment! After the new moon in Gemini set the tone last week, the coming weeks will be filled with a fresh perspective, new goals and maybe even a touch of optimism. Writing, speaking and music are highlighted due to several transits as the month closes out and June begins. Be sure to make time for just such activities. You may find it easier to get the ball rolling on projects or discover the energy for social or artistic endeavors during this time; try to take advantage and ride the wave. The moon in your sign on June 1 and 2 has you ready to make a confession of sorts. 

Scorpio:  Earth to Scorpio! You are feeling far out this week, partly because of a Mercury-Neptune transit. Neptune is the planet of dreams and illusions; Mercury is the planet of communication and mental energy. Together with your deeply imaginative mind, this makes for an intoxicating mixture. Your fantasy world is protecting you from some of the crueler elements of reality at the moment. But you may be realizing fantasies that you were too uptight to access before. Looking within benefits you right now. Be kind to yourself and the results may be fruitful. Meanwhile Chiron in Gemini has you feeling bold enough to admit your past mistakes and free yourself of old guilt that you’ve outgrown.

Sagittarius:  This week, thanks to the asteroid Chiron’s visit in Gemini, you may have the clarity to reach a decision regarding a long-standing relationship issue. Venus is still retrograde until June 25, and we are in the thick of it. Venus retrograde is a make or break time for relationships; it can either strengthen them or end them. Deep connections can be made, but ties may also be cut. It’s not a good or a bad thing, it just is.

Capricorn:  All the Gemini influence in the stars this week has you feeling uncharacteristically spontaneous and maybe even slightly optimistic! Your ruling planet, Saturn, transits the sun for the next few weeks, highlighting decision making, stability and conclusions. You may notice some things coming full circle, and you may truly feel that you have new and valuable information. As the cycle completes, space is made for new perspectives to arise. 

Aquarius:  With three major placements in airy Gemini this week, it may be hard to stay focused on one topic at a time. You’re eager to get a lot done, but you may overdo it on multitasking, trying to be in many places at once. With Venus still retrograde in Gemini, you have been thinking about your relationship history often throughout the day, focusing on what could have gone better. While it can sadden you at times, there is something to be learned from it. Just feel your feelings and move ahead.

Pisces:  Your ruling planet, Neptune, transits Mercury during this week and the following weeks, which makes for a heady mixture of science and magic. Your dream life and your imagination are strong as the new month begins, and there is much insight gained from your interpretations of such things. The asteroid Chiron makes a stay in Gemini, asking you to find balance in your communication style and nurture your creative style of expression.  You may find yourself thinking about the chances you didn’t take or the opportunities you missed because you were too shy and holding back. Maybe things will be different next time.